Rein in disruptive MRP: War vets


WAR veterans in Matabeleland North province have called on political leaders and Cabinet ministers from the province to rein “rogue” Mthwakazi activists who continue to disrupt National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) meetings.


The war veterans said the activists were disadvantaging Gukurahundi survivors who wanted to participate in the NPRC’s outreach programmes.

The call came in the wake of the alleged disruption of two NPRC consultative meetings in Bulawayo and Lupane by the Mthwakazi activists over the past few days demanding equal representation of Ndebele officials in the commission.

Earlier this year, the group stormed a State function addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair and threatened to disrupt the proceedings, accusing him of spearheading Gukurahundi massacres.

Yesterday, three war veterans from Matabeleland North. led by former Bulawayo war veterans vice-chairperson Stanley Ncube, told Southern Eye that they would not continue to stand and watch as the secessionist activists “continue with their wayward behaviour”.

“We have a problem on the Gukurahundi issue and government. People have spoken a lot about it and this phenomenon happened,” he said.

“The new government admitted the occurrence and the President is willing to meet the people for a talk to resolve the impasse and see how victims may be assisted. But now there are certain elements or activists calling themselves Mthwakazi.

“We do not support the way they do things. To the local political leadership of the country, we ask why they are silent when these people disturb government processes.”

Ncube said the government must deploy enough security to deal with such elements and also involve the war veterans in the whole NPRC programmes to prevent future disruptions.
“Why are these boys disrupting these meetings? Who is sending them? What are they hiding about Gukurahundi? We did not see them during Gukurahundi, we did not see them make noise when (former President) Robert Mugabe who did not want to address the issue was in power. Now, there is a leader who wants this issue solved, they start making noise and disrupting the process,” Ncube fumed.

“Leaders in Matabeleland are a big disappointment. Why are they silent when these boys make all this unnecessary noise? Do they agree with what they are doing? The war vets do not agree with this. If they are paid to do what they are doing, they must return the money or else as war vets we will deal with them.”

He said political leaders in the government should stop concentrating on getting money in their pockets, but represent the people.

“Leaders seem to be concerned about making money and ignore such bad things that are happening around here. We want proper leadership who represent us not those who represent their families and their stomachs.”


  1. While I may not so much agree with the composition of the commission, I nevertheless do not condone the disruption of the meetings to prevent people from airing their grievances. It is either these MRP activists are misguided or they are being paid to give excuse to the authorities to claim that meetings were disrupted. Let the authorities therefore rein in this lot of misguided individuals or the war vets must take the law into their own hands and make sure no more meetings are disrupted. Let all the people speak openly and then lets see what government is going to do with the information gathered therein.

  2. Please address their grievances, they are genuine.The villagers know very well that the people who butchered them spoke shona,now the NPRC speak the same language.That is very much intimidating.How do they know,they may that these people have come back to finish them. Gukurahundi was on Government assignment, and NPRC is on the same government assignment.If this government was sincere they should have sent in uninterested parties.What the Government did is provocative. and people are bound to respond in many ways,including disrapting, shying away,not telling the truth because they do not trust the commission.

  3. MRP in short for Matebeleland Rubbish Pipo honestly that what i think about this group because they dont represent the majority of Matebeleland and Midlands ,they are misfits placed by Jonathan Moyo and VOA their stupid mouth piece.If they want to represent a grieved pipo they must behave like an educated grouping not vagrants from makokoba or renkini bus terminus.Grow up and be counted in society as a civic and usefull bunch of idiots.

  4. The above pic actually shows this lot is a pack of misfits they look like they just had marijuana and ingwebu or tototo what a SHAME

  5. yes the commissioners should be from Matebeleland ,people from Matebeleland are the ones who were affected by Gukurahundi so dont insult the mthwakazi people

  6. But lets be honest; why should a appointments to a Commission investigating Human rights violations be based on ethnic population numbers in a nation of diverse cultural groups?

    We are not talking about elections here; so the idea of who are the majority in the country is irrelevant. Representation in diversity is what is needed across all cultures. Matebeleland issues aside; there are no Whites in that Commission; there are no Coloureds in that Commission; there are no Indians/Asians Zimbabweans in that Commission; and yet we expect its outcomes to be credible; as if all these groups never suffered losses during 38 years of ZANU PF mayhem.

