Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa faces arrest

GRAIN Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairman, Tafadzwa Musarara, has approached the court seeking former ZiFM Stereo’s programmes manager, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa’s incarceration for allegedly defying a court order compelling her to apologise for defaming the businessman.


Musarara said he is seeking a 60-day incarceration for Parirenyatwa, after she deliberately refused to apologise on a social media platform she had used to defame him.
In 2016, Musarara filed a $200 000 defamation lawsuit against Parirenyatwa.

The respondent had claimed on social media that she had not invited Musarara to her programme where she interviewed #ThisFlag founder, Evan Mawarire. Parirenyatwa’s statement resulted in the public attacking Musarara instead.

However, when the parties appeared before High Court judge, Justice Helena Charewa last November, Parirenyatwa pleaded with Musarara not to pursue the litigation and offered to publicly apologise on the same social media platform, leading to a deed of settlement.

“I gave the respondent (Parirenyatwa) my ear and because of the heart rendering explanation, I agreed to the respondent’s proposal for an amicable resolution of the matter. On November 2, 2017 I entered into a deed of settlement with the respondent, which culminated in an order by consent of the parties,” Musarara said.

“In terms of the deed of settlement, the respondent was to issue an apology in the words specified therein within a period of seven days. The respondent has not issued out the apology. She has instead opened a new account on the Twitter platform with a viewership of 75 people on which she purportedly apologised. The Twitter account she had used to defame me had a 33 000 viewership or followers at the time of the delict complained of. The respondent has effectively refused to comply with an order of court which order she consented to.” ads Ads

Musarara said on the day in question, Parirenyatwa sent him a message from her work designated mobile number, asking him to call her back and when he did, she invited him to be a guest on the programme called The Platform, which also featured Mawarire.

Musarara said after the interview, Parirenyatwa’s Twitter statement was “wrongful, false and malicious” and intentionally designed to make him be perceived by the general public as a bully, who budged into her studio uninvited.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

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  1. Tafadzwa if you have an eye for this ripe lady just say so we are tired of your story why not take a cue from ED and let bygones be bygones

    1. Apa warasika apa. Who told you he wants that girl? The girl has been known to go overboard sometimes and some thought it is immaturity but the problem with it is that is bordered on disrespect of her guests. You only need to listen especially to her earlier interviews and see the way she would interject speakers budging in before they finish responding to questions asked. That girl needs a lot of coaching in terms of human relations and how to conduct herself when dealing with guests or her clients on radio.

      1. i listened to that particular program and many more and there was nothing warranting this whole soap opera apart from hazarding a wild guess of something bordering around the forbidden fruit, homes have succeeded and destroyed because of that and the clever will use any form of excuse to try and fix someone if “denied” this valueable fruit and its now about mature thinking and brains.

  2. I’m disappointed to read this story, when I saw the headline I thought Ruvhi had been caught with the missing $15bn or something serious

  3. the woman is beautiful, ibhiza chairo

    1. If that is what you call beautiful then you aint seen nothing yet boy.

      1. true ,beautiful are hearts bro

  4. Kutonga kwaro une ho…….a

  5. Gudo Rakwira Mawere Kongonya

    Can one be arrested for a civil case? Also, as an employee then of Zifm is she liable or is the employer liable?

  6. I like journalist with bad manners, bad manners make the journalist.

  7. Thunder Fire Thieves

    Daughter of a thief

  8. Tichaona Muroiwa

    let the law take its is in the eye of the beholder.i can see a masked face.

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