Police block MDC Alliance rally over Mnangagwa visit

POLICE in Marondera have blocked an MDC Alliance campaign rally slated for March 24 at Rudhaka Stadium, claiming the event would clash with a visit by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Mnangagwa is expected to visit Marondera for the ground breaking ceremony of a state-of-the art hospital to be constructed outside the town.

MDC-T Mashonaland East deputy organising secretary Bornface Tagwirei said they were now planning to move the rally to Murewa.

“I received a call from a Police Internal Security Investigations officer called Mhlanga telling me that they received our letter but said we cannot go ahead with the planned alliance rally since there is another programme on March 24 in which the President (Mnangagwa) will be attending. There is a programme at Stovhoro meant for the construction of a hospital.

“I presented the matter to my superiors. Currently we are planning to move the rally to Murewa Business Centre. I am going to Harare to discuss the issue so that we can map the way forward. We are not sure whether the programme (Mnangagwa’s visit) is going to succeed or not. I told the officer that if the programme fails, he will be at fault,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Marondera police were fruitless yesterday.

MDC-T Marondera district chairperson Chengetai Murowa said they could have moved the rally to March 25 but MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa will be in Mashonaland Central for another event.

The site of the proposed hospital caused a storm last year after more than 50 families were evicted to pave way for the project.

The families were initially dumped at Mbuya Nehanda Hall before they were taken back to their homes, following the intervention of then Provincial Affairs minister Ambrose Mutinhiri who promised to find them alternative land to stay.


  1. yes thats all in order it will be a counter attraction to the presidents visit

  2. MDC T Zvituta. They take it lying down! Shem

  3. What counter attraction, he can go ahead with his mission the mdc mind their own business. Zvatanga we know them, it did not begin today, that’s how they have been doing it for 37 years, hapana chitsva apa. As long as it is zanu there is nothing good to come from them, only suffering of the people.

  4. Yes mass sufferings,destruction,killings and wishful thinking is Zanu pf’s only abled administrative capabilities.Supporters of zanu pf,yes you can keep on aiding and supporting evilness because of a grabbed farm you got etc,but as long as you don’t reform yourselves,Zimbabwe will never ever forge ahead in terms of developments.

  5. Eliasha, this is democracy not entertainment issues. Counter attraction what? Is this a show for Pengaudzoke versus Progress Chipfumo no. These are campaign rallies. So dont talk of attraction or counter attraction

    1. government programs have priority the world over alliance rally does not bring us food neither does it usher in development

  6. Surely these two events will be at different venues.What does a rally have got to do with a ground breaking ceremony?It shows that the police is still far from being non partisan.It is still a Zanu PF instrument.

  7. So they is no difference between this ED and Mugabe he is still sticking to this stone age way of politics of Mugabe . ED is not more special than other citizens his program can also be delayed . We are tired of this moron mhani

  8. Order of priority here – What is more important, the commissioning of a Hospital and a mere Alliance political rally?
    Surely, a sober mind would not ask such a stupid question for the answer is within the question.

  9. Any sane adult human being will go first for a rally which is taking place ahead of elections which is seek to elect a legal govt not the military one bcoz zimboz are tired of illegal pple leading them . The projects which are being given too much attention during election even will only hoodwinks idiots .

  10. Actually this thing of commissioning a hospital by ED is nonsense bcoz right now the doctors who are supposed to work in those hospitals are on strike he ED does not care even to meet them and hear what they say . He only cares about buying 4×4 cars for traditional chiefs not doctors .hey some of these think tanks are full of septic tank stuff.shuwa nyanisi

  11. The MDC rally must stop. Especially if there is a boy ….ujahanyana called Chamisa. He shows the same violence as GUkurahunde if not worse. He may cause mayhem as he did during Tsangarayi burial

  12. But he Nelson is much better than gukurahundi himself ED we all saw leading gukurahundi in the killings of 20 000 pple bcoz they sinned by voting for zapu

  13. Comment…kkkkk

  14. Comment…ED is a president wout future also the police are still being used by ED. Police woke up as dawn comes. Hospital whilst doctors are striking saka moshandwa nezvipoko hre. Ed doing something with respect to doctors and Zimbabweans

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