New play to interrogate sensitive issues

INTWASA director, Raisedon Baya has penned a play titled Fragile, which addresses a wide range of themes including identity, migration, homophobia and xenophobia.
The play, set to be staged on March 22 and 23, is told through the eyes of a young Zimbabwean.


Baya told NewsDay Life & Style that Fragile follows the story of the Patapata twins, who get separated and are later brought back together through unfortunate circumstances.

“This is an experimental piece that uses physical theatre, music, storytelling, and dialogue to tell a story most writers would shy away from. Twins are generally expected to look and think alike. Twins are even expected to walk the same paths in life, but not the Patapata twins,” he said.

“The two look different, talk different, walk different and, more importantly, their fate follows different paths.”

Baya — who has written several plays including The Taking — said as the title suggested, the play interrogated sensitive issues.

“Nothing is taboo — abortion, sex, homophobia and xenophobia. Everything is thrown into a boiling pot, cooked at high temperature and pace and then served with flair by this talented and energetic cast,” he said.

“The play is told through the eyes of one of the twins, Sweetness Patapata, who is caught in the middle of what she only later describes as the tragic story of ‘my other half’.”

Fragile takes audiences from Zimbabwe to South Africa and back. Separated by borders, the health of their mother facilitates their reunion, but the odds are not on their side. Sweetness leaves Zimbabwe in search of her run-away twin sister, a victim of corrective rape instigated by their own father.

Baya said Sweetness visits South Africa at the wrong time, as the country is in flames, with Xenophobia is at its peak.

“Fortunately, she finds her twin sister within the short space of time she has in the country, but fails to convince her to come back home,” he said.

After watching one of the rehearsals, veteran actor and theatre trainer, Memory Kumbota said: “I was seized by the words the actors spoke and I could only reflect on the craftsmanship of the actor, the writer, director and how this seamlessly merges to transport one into a world of interesting sights, experiences, and characters.”
Baya said the play is a must-watch as the script carries powerful subtexts.
The play is presented by Centre for Talent Development (CTD), who recently brought to life The Arrangement and are also known for their successful and popular Live Literature Project in schools.
Musawenkosi Sibanda, Sthabile Ndubiwa, Elton Sibanda, Clinton Ndlovu, Stanley Mapfumo, Charmaine Mudau, Agnes Ncube, Anita Moyo, Lonesome Kudzai and Chipo Mawarire are part of the cast.

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