New president tells Mugabe it’s time to move on

Zimbabwe “has moved on”, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said in a statement after his predecessor Robert Mugabe called the change in power a “disgrace” which “must be undone”.


Speaking publicly for the first time since he left office in November last year, Mr Mugabe criticised President Mnangagwa yesterday for “turning against him”:

President Mnagagwa responded today in a statement which he also tweeted, saying the former president “is entitled to express himself freely, as is the case for any private citizen”.

It continues: “The nation has moved on.

Our focus at this time shall remain on preparing for free, fair and credible elections in 2018”.


  1. Not only moved on but its all about bye gones being by gones, Bob hapasisina pachapinda Grace its done finished kaput.

    1. The price spiral was undone when Mr Mugabe left office, there is now stability, hope and confidence in every citizen,companies included. Surely Mr Mugabe want this new found hope for the nation to be undone for his singular benefit only so he can start gallivanting around the world while we suffer. No, no, no and no taramba vana ve Zimbabwe.

      Mwana wevhu

      1. Are we in the same country. The prices continue to increase people earn USD but the is a three tier pricing system. Investments continue to be eroded. The former gvt was very bad but this one is pathetic.

        1. i beg to differ my fellow countryman………there is renewed hope and confidence from all sectors of the economy ever since Mugabe departed. This rebuilding process requires all of us to play active roles so that the economic recovery wont take long……the new administration cannot do it alone. We need to be united for one cause and build our country and stop this divisive politics.

          Together we will make it.

        2. Mugabe=Zanu Pf. As long as its still Zanu in power expect the economy to sink because its still the same team that was there when the economy sunk. Do not for some reason think this is a new dispensation, remember these people assisted Mugabe to bring Zim to this misery. It not like they joined politics yesterday, they are part of the RG era and no new thing is there. So til we get Zanu out that’s when we will say new dispensation because this is the same thing that brutalised zimbabweans

        3. definitely we are not in the same country, some prices have come down others stabilized. the rates are stagnant and so on and so forth and most importantly the business mood is high of expectations so we are on the right path following the deposing of the goblin.

        4. U from utopia

          1. Apology this is meaant for ZW

  2. Living in denial! The coup is done and dusted. High handed Mugabe should stop chasing a wild goose. The sooner he adapts his new lifestyle, the better.

  3. Correct Mr President, Mugabe is entilted to expressing himself freely so do not try to silence him, citizenry are expecting more from Mugabe especially on how zanupf rigged all previous elections, all the corruption and amassed wealth…we have not forgotten Bob’s $15b tweet. About the nation ‘moving on’ thats just a fallacy, doctors are on strike as we write, banks have no cash, electricity supply is intermittent, vending is stil the only available employement unless of course if you mean moving from a police state to a military one. The government is still sending bloated (perenial failures) ministerial delegations abroad, thank God the British denied this latest one visas.

  4. After reading the statement above, Robert Mugabe wainyara kudai uchiri nepfungwa. Your mental decline has reached rock-bottom. Uri chitunha chinofamba.

  5. I like Pres. ED’s statement!!! Short and sweet but strong. In another words ED is saying to BOB f### you, all other Zimbos approved of the take-over exept a few idiots you included who were benefiting from the ditatorship. It is FINITO…power gone, influence gone, stealing and looting finished!!!!!!!! Viva new dispensation. Let us go for elections in a 16 weeks’ time and Bob has a right to vote for himself if he wants to still rule from the grave. 8 or whatever number of Bob’s degrees and someone completely failed to manage a country and nation. Go NC go for the kill

  6. Uyu mwana waBona achatinetsa uyu.Got a Hitlertic or Stalinic mentality.Ndini chete hakuna mumwe.Tateguru Bob musadaro.


  8. the more Bob keeps talking the more nails he keeps hitting into his own coffin

  9. Hapana hapana Bobo. Zvakapera !! finito. Viva to President ED !!

  10. this is serious guys, how many of personal employees were on Government wage bill, working for his personal gain. Eissh he is move evil, that is fraud to government wallet. Then we talk of resources, how many were taken to his farms? clue: a fraction of what m.a.d.e had. nxxxxxa

  11. the cattle in Zvimba are waiting for someone to take them to the dip tank & yet Mugabe is busy wasting time talking wild things to journalists in town

  12. Bob “Mai Bona, hope dzandarota nhasi hadzina kunaka”
    Amai “Marotei nhai gushungo?”
    Bob “Haa, sure sure garwe andibisa pachigaro, ariye aakutonga”
    Amai ” Handi zviroto gushungo, ndozvavepo. Maimboti vamwe zviroto zviroto, hezvoka.”

  13. Comment…Vamwe vanhu havanyare .Famba izvozvi mustreet tikusveveredze
    kambavha ,kamhondi kemunhu .Wakapisisa misha yedu iwe tinyarewo.

  14. At 1st i thought it was influence but alas this old man is very selfish………….he is undoing his legacy. Keep barking old man Zimbabwe has moved on and if you are still harbouring thoughts of retaining to mainstream politics just register your party and see how many votes you will gate
    1 – Grace
    2 – Mutinhiri
    3 – Jonathan
    4 – kasukuwere
    5 – youself

    5 at most…not even your own kids will vote for you,……..stop preaching democracy when you destroyed all the apparatus that were meant to uphold democracy.
    Our prayer as a nation is for God to forgive you and grant you many more years so that you can see that there are capable brains that can govern Zimbabwe far much better than you did.

  15. Daydreamer. At this rate, very soon nyaya dzake Robert uyu tinenge takudziverengera muKwayedza kana H-metro kkkkkkk.

  16. He he he leave my zimbabwe alone wakaiona nyika kunge yamai vako nhai,hausvodi uri nyenya apa ma pamper muma bhrugwa tibvire this is our zimbabwe not your zimbabwe and you cohourts.hambalala

  17. iwe ed we moved on from what?is it not u who was fired according to the constituion so who made u president?iwe naMugabe makafananana we not stupid.Mugabe in his fallen disgrace is speaking the truth n in a few months the pple of zimbabwe will give ur marching orders n the new will come after u.kusanyara kuti wataurirwa chokwadi

    1. ED will rule zim whether pple like it or not , hanzi robert akaita 37 yrs , iye achaitawo ake ,

  18. Comment…new president, new hope, a new chapter for Zimbabwe. #EDHasMyVote#

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