‘Security guards more visible than police’

POLICE Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has bemoaned the absence of police officers on the streets, saying the law enforcement agents should resume their traditional street patrols and reduce the crime rate.

By Jairos Saunyama

In a speech read on his behalf by Officer Commanding Mashonaland East province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo, during the launch of the provincial patrol unit at Ziko in Seke at the weekend, Matanga said his heart bled each time he saw private security guards at their workstations, with police patrol officers nowhere in sight.
“It really pains me when I walk the streets and see them devoid of police patrols. When I only see the security personnel from private security companies guarding their workplaces, the homeless, and queues outside the banks, my heart bleeds.

“Certainly, this is not what I wish for. Among these citizens, I wish to see our men and women in police uniform, giving people assurance of their safety and security,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is currently relaunching patrol units in all provinces in a move meant to curb crime. The launch will be also done at district level, with the force encouraging police officers to be visible in the community.

The police boss urged his juniors to be faithful and always abide to the oath they took to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

“Firstly, when taking the oath on appointment, one swears to be faithful and to bear true allegiance to Zimbabwe and observe the laws of Zimbabwe. The simple meaning of being faithful refers to being loyal, dependable and trustworthy,” Matanga said.

“Put simply, a member who leaves his or her point of duty without permission or reasonable excuse, is wayward. He or she is neither faithful, loyal, dependable nor trustworthy.”

Speaking during the same event, Chief Seke, Stanley Chimanikire, applauded the ZRP for coming up with such a noble pro-active strategy to fight

He said police visibility would have the capacity to reduce crime and create a crime free society.

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