NewsDay’s star shines brighter

ALPHA Media Holdings’ (AMH’s) flagship title, NewsDay has been ranked the most popular news website in Zimbabwe by global website traffic and mobile application analytics site, SimilarWeb.


The latest Similarweb rankings reveal that NewsDay recorded 2,28million page visits ahead of Daily News’ 1,98million and The Herald’s 1,28million.

NewsDay — which has a print and digital version — is published by AMH, the biggest private diversified media group in the country.
AMH also publishes The Standard and the Zimbabwe Independent.

NewsDay Editor Wisdom Mdzungairi said the mainstay of our success was quality and cutting edge content.

“We have elevated, within newsrooms, the understanding that a mixture of good journalism and data journalism works for us,” he said.

“Our journalists are now multi skilled to feed our platforms with cutting edge content.

“We are where we are because of adherence to a mobile and digital first strategy.
“Quality content is our mainstay at AMH.”
AMH digital editor John Mokwetsi said: “It is easy to overlook the desire and effort the organisation worked on to implement the mobile and digital first strategy over years.
“This is the result of hard work and placing importance on the digital landscape that is no longer the future but the present.

“I would be excited as an advertiser to know that we have a local website that hits 18 million page impressions and has a Facebook page that has 730 000 likes and a Twitter account that is so popular that it is now followed by more than 336 000 people.”

Mokwetsi added: “Taking advantage of the popularity of the WhatsApp platform, we have
29 000 people that we push content to on a daily basis.”

This is the sixth time that the NewsDay website has ranked top, after being voted the overall best Zimbabwean website, and the best news website at the second edition of the Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Awards last year.

NewsDay’s sister papers, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent also topped the list ahead of The Sunday Mail and other several online news websites.
In 2016, the NewsDay website was again rated the most viewed local news platform by SimilarWeb, while the AMH flagship title scooped the best Zimbabwean website for 2015 at the inaugural Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Conference and Awards.

The previous year in 2014, NewsDay was adjudged the third most accessed mobile online platform in Zimbabwe after Facebook and Google in Opera Software’s State of the Mobile Web report.

In 2013, NewsDay won the Telkom Highway Africa’s Most Innovative Newsroom Award in Grahamstown, South Africa, in recognition of ground-breaking content strategies that included live updates, audio and video publishing using moving screens.

Technology website TechZim said: “The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 25 sites, covering NewsDay viewership numbers as well as their statistics on popular social media platforms.

“Apart from being an interesting read, I also think this will help inform readers/businesses on the sites on which to advertise their products and reach the widest number of heads locally.”

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  1. Keep up the good work newsday. You deserve this recognition

  2. They deserve it because they are the best. They always convenience readers online unlike other papers that claim to be online when post news online around 12 pm or on the following day to the readers’ inconvenience when NewsDay online will have been accessed around 6 am everyday.

  3. They are the best because they convenience their audiences unlike other newsrooms who claim to be online when in actual fact they inconvenience readers by posting news online around 12 pm or on the following day when NewsDay online will have been accessed around 6 am daily.

  4. Congratulations Newsday!! You deserve this.

  5. One thing about Newsday is that they are not partisan. They report without bias, and that is why I fell in love with them.

  6. Its obvious Newsday is the leader of news in our country i mean very fresh news not some outdated junk .If you guys keep it this way i do not see anyone overtaking you soon but do not put the foot down keep on keeping on .

  7. well!

  8. Newsday is the best at the moment because of the consistency, in-depth and cutting-edge reportage on pertinent issues that matters most to ordinary citizens.Editor Mudzungairi with his team is doing well and we admire your work.I wish if you can also include environmental issues. The “Disclosure” approach seems to be making inroads into their reportage.

  9. Makorokoto va Mudzungairi. Bhora mberi. As you construct your reputation, create time to read a bit about the characteristics of reputation so that you maintain the momentum.

  10. You have a wonderful online team that has been on top for a longtime. We appreciate what they do and hope that they also keep an eye on the trends

  11. Praising yourselves is unhelpful. You are not as good as you think you are.

  12. Thank u Newsday for this platform, both informative and entertaining especially tuma video clip utwo- Wedzerai!

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