Ramagkapola assumes Beitbridge town clerk post

BEITBRIDGE’S long-serving town secretary, Loud Ramagkapola, has now been elevated to the post of town clerk, after the town was upgraded to municipality status last Friday.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa upgraded the town council to municipal status, in recognition of its rapid growth and strategic geographical location.

The population of the town has risen from 16 000 in 1998 to an estimated 60 000 now.

“We received plenty of conratulatory messages from sister municipalities. We are naturally excited about this,” Ramagkapola said.

The advantages of municipal status are being semi-autonomous with borrowing powers, which enhance development.

Properties in municipalities will slightly appreciate in value, while the ease of doing business will be enhanced with a number of decisions being done locally.

Some residents of Beitbridge yesterday urged their municipality to immediately take steps to clean up the town and upgrade the roads.

“They should clean this town and show they are now a municipality. They should green it, we need changes right from the Limpopo River, as we move into the new city,” Jetina Mbedzi of Baobab suburb, said.
She said the town should also accelerate the servicing of 5 000 new houses in Dulivhadzimo North.

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