‘Support emerging music talents’

MILITARY Touch Movement’s first lady Tahle WeDzinza’s mother and manager, Linda Nyeredzi Chaya, has urged parents and the corporate world to invest time and money in youngsters with music talent.


Chaya, who is African Genesis Trust’s founding director, described music as an $8 trillion industry capable of generating the desperately needed foreign currency.

AGT offers young people with music dreams an opportunity to learn the ropes of the music industry in their endeavours to become legends.

Speaking at the Women’s Business and Leadership Awards in Harare early this week, Chaya expressed concern over the way music was taken for granted by many parents and implored them to let children follow their dreams.

“The kids we have mentored are amazingly talented, but most of them, the minute they turn 20, their parents give me a call saying they now need to be serious about their lives. You have done enough playing with our kids, but they must go to university. That’s tragic because music is an industry,” she said.

“Parents, invest your time in supporting children, who have talents in music. Don’t make them accountants because when they sit in front of computers they would wish if a keyboard was a piano. It’s an industry where, if you can as a mum, be the best manager because no one loves your child more than you do.”

She extended her call for the need to support upcoming artistes to the corporate world.

“The standard cost of a video that plays on Vivo is between $6 000 and $12 000 and they are so strict about quality and who shot it,” she said, adding that if the rising artistes get backing, their talents would also be recognised on the international arena.

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