Residents raise stink over sewer bursts

Bambanani Community Development Initiatives (BCDI) has urged Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to stop the blame game and quickly attend to sewer bursts which are putting residents’ lives at risk.


BCDI leader, Gift Marimira said both BCC and residents are to blame when it comes to sewer bursts because they have both failed in sewer maintenance, so council should not drag its feet in implementing the .

He said this after realising that the Bulawayo Water and Sewage Services improvement project that had not yet reached other parts of the City.

“Of cause, residents contribute by dumping solid waste, but the council has slow and poor services, and we are still crying about sewer bursts that happened years back and nothing is being done about them,” he said.

He said the pipes were backing up because the sewage reticulation system was initially designed to cater for few people and cannot cope with the population increase.

“Other places were designed for less population and it is now blocking because of too much sand caused by increase in population and the city council should put sand traps in all areas because sand is the major cause of blockages,” he said

The affected suburbs are in the western parts of Bulawayo which include Entumbane, Makhandeni and Luveve.

The council recently blamed residents for dumping solid waste in toilets and manholes, indicating that some of the residents were vandalising the sewer pipes to get water for their vegetable gardens.

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