‘No heroes burial for Mugabe’

FORMER President Robert Mugabe risks losing his right to be buried at the National Heroes’ Acre if he continues dabbling in opposition politics, former war veterans’ leader and Zanu PF legislator Joseph Chinotimba has warned.


The Buhera South legislator told supporters at a rally in his constituency that Mugabe was following the footsteps of “wartime sell-outs” like the late Zanu founding leader, Ndabaningi Sithole.

“If Mugabe and (National Patriotic Front leader Ambrose) Mutinhiri have sold out, then they are not fit to go to the national shrine. There are lots of people he denied the honour because he was in charge and was calling the shots. Sithole was denied the honour because he sold out during the war. Mugabe has sold out, he will not be buried there,” Chinotimba said in a short video of the rally that has gone viral on social media platforms.

But, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said the party would only comment once Mugabe has died.

“We do not comment on people who have not yet died as regards hero status,” he said.

Chinotimba yesterday confirmed the utterances, warning the former Zanu PF leader was “skirting on thin ice”.

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“Mugabe is playing with fire. He must sit down. We respected him, but now he wants to make unnecessary demands, including cash, when he left all our banks empty. If he is not careful he will find himself buried in Zvimba [Mugabe’s rural home].

“If Mugabe is no longer supporting Zanu PF, then he must lose all benefits. That is what we agreed on and Mugabe used the same criterion to shut out a lot other people. He must have a taste of his own medicine,” he said.

Pressure seems to be mounting on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to effectively ex-communicate Mugabe from the ruling party after reports emerged that Zimbabwe’s leader for 37 years was behind the formation of the Mutinhiri-led opposition party.

At the weekend, Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs, Paul Mangwana warned that Mugabe’s rights and priviledges might be withdrawn as they were not absolute.

“The party will have to decide. If the party is satisfied that he [Mugabe] has violated the principle [that former Presidents must not dabble in politics, especially opposition] he will lose his Zanu PF membership, he will also lose the priviledges and immunities accorded to a former Head of State and forfeit the respect he was enjoying,” Mangwana told State media.

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  1. whats wrong with Mugabe if he is affiliated to his own political party of choice?
    Chinoz you better keep your mouth closed. You are confused, recently you were booty-licking G40 cabals the likes of Grace, now you want to talk something against Mugabe??…
    In fact, whatever you said hazvitipe mabasa or better life ‘todya Mugabe here isu’

    1. BECAUSE HE IS A COMMUNIST & THAT IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Yaaaa! Asi Morgan Tsvangirai akambozvitaura zvake pati pa2000-2013. Vanhu tikati Chematama chinopenga. Asika tose tinoziva kuti Chematama asave muporofita. Zvisinei,
    ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBER sekutaura kwaita vaSK. Mwari vari kudenga, denga repasi
    rose, ndivo chete chete vanoziva zviri mberi mberi. Kukunda kuziva kwatinoita
    zvatarota usiku hwapfuura. Ngatigaro ziva kuti ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI nguva dzose veduwe hama dzangu.

  3. Mugabe should relax….he shld know that his overstaying on power turned against him…He should conserve his legacy and know that he should be a advising elder at home now.

  4. Chinotimba’s utterances that are as uncircumcised as they are uncouth would have been ludicrous but for their connotations. Is the Heroes Acre a preserve for ZANU PF acolytes and not for those who would have strayed from its path? Chinoz is simply singing and dancing for his supper because of late his own existence in ZANU PF has come under great threat. For all his shortcomings, Robert Mugabe is a pan africanist, a revolutionary par excellence and Africa’s all time hero who will always stand next to Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah in Africa’s Hall of Fame.

  5. Does Chinoz honestly think anybody, including Mugabe himself, gives a toss about heroes acre this day & age?

  6. A very good example of a flip – floper (Jack of all trades – master of non). I am not a Zanu PF member but hmmmm if thats how Zanu PF treats its own Leaders what more an ordinary card carrying cadre??? Just 4 months down the line vana @Josefa Chinotimba spoke highly of the former president but now ndivo vave shasha kutuka a former statesman. I am shocked with this sudden change of speech. Nguwa yehondo ndiwo waiwa watengesi awa! Mirayi nehama yenyu kusvika muguva, haikona kungoita vana tatekire mhaniii, ndagumbuka mhani, NXA!

  7. Mugabe should relax….he shld know that his overstaying on power turned against him…He should conserve his legacy and know that he should be a advising elder at home now.cHINOTIMBA IS hwevr wrong inrelating Heroes acre to Zanu pf …but Mugabe shld stop opposition politics thats what the law says before destroying already fragile legacy.
    its fragile because of gukurahundi atrocities, murambatsvina, gross 2008 organised election violence.

  8. People do not just attack Chinotimba what of Mangwana a lawyer who says Mugabe’s benefits can be withdrwn if he violates the principle. I thought they are constitutional and can only be withdrawn if he violates the law/ constitution.

    Mangwana what goes around comes around

  9. Do not just attack Chinotimba i can forgive him for lack of education. What of Mangwana a laywer. People need to be educated that Mugabe’s benefits are constitutional. Joyce Mujuru has a political party and she enjoys her benefits. What principle Mangwana??????????????? The benefits can only be withdrawn if Mugabe violates the constitution. Not ZANU PF so called principles

  10. Cde R.G.Mugabe is receiving his benefits as a former employ of the Republic Of Zimbabwe and is being paid by government not ZANU PF. Chinotimba and all other ZANU members why cant you see this simple issue? Cde Mugabe, like any other member has the right to associate with whosoever he likes. You refused him , well and fine, why now are you having problems with a wife whom you devorced if she decides going forward with her life?

