People react to Mnangagwa MDC-T amnesty

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s gesture to pardon one of the three jailed MDC-T activists, Yvonne Musarurwa, has stirred debate on the NewsDay Zimbabwe Facebook Page.

Mnangagwa on Friday granted amnesty to  Musarurwa, one of the three serving a 20-year jail term for killing Harare police Inspector Petros Mutedza in 2011.


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  1. He knows she is innocent and has always been innocent.

  2. Tman Zimbabwe

    She herself knows if she is guilt or innocent. Otherwise if she took part in the massacre only truth will be waiting for her. What criteria was taken to offer this amnesty hand?

    1. taura hako vanhu vanoda party zvekubva vaita mhondi kudaro ivo vana Mugabe nana tsvangirai nana chamisa and garwe we get nothingasi mhuri dzavo dzichidya dzichiguta

  3. tinosangana kuma vote

    1. yeah numbers dont lie

  4. nothing new in politics the the same old and dirty game is played by parties. but one thing we must know a president is anointed by god one can as blessing and one come as carse or punishement

    1. the army is not God

  5. the landscape has changed, once it was easy to define the enemy coz he/she had colours we knew and could easily identify. or maybe it is what we have become, a mistrustful people, or maybe the hate lines are becoming blared as a result of him doing the unexpected. either way, i think she is grateful and so is her family to have her back, to be free. i choose to look at the good it has brought to her, coz only her and her family the ordeal she went through.

  6. what is good is good regardless of who does it.

  7. A President does not have to consult members of the public or justify his action to anyone when he excercises his powers to pardon prisoners!

    1. Actually he does. The president is not the people’s boss, he is supposed to be a leader chosen by the people. But handikushori pfungwa dzako because you live in Zimbabwe and we really don’t know what democracy or an elect government is.

  8. All pre-November 2017 political related incarcerations should be reviewed and all political crimes that did not see the light of the day with police and justice system should be brought back if we are to be a just people and in just system and just country. No more looking aside if there is crime. Crime is crime, no matter who. If we can do this then Zimbabwe will raise its bar and it will become the true country it once was in the early 80’s. The justice system must be just to all peoples of this great country.

  9. captain jack sparrow

    its hard to come to terms with the loss of your beloved ones cause of anyone, but at the same time we must not judge some people basing on their political affiliation but on crimes committed.

  10. shilling chinheya

    Kucampainer uko manje ari kuhwanda mumunda wenzungu manje tirikumuona zvedu tosangana kumaelection

  11. lts a good gesture from a president of all zimbabweans.

  12. Ed is really confusing the opposition!

  13. The President has only forgiven the prisoner not reversed her guilt. She will carry her guilty all over town.

  14. but vakatogona soo vanhu indava muchingowawata zvisina basa heeeee

  15. Nyasha dzikatambidzwa munhu ngatitendei – atambidzwa ne atambidza. nothing new here – even condemned prisoners on death row in the US can get a presidential pardon before execution. This is a good gesture President Mnangagwa. I pray as a nation, forgiveness and healing becomes widespread.

  16. I think I like ED’s way of doing things I guess. Slowly he convinces me he is good for Zimbabwe.



  19. Whether she was guilty or not, she was convicted and handed a 20 year sentence. Mnangagwa’s extension of an olive branch to MDC-T should be seen as it is – a move intended to soften the political playing field which has been toxic for so many years. Without diminishing the implications of the pardon to the convicted woman, we should really determine if this was a genuine gesture by the President to promote inclusivity among Zimbabweans and create a healthy competition among aspiring candidates and parties for the nation to hold free, fair and transparent elections; or a gimmick by the ruling party to attract attention to one insignificant issue while at the same time sproucing up the Zanu PF machinery for violence, intimidation, cheating and eventually presenting a fraudulent election process which would already have been pre determined to end in Zanu PF’s win of an over whelming majority in the house of assembly and a landslide win for Mnangagwa – just to present the picture that ED is loved by all Zimbabweans and is our new savior.

  20. amnesties have always been granted from as far back as we cant remember, i’m not an ED fan but i can justify him on this kind gesture

  21. Divergent Views

    All this is meant to clear the amnesty pathway for Kereke (a Mnangagwa ally). It is not based on fundamentals of law…

  22. Comment…maiti makagona kaa muchamama zvenyu pamberi ne NPF unovacha gore rino zvenyu vana zanu mdc kupenga

  23. Thumps up to ED.He slowly proves to me that he is an actor.Zimbabwe needs people who act and not simple orators like Chamisas who only talk but vachidzinga vamwe muparty nekurova wese anoratidza kuti apesana navo.ED has my vote kkkk

  24. Ndzungu ndamenya ku gwina gwina

    ED is a man of pple my vote to him in advance regai vazere nekushora vaite chaka naka chaka naka you can nt change it for the bad.

    1. haaaa i dnt blame yu,the true colours of your Garwe will prevail after will be worse than gukurahwindi,TAKE NOTE OF IT.

  25. Mnangagwa is the best president Zimbabwe will ever have.

  26. tafadzwa govere

    Comment…ngaaite kuti mari iwanikwe mumabank kwete nyemba idzi.

  27. Comment…l think if elections are to be done in a free and transparent manner this man whether he win or lose his legacy will be more than the former we have to accept each other and teach our children to love each other inconsiderate of our political affiliations

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