Potraz revives Muzarabani CIC

THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has revived the Muzarabani community information centre, which has not been working for months.
The revival of the centre comes after concerns raised by the community that the project had been lying idle after it was opened by ICT and Cyber Security minister Supa Mandiwanzira in 2016.


Addressing the community in Muzarabani yesterday, Potraz director of Postal Services, Kenneth Dewera, said the regulator responded following concerns by the community.

“We want to thank the councillor for raising the issue. It (community information centre) is now working and people are surfing on the internet,” he said.

Muringazuva ward 8 councillor, Norman Chizeya thanked Potraz for the quick response.

“We put our concerns on February 23 and we urge all organisations to respond swiftly than what Potraz has done,” he said.

Chizeya said the centre was helping the community with school children surfing the internet to augment what they would have learnt in class.

Beneficiaries of the community information centre said it would help them to broaden their knowledge.

Stanlus Mugadza told NewsDay Weekender that he was using the internet to research on how he can commercially grow his crops and the varieties to be used.

“I come here to research on what I can use to grow my crop and come with a better yield,” Mugadza, a former police officer and ex-teacher, said.

“If we are stuck on how to grow our crops, we come here to look for answers on the internet.”

Pindai Hwingwiri (49) goes to the information centre to look for news.

“I have come to read newspapers and this programme is helping as I have information on what is happening throughout the country,” she said.

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