  11. Defend the old fool at your peril. Chinoz ari kutaura chaizvo ndidzo politics idzodzo and Chinoz is a politician. Mugabe vilified Mujuru right in our eyes paakazobata Ngwena ndokubva arumwa and he thinks he still has a match na Ngwena. Zvino ndidzo politics tomuviga kwazvimba uku sezvaakaita Banana and others because they had not subscribed to his line of thinking.

    1. Scandal….ndoopolitics dzatooti dzemanyengadzapwere hujaya hwekumafuro. Ipolitics dzepamusika dzaanahwindi hadzizadze dura.

  12. The old dictator Mugabe is a master some and mirrors. His aim in saying what he is saying has nothing with him trying to get back on the throne. Rather he is trying to raise the chips on the bargaining table. Essentially he wants those G40 members to be readmitted into the party or at least be allowed to come back into the country. he also wants those who are being prosecuted to be allowed their freedom. That is why he spoke of people facing trumped up charges and also spoke of people who do not forgive. He wants all those people to be forgiven. That is why at the present moment he has advised them not to declare the NPF membership whilst the intended talks are still pending. In including his wife in the interview as someone who talked him into retirement, the ruse is to portray her as a caring mother who made easy for the current leaders to ascend to the throne.

  13. As such they must be thankful and pay homage and keep away from her properties which include the +21 farms. The dictator is under pressure from the families of those who were chased out town to ensure that they come back since he is the one who fooled them into playing the dangerous game which ultimately consumed them.


  14. Mugabe deserves all the taste of his own medicine he’s getting these days, I clearly remember for example him telling Pastor Evan Mawarire to leave the country in the last days of his rule just because of politics. Touch not the anointed of God or you will pay dearly says the Lord

  15. Good grief! I am so accustomed to living for Christ and Eternity.. Living for ZANu pf can only take you to the heroes acre – and no further. Mweya wako uchaendepi ko?

  16. This proves the so called new political dispensation is all about clueless idiots trying to interpret the constitution. Which party in its right senses would field cield this idiot cum comedian as its parliament candidate. Zimbabwe deserves better, not this toothless thug and bootlicker who once approved of Mugabe’s speech which was not the current one. Chinoz is the walking blind.

  17. Mugabe ceased to be a hero some years ago. A president who surrenders executive power to his wife is a villain, not a hero.

  18. The whole criterion of selecting a national hero is defective. It must be revised. You can still be a national hero and be buried wherever you choose. There are certain monetary, tax and estate duty benefits that accrue to you as a nat/hero still. The Heroes Acre is a big Showroom for showing off the perceived gallants and rallying the revolutionary zeal.

    Mugabe’s waywardness is nothing new in people of his age so those should not count against him. Its not sinful to live to a ripe old age after all. He is a National hero which ever way you look at him his faults notwithstanding.

    1. Mugabe tainted the little legacy (he doesnt have any bushwar credentials) that he had by overstaying his welcome. He will be remembered for having taken Zimbabwe into the economic abyss (he acquired fake degress during his longtime under house arrest). Such kind are not called hereos but dictators the likes of Uganda’s Idi Amin, Congo’s Mobuto Seseko Malawi’s Kamuzu Banda Libya’s Gaddafi German’s Hitler Itali’s Musolini.

      1. Luck man champs

        Very good point. He is the guy who brought us the freedom we enjoy today. We have no reason to hate him. We have no reason to decide where he shall be laid to rest because he is still alive. He is the African American dignified individual, take it or leave it.

  19. Is there anyone with principles in that party? It seems everyone in Zanu Pf just goes where the wind blows. Its not too far back everyone in that party was singing Mugabe praises

  20. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    So if Mugabe had decided to keep on backing Zanu pf after resigning there was no problem?It becomes a problem when he supports other parties?Domo-cracy at its best.And Paul Mangwana ,are you telling us that the law says a former head of state can only get previledges and immunity when he supports Zanu pf only? Well i dont know who is and ass here between you and the law.

  21. Hate or like Chinoz, the guy is a typical politician who knows which direction the wind is blowing. For your own information, the guy you portray as a clown is a darling of his Buhera constituency; being a practical person who has brought relief to the people of Buhera: so much so that he can easily win elections against any competitor. Guys, in politics you don’t have to be very educated to be electable; rather you have to deliver to the satisfaction of the electorate – period.

  22. Kwapaidza vanhu Chamisa kkkkkk

  23. I think this chap needs his head checking… So what you are saying is if Zanu PF ever loses then the Heroes Acre will be shut. And Zimbabwe will never have any heroes save for those that went to the Chimurenga War…. You’re an IDIOT of note you stupid bastard your mother never loved you ahhh you make me sick….

  24. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    If it happens that Mugabe is stripped of his hero’s status,then he would have met the justice that he denied ZAPU/ZIPRA cadres for no legitimate reason, other than that those departed innocent souls were of different political persuasion.

  25. Luck man champs

    Mugabe is a pan Africanist, a founder of Zimbabwe independence. Let us mind our words each time we talk. It’s premature for mnangagwa government to talk about a living person heroes status. For what particular reason?. What of if mnangagwa die before Mugabe does?. Zimbabwe is a fellowship country that doesn’t support satanism. Who is ZANU to suggest where to lay a living person? Even if Mugabe die today, nobody has the right to suggest what to do about his except his family

  26. Luck man champs

    Take it or leave it, l shall not stop praising His excellence Cde Mugabe for being the principal in Africa freedom

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