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Sadc urged to pressure ED to implement electoral reforms


THE MDC-T’s top executive yesterday pressed the Sadc Electoral Advisory Council to pile pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to implement all electoral reforms demanded by the opposition, ahead of this year’s general elections.


The team met MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa, his deputy Elias Mudzuri, Douglas Mwonzora (secretary general) Theresa Makone (treasurer), Murisi Zvizvai (elections
director), Lynette Karenyi-Kore (women’s assembly) and Happymore Chidziva (youth assembly) to gather their views on the country’s preparedness for the elections.
“The meeting went on very well and we talked about our displeasure over a number of issues,” Mwonzora said.

“They include the fact that we need an audit of the voters’ roll, we need to supervise the printing of the ballot papers, the diaspora vote, equal access to media, eradication of violence and intimidation, demilitarisation of Zec, that election must be AU/Sadc guaranteed, abuse of the traditional leaders and full compliance of the Sadc guidelines for free and fair elections.”

At one stage, the MDC-T embarked on a ‘No Reform No Election’ campaign to pressure government and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to reform the election roadmap and level the political playing field.

In a statement after meeting the Sadc team, MDC-T’s director of communications, Luke Tamborinyoka, expressed concern over non-implementation of their demanded reforms.

“The party also told the Sadc observer team that Zimbabweans wanted the army to undo their previous statements that they would not salute a President who did not participate in the liberation struggle by making a clear and unequivocal statement that they will this time respect the sovereign will of the people,” he said.

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  1. The hypocritical SADC that failed to nail uncle Bob now wants to take control of our affairs, i prefer EU and UN….#edhasmyvote

  2. We want diaspora vote,why are you zanus not implementing this when other countries are doing so? Why are you zanus keeping on failing zimbabweans when you exactly know that failures are your only achievements? I am challenging all people with god to get rid off these zanus they will never do us better pliz.Let us do away with this pf zanu,1 month in suffering is too much,how about another 5 more years?

  3. keep on dreaming electoral reforms ain’t coming. get used to the fact that we ZANU pf have an upper hand.ruling party.

    tichatonga tikatonga

  4. Excellent move .Dont rest dont back down.Stupidity is doin the same thing and expextimg to get the same results .we Zimbabweans should open our minds and eyes.The MDC i believe w r nt stupids.Lets mean Change and reforms….lets get set for implementing the rule of law which will attract and protect investors

  5. Sorry .doing the same thing expecting to get different results. Zimbabweans w can do better. Lets change our aproach

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