School feeding programme bumps enrolments

GOVERNMENT’s school feeding programme has had a positive impact on attendances by school children in drought-prone Masvingo’s Chivi district, NewsDay has learnt.


Speaking at the hand-over of food stuffs and stationery donated by TZU Chi Foundation in Chivi Central constituency on Friday, several primary school heads revealed that they were now recording maximum attendance, with the provision of meals acting as the greatest incentive.

TZU Chi Foundation is a Taiwan-based organisation offering charity work to vulnerable communities in various parts of the country.

The foundation donated stationery, clothes, rice, blankets and satchels to more than 1 000 pupils at Jaka and Mhatiwa Primary schools.

Jaka Primary School head Pfuurayi Chimbunde told NewsDay that the donation will help the school in different ways, as it compliments government’s school feeding programme, which has come as a relief to parents due to the drought in the area.

“We are now recording high enrolment rates after the introduction of the school feeding programme, and absenteeism as well as drop-outs have gone down tremendously. This donation will reduce the conflicts between the parents and teachers,” Chimbunde said.

Mhatiwa Primary School head Stephen Vunganai concurred, saying the schools feeding programme had increased pupils concentration in class and provided a safety net for vulnerable households.

Besides supplementary food, TZU Chi Foundation also donated various education materials like computers, stationery and school fees for the vulnerable children.

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