SA policeman allegedly molested sex assault victims

Police in South Africa are investigating one of their own officers who is alleged to have molested young girls while investigating a sexual assault case involving primary school pupils in Johannesburg’s Soweto township, news agency AFP reports.


Police Provincial Commissioner Deliwe de Lange said the allegations against the officer were “receiving the necessary attention as a matter of priority”.

The forensic officer allegedly committed the assault on Monday when visiting two girls aged seven and eight at school to prepare them for a court appearance.

The pair are among 87 girls allegedly abused by a security guard at the Soweto school last year.

Provincial Education Minister Panyaza Lesufi expressed dismay at the latest “shocking and disturbing” accusations.

“A person entrusted with protecting children has violated their trust,” Mr Lesufi said.

More than 100 rapes are reported to police every day in South Africa.

Officers are often accused of inadequately investigating assaults and failing to treat victims properly.

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