Speaker blasts Tsvangirai family

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda yesterday blasted the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s family members over their ill-treatment of the former premier’s widow, Elizabeth, following the death of her husband last month.


Speaking at the launch of the 50/50 Advocacy Campaign and Women’s Manifesto in Harare, Mudenda said women should be well-versed with the country’s Constitution and property rights laws to fight harassment by in-laws after the deaths of their husbands.

“The 1985 Deceased Persons Family Maintenance Act gave women inheritance rights,” he said.

“It was very sad to read about disputes on the issue of the late icon of democracy, Tsvangirai where it was said family members were harassing his wife over inheritance issues.

“The law must be respected, and I always say to myself that if I had spiritual power to wake up from the dead, I would wake up and say do not touch my spouse and her property. These are hers and her children’s. The law must be implemented accordingly.”

Elizabeth reportedly went through a torrid time when Tsvangirai died, with some of the family members seeking to bar her from attending the funeral.

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Tsvangirai’s mother, Lydia Zvaipa, even went to the extent of threatening to commit suicide if Elizabeth and then MDC-T deputy president Nelson Chamisa attended her son’s burial in Buhera.

The former Prime Minister’s widow was also reportedly barred from visiting Tsvangirai on his deathbed at a private South African hospital.

Mudenda said women must be able to understand different laws that protected them against such vices as domestic violence.

He said they must economically empower themselves so that they are self-sustainable and are not victimised by their husbands or in-laws.

He said Zimbabwe had 17 pieces of legislation to ensure gender equality and to protect the rights of women.

“As women, you should do advocacy. Go out to rural areas and explain these laws in vernacular,” he said.

In an unrelated matter, Mudenda announced the resignation of former Marondera West MP Ambrose Mutinhiri from Parliament.

He said Mutinhiri also advised that he had withdrawn his membership from Zanu PF.

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  2. Mr Speaker mind you will get your fingers burnt with this one lets Master of High Court sort out this one this is not parliament were you are used to belolwing instructions

  3. he was not speaking as a speaker of parliament but remember he also has a legal background

    1. Yes but this is for the Master of High Court to determine how there proceed with this delicate issue if there is no written will, have had a dance with this process before and if one part is not greed there donate back to the estate and then the assets are shared with the bigger team even if you are a legal recepient so its all about circumstances now which may end up guiding the distribution of the estate, so Mr Speaker must not comment on hot issues lest he is seen to be taking unfavorable sides.

  4. There is nothing wrong with what the Speaker of Parliament said. He is simply articulating the law of the land.

  5. Mudenda is talking of ill-crafted laws which must b re-visited;there is no way such barren spouses like Elizabeth Macheka should confiscate all the estate of the diseased in the face of the diseased’s own children.May I call some one in parliament to move that motion for debate & have such il-crafted clauses altered in the relevant act.It now means Macheka is going to feed her children born with other men before Tsvangirai came only bec she once bn in bed with the diseased.Such laws need to b subjected to public debate to allow correct inputs fr the wide ranging public opinion;after they were only crafted, taking input fr biased,reactionary & il-intention-ed parliamentarians

    1. Addmore Gudo please do not make us laugh ,your choice of english words leaves a lot to be desired Macheka is not barren correct yourself. They did not have a child with Tsvangirayi. His children from first marriege the legitimate one are all grown and well catered for i believe. The other four from outside marriage are in question here. One we hear even tried to manhandle his stepmom it means ratova gamba iro. I grew up with a stepmom belive you me i know the wrong buttons to press and he pressed. Coming back to the law, extended family has no role to play in the deceased estate ,it is the wife who was with the husband through thick and thin. What do you want the law to say….

    2. ah ah ah, I don’t think you have a wife, if you do have then you don’t value her. I pity people like you. think of your mother, think of your sisters and what about your girl child, if she finds herself in the same scenario, gets married work hard for things with your husband and God does not bless with children ,husband dies and all of a sudden your daughter is called barren and then chased from her home back to your care imagine how you would feel. I pity all women related to you. shame yoooo.


    4. Please my brother or sister withdraw your statement on bareness. Imagine your wife suffering that abuse after your demise. Clearly whilst you have a right to self expression, you are exhibiting gross immaturity. Bareness is not a choice and moreso in this case it might have been their private decision not to have kids. Don’t go there. Mudenda is a legal expect he is simply interpreting the law and please note which event he was addressing.

  6. This lady should have morals and values, she knew that the late had children , we all work hard for our families, vanhu vakaita sana Lizzy should be taught about just enrichment. I personally courts should change some of these laws.

  7. Mitemo iyi , Lizzy should have morals and values ,the courts should change some of these laws , there is an element of just enrichment.

  8. kkkkkkk wait until its at your house and see if you will still be singing that discord that the law is ill-crafted. By virtue of being married to the late she now owns that property together with the kids. no more debate the kids have to be well advised otherwise we owe the family absolutely nothing as Zimbabweans and supporters of MDC so they should not violate our laws y their greed.

  9. ndobasa rewill nepre nup agreement but pasina macheka apinda machena

    1. The Speaker is linning hinself up, he knows the woman had 2 kids with different fathers before tying the knot with Tsvangirai. I believe the family is not happy with her alliance to Chamisa that grew when Morgan was bedridden.

  10. Macheka is just a gold digger agree or disagree thats a fact,lets not shy away from the truth,of all the property left ,she must share equivalently with Tsvangirais children those who are not married,cause its their father who worked for it,lizzie your children have their fathers ,ngavadye ikoko,

  11. who had no morals here , Eliza or her persecutors and all? Eliza is everyone’s duaghter and she deserves respect and protection from abuse from draconian cultural exergencies we promote and elongate just for the sake of fake tsika and all that. It is utter rubbish to call her barren.Even barren women are still heuman and deserve better treatment like any woman because marriage is not about barrenness or having children.Let us face the truth guys, our women desrve better nomatter they are from political background, polygamus background or religious; they are all women and they deserve better!

  12. Mutinhiri apinda papi

  13. MT made the choice 2marry her / he could have had her sign a prenup contract / regarding how wealth gained b4 the marriage would be treated in the event of divorce and or death.

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