    Zimbabwe should move with the times like many of out neigbhours and stop being one-tribe centred in its politics, and national outlook; which has been the case in the past 38 years. These are the causes of disunity in that country. The MRP is just a consequence of these unnecessary, misguided and avoidable governance problems deliberately created by ZANU PF; and supported by selfish, self-centred tribalistic apologists who only think about their own tribe, culture, families and stomachs to the detriment of nation unity and cohesion.

  7. All of you are talking nonsense.@ pied piper how can you say people from makokoba and renkini are vagrants , i think you are mad yourself.these guys are right and you stanley ncube i dont think you know what we went through when we were in the army soon after independence.You are not fit to talk for all war vets because what you are saying is not a resolution of any war vets branch or cell.It is your resolution with your wife.we dont want bedroom coups here.You better seek advice first.We dont want these useless meetings on our Matebeleland.

  8. I will never believe in hearing a lion saying I have set up a commit to look into what caused the death and feasting of zebras. Later on that lion appoints hyenas and leopards to form part of the commission of inquiry. What a doomed project.

  9. Its quite unfortunate.I have heard this MRP group for years advocating for this Gukurahundi issue to be addressed.And now the government want to address it they start desrupting meetings.It now seems this group does not in any way advance the grievances of the victims but is just there to advance tribalism.Its high time as Zimbabweans we stop seeing things along tribal lines.Zimbabwe is ours tisu anhu acho


  11. Comment…Mr truth, i do not agree with your opinion. I am shona. And i like welshman ncube, peter ndlovu, makhupe and many other amathebele people. And above all i do not like mnangagwa, yet he is karanga. the politics of tribes does not work in this age. change your thinking and love others as you love yourself and it will be well with you.
    Now coming to the composition of the the commision, i think it is not fairly constituted. 1. It is not regionally balanced. 2. It is not gender balanced( 53% of zimbabwe’s population is women). 3. I have reservations with who should select this commission( it would have made me happier if the commision is selected by an independent body like a parliament committee).

  12. For those who were not there, just type Gukurahundi in your browser and view for yourself the horrors of that era and the reasons why it happened…
    It is easy for those who did not witness, or who do not know the reason for these atrocities to speak in this manner.
    This is a century old conflict that can only be resolved by sincerity and dedication, certainly not by the perpetrators and their bootlicks.
    There is more to this than just the 1980’s atrocities. There is the Grand Plan for instance which, in case you don’t know, was mooted in 1979. If you do not know what the Grand Plan is you then do not possess the qualification to comment here.
    The way forward is a truth and reconciliation commission, where the perpetrators stand up and confess. This is far better than compensating the victims or the survivors. Sadly I do not see this taking place in this generation or the next as no-one is prepared to proffer even a simple apology…

  13. Attrocities happened here in Zim in d 20th century and 19 centuries btwn, in both cases the Ndebele wr largely and d Shonas wr respectively… d Ndebeles history has t dt ey relied on Shonas using raids for agric produce and beautiful women during dt tym d Shona had nt united, wen e majority Shonas united under Zanu Pf, d results wr ere to c,
    Acc to History Both Ndebeles n Shona once in our short history did nad to each other so we are both guilty as ethnics, R.G even out of pwr refused to own up he has his reason wc myt justifies y Father Zim and Him signed dt Unity Accord.
    the unity d Shonas, and of Mugabe n Nkomo learns us wt we cn achieve as a ppl f we unite, Nkomo knew dt vry wl dts y he z on record known as d only PF member to support masiyiwa during hard tyms now we are toking of a true leader and nationalist, among d prominent ndebeles ryt nw z smeone lyk him, selfless, wtout traits of vengeance, Shona are peace luving pple bt Ndebeles we think we are South African, Welshman Ncube do possess ose traits, D. dabengwa only thing abt Sabotage, tshinga Dube albeit old possess dt.
    Bttm line NPRC shld luk at post pre indepandants, Shona neef to know ey cn also b victims and Ndebeles as munority shld understand ey wl neva b victims

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