PRC promises economic boom in its first 100 days in power

The People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) led by Joice Mujuru has said if elected into power, the country will experience rapid economic boom which is based on its 10 pledges.
PRC secretary-general Gorden Moyo said their government would establish a leaner Cabinet comprising technocrats.


“PRC will establish a leaner, more productive, gender and age-sensitive Cabinet characterised by skills mix, experience, technical astuteness and national integration,” he said.

Moyo said the PRC government would implement the devolution provisions of the Constitution, including swearing-in of all provincial MPs and setting up of the provincial councils all provinces of Zimbabwe.

Moyo, who is also secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Party faction led by Lucia Matibenga, said repressive laws would have no place in the PRC government.
“The PRC government will immediately repeal the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act, Public Order and Security Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act,” he said.

The PRC SG said Zimbabwe cannot succeed without being part of international organisations such as the Commonwealth.

He said the coalition would lure foreign and domestic investors setting the stage for economic recovery and job creation.

“The PRC government will urgently take steps to rejoin the Commonwealth and seek to remove all impediments including Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, 2001 (Zidera) that have been inhibiting Zimbabwe from enjoying investment, development finance and trade relations with the rest of the world,” Moyo, who is an expert in public policy and development, said.

“The PRC government will ensure that every child will get free access to primary education. And long-term concessional loans will be extended to students in colleges, universities and tertiary institutions.”

He said they will ensure food security through issuing bankable title deeds to A1 and A2 farmers and former commercial farmers will receive their compensation as per the provisions of the Constitution.

“The PRC government will institute two judiciary inquiries on disappearances, one on missing persons such Itai Dzamara and Paul Chizuze and others, and another on the missing $15 billion and other illicit financial flows,” Moyo said.

Dzamara was abducted by suspected State security agents on March 9, 2015 after staging lone protests calling on then President Robert Mugabe to step down at Africa Unity Square in the capital.

Rights activist Chizuze disappeared in February 2012.

Moyo said the PRC government would uproot corruption and conduct lifestyle audits on public officials at outset of the Mujuru-Administration.

Zimbabwe is reeling from endemic corruption, which has crippled service delivery, parastatals and the corporate world with public officials and politicians being caught up in graft storms.



  1. you lost it when you visited the now infamous Blue Roof hence its difficult to foresee any 100 day economic boom neither entertain dream of your being in power ,try in 2023 maybe we will have forgotten your meeting with bob

    1. kkkk ayas

  2. This is a circus. mujuru, you tasted power and when you were VP, people were dying every election in your constituency. We are for the future, the young people who took arms for the liberation struggle, are once again demanding to take charge. Ahoyi maYouth ahoyi!

  3. Ahoyiiiii. She also lost the plot when she failed to unite with the people’s party MDC-T. She is as power-hungry as Kuphe. SO SHE WILL REMAIN A ZANU PF DECOY.

  4. Vote PRC,Dr Mujuru for Pres
    #munhuwesekuna amai

  5. We would rather believe Chamisa & the Mdc-t who at least have an actual track record of their ability to improve peoples lives in a short space of time as we recall from the GNU days, rather than believing Mujuru or ED who failed us for decades under Mugabe

    1. MDC no-hopers have been unashamedly running down Gweru, Masvingo, Chegutu, Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo municipalities for the past 18 years. Nelson has shown tremendous propensity for lawlessness by wilfully disrespecting and raping the constitution of his party. He can’t be trusted with national leadership at this stage. A reformed ED is a safer option by country mile.

      1. Since when do snakes change? Reformed ED hahaha you a such a fool. A leopard or Croc never changes its spot because that’s its nature

  6. Welly wekwaChimbumu

    Mai Mujuru is a day dreamer, zviroto zviroto. She still have the DNA of Zanu pf. We cant trust her with our future and the future of our children. Ngatimbozamai Chamisa timboona.

  7. Tinowaziwa ,you are a zanu pf without the face skin because you don’t care the sufferings brought by zanu pf,its not the MDC which has run down the economy and Mdc has never governed zimbabwe. During the GNU,MDC holds the power house of the country-the treasury which it has done so well by bringing back life to the people of zimbabwe during the short period they have tasted success. I konw very well Tinoziwa that you have been deployed by your evil doers-zanu pf to guard against the wishes and writings of visionary people through the internet, thereby distoting the wishes and wills of the zimbabwean masses at large. Down with your evil failed ideas and that of your satanic party-zanu pf party,doom of failures.

  8. Joice Mujuru, go home and do your house quire because you are and were party and parcel of the problem that we found ourselves in today because of zanu pf.All the 65% plus youth,vote for MDC party because they have brought back lives and shining faces in zimbabwe with zimbabweans hopelessly when worthless bearer cheques were zanu pf’s achievable economic blue print and zanu pf making sure that the masses’s sufferings is a genuine coz hiding under economic sanctions which were non existence.I hate zanu pf with everything in it.

  9. High-headed Mujuru denied unity talks a chance and decided to swim against the tide and she will lose big time. This arrogance my foot!

  10. If you repeal indiginization & empowerment act then you loose all votes;Zimbabweans have bn deprived of opportunities to economic independence during the years of colonial regimes;while the white gvts selectively empowers only the white citizenry-giving them free land;cunningly setting them close to urban markets & subsidizing all their entrepreneurial activities using public money-if u leave out empowerment then u hv lost the game.Only amend it to allow space for investment money in the road to total emancipation of the local impoverished society.You are right to concentrate on gender& youths development

  11. tigarirei pasi

  12. Handisati ndaona candidate iriserious nekuita zvinhu. ava mai ngavanyarare varikuramba kuti vana vadye mari yemufi zvino ndipo pavangadye nenyika yese?

  13. Chamisa woyeeeeeeee zvimbwa sungata zveZANU IZVI ngazvitipewo nguva timdotongawo navaCHAMISA WAONE KUTI zvema100 DAYS zvavo izvo hazvishande .isu tinongoda 20days chete.

  14. Chamisa woyeeeeeeee, ana Joice i circus chaiyo

  15. This is all wishful thinking, but never undermine the thereat of ‘vote splitting emissaries’. This is exactly what this PRC is all about.

  16. Imbwa dzepamba panonzi PRC dzinopenga wena. Economic boom in 100 days. What are they being fed nemuridzi wadzo? Where had they hidden the money to fuel the boom?

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