Police block Khupe meeting

POLICE in Bulawayo have refused to sanction a meeting organised by MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe, citing inadequate manpower.

BY Everson Mushava/Obey Manayiti

Khupe was expected to hold a meeting today, with Bulawayo district structures at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre, but the police said they do not have enough manpower to provide security, as the event coincided with International Cricket Council World Cup qualifiers in the country’s second city.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube confirmed the development, saying the meeting, which was supposed to be held today will have to be pushed to a later date.
“The police cited that the cricket match, taking place on the same day, and that would leave them with insufficient manpower to cover a political meeting on the same day,” he said.

“We agreed to have our meeting pushed forward because we are desperate for police security, given the appetite for violence by our colleagues.”

Last weekend, violence broke out between Khupe’s supporters and those backing MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa after the former held a private meeting at the party’s provincial headquarters.

Chamisa’s backers allegedly stormed the meeting and clashes between the two camps left many injured and others hospitalised.

About 15 party members have been arrested in connection with the violence.

The Bulawayo violence followed similar incidents at the burial of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera last month, where Khupe was forced to seek refuge in a hut belonging to the former Premier’s neighbours, as she fled violence.

Dube said the police were afraid the meeting would turn violent and with their staff occupied by the ongoing cricket match, it would be impossible for them to have adequate manpower.

Bulawayo province has 12 districts, according to MDC-T structures and each district assembly has about 126 members, meaning more than 1 000 were expected at Khupe’s meeting.

Khupe and Chamisa have been squabbling over the leadership of the MDC-T.

Khupe claims she is the bona fide leader following Tsvangirai’s death, as she was elected at congress, while the party’s national council appointed Chamisa.

Tsvangirai’s deputy of 12 years risks being fired from the MDC-T after the party’s national council threw its weight behind Chamisa and gave her a seven-day ultimatum to embrace his leadership or face the axe, but she does not seem to be backing down.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T seems uncertain on what action to take against Khupe, following the expiry of a seven-day ultimatum.

Hawks aligned to Chamisa are calling for her suspension, pending expulsion, arguing that keeping Khupe would create confusion, while others prefer a settlement that will not leave the party in a weak position.

The party’s national council issued an ultimatum to Khupe, national chairman, Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe, who had been absenting themselves from party meetings over a litany of disgruntlements.

MDC-T presidential spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said the party leaders were looking into matter.

“Leadership is currently seized with that issue, but ordinarily the national council resolution, the constitutional processes must immediately kick upon the expiry of the seven-day moratorium if nothing happens,” he said.

“What I know for certain is that the presidency is seized with that issue and the presidency will be communicating to the world about the matter in due course.”

The party’s deputy chairman, Morgen Komichi said the engagement process was still underway, although the party can still act against Khupe.

“The engagement process is going ahead. We have emissaries that are working very hard to find common ground and our greatest wish is that madam Khupe came and works with others as a family member so that we confront our opponent Zanu PF as a united family,” he said.

“We need to be hopeful and if it fails we will then stand guided by the resolution of the standing council.

“As individuals, we don’t have the mandate to change the resolution.”

This came amid reports that the party has not yet served its spokesperson, Obert Gutu with a suspension letter.

Gutu said the correct procedure on suspending an official was not followed and he remained the bona fide spokesperson.

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  1. Makhupe please act as a mature adult stop these useless meetings which you are organizing and work with acting president . Who ever is advising you is totally miss leading and destroying you . It seems you enjoy bad publicity .Elias listened why can you not do the same do not force yourself onto pple what they said is they do not want you tobe their president and that is that . Hey kanti unjani wena mama ufunani

  2. Chamisa for President 2018

    Ma khupe has a mental problem ,wonder if she passed her then ZJC she should see a psychiatrist and admit her at Ingutsheni till after elections.

  3. “Last weekend, violence broke out between Khupe’s supporters and those backing MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa after the former held a private meeting at the party’s provincial headquarters”.

    I actually surprised that the meeting Kupe was holding at party offices was private. How do you do private business at the premises of an organization that you are supposed to be serving. Truth being told, let these MDC guys just push her aside if she wants to continue having things done her way. We will see how many people really back her as she allege. The sooner they take that risk the better as they still will be having some time to heal before the election. If they delay then they are likely to be tormented by this as the time for elections is coming closer.

  4. just dismiss her and her cabal from the party and she will go into political oblivion like what happened to welshman at one point. Dismiss this arrogant lady at once.

  5. T.Ncube wanted to be fired from the party as soon as possible……President Chamisa must to take action coz this Thokozani Ncube is becoming the problem in the party.

  6. khupe arikungovukura, why cant she just accept defeat ,people dont like khupe period

  7. fire the cabal for insurbonation mr preisdent

  8. With the surging flare ups by the day, I wonder whether the MDC-T will meet the electoral timeline and participate in the coming election as a unit. Outrightly, this would have turned turned to be their luckiest chance with the ‘master of electoral deceit’ out of the game but they have opted to swim against the tide. Choices have consequences, nonetheless. The ball is in your court.

  9. KHUPE go to hell n may the devil rape u

  10. Am perpetually intrigued by how as Africans we cry loudest when deprived of freedom; and our paradoxical tendency to abuse it in national destruction rather than construction. I doubt very much that multiparty politics in majority of cases achieves net positive on African soil. If we dont butcher one another over fruitless fig tree, we alternatively strive to create national unity through crude creation of national division.

  11. Democracy requires that peoples voices be heard without fear of retribution and violence from those that wield power. Movement of Democratic Change was a name chosen to signify that this party will uphold democratic principles and practices. Thokhozile Khupe has a point in objecting to the ceding of seats and constituencies as agreed by the MDC Alliance. This seems to be a move to minimize Khupe’s influence in her own backyard without a trully democratic process. Chamisa wields power in the MDC-T formation and should show his commitment to democratic change by telling the MDC-T thugs to stop attacking other party officials. Otherwise, one might be forced to ask how is he different from Robert Mugabe and his tactics?
    Is Zimbabwe really willing to endure another 40 years of this kind of nonsense and intolerance?

  12. Seems Madam Khupe is so power hungry that she can even accept a handshake from an Alligator

  13. Khupe is so desperate because she wants to go into alliance with Mujuru leading. She is so desperate hence sinking so low , Khupe your hitting headlines for the wrong reasons. Please MDC just fire this noisy nuisance.That is why the late great MT appointed to vps when she was there because he had noticed your plan. Go to hell khupe. We are tired of you. We do not have time as we need to confront the croc and win. Go Chamisa Go. Do not be disturbed by this arrogant woman

  14. Comment…zimbabwe haifi yatungamirwa nemu ndebele whatsoever and how so arise .khupe your last big post in zim is vice president .unless you go back to s.a were u originates and campaign for presidential post there not here in zimbabwe.

  15. This is an open letter to MDC LATE T leadership and all true MDC T members: Khuphe has a point. MDC must abide by the constitution. Thy must immediately convene a special general conference to vote for a substantive MDC president since the presidency is being disputed. This, must do yesterday!!! If this is not done MDC will loose relevance and loose elections. Nobody wants to be associated with a circus. Time is running out, as the party should be presenting a strong united front to confront the pretender Ngwena. A divided opposition is a betrayel to the masses of Zimbabweans who have had enough of Zanuoids who have destroyed this once beautiful country. Chamisa will win hands down agaist Khuphe. Khuphe lacks leadership skills. She has been throwing tuntrums since before Tsvangirai died. She wants everything on a silver plate and lacks communication skills. Her arguement is valid but she is a coward as she failed to take the bull by the horns. Why should failed parties be given constituencies on a silver plate? She should have confronted Tsvangirai head on, NOT ku “boycota”. She acted typically like a spoiled woman. Maybe together there could have been a compromise. Kutogovera ma”seat” those nonties kuMandevere where they don’t belong knowing that they will win because the mandevere WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ZANU PF. Kungopiwa without lifting a finger. That is SHIT!!! GO FOR PARTY POLLS TO CHOOSE THE PRESIDENT. DO IT NOW!!! Let the best person win thru votes. Anotyei Chamisa? Uyesabani uChamisa? Chamisa itsotsi reMbare rakazviisa papresidency thru chitsotsi. nechichanery achishandisa mnewspaper achivabhadhara kuti aonekwe sekunge he is the natural blue eyes boy “anointed by Tsvangirai” THIS ASCENDENCY TO THE PRESIDENCY IS VERY UNCONSTITUTIONA. PRIOD. You people murikushungurudza Khuphe sinc arimukadzi and since arimundex. Tokuzivai. The man is very undemocratic. He is full of violence. He is the author of violence. Atidi mhirizhonga. He did NOT lift a finger to condemn those who on many occassions attacked party leadership. He is NOT a principled leader this Chamisa thing. Chimuzukuru cha Matibiri. He is NOT a leader. NOT GOOD LEADER WOULD ENCOURAGE VIOLENCE AGAINST OTHER LEADERS, LET ALONE ANY MEMBER OF HIS PARTY OR OPPOSITION. He is no good. Very useless and senseless. Khuphe arikurohwa nendava yeyi? Go the the proper polls liqede umsindo. Adyiwa wonyarara for the good of umhlangano. The 2 of them avakodzeri to lead MDC late T. Let the floor be open to anybody who want to contest. They can even invite Strive Masiwa to contest, I am dead certain MDC T alliance will form the next govt, but if they don’t resolve this issue constitutionally the masses of Zimbabwe will support the Pretender.

  16. to be a vice president doesn’t guarantee that you are going to be the president,

  17. @Bob You are a lunatic MDC is not a tribal party blood fool .Go back to Moza where you come from

  18. Are you serious Khupe that you still contest to be MDC T and mdc alliance Presdential candidate at this stage .Remember general elections are just a few months to go and people and calling Chamisa day and night everywhere to support the party . Lets go ahead together khupe kuti uzowana Korona.We still need you.

  19. khupe should accept defeat Chamisa atora chitanda ,if it happens she be kicked out, it will be end of her political carrier

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