Namibian Parly Speaker hails Mugabe ouster

NAMIBIAN Speaker of Parliament, Peter Katjavivi has lauded his Zimbabwean counterpart, Jacob Mudenda over the peaceful way he handled former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation last November.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

Addressing journalists after paying a courtesy call at Mudenda’s office last Friday, Katjavivi said they followed the events culminating in Mugabe’s resignation with keen interest and were marvelled at the peace and stability that prevailed in the country during that period.

“Namibia is a close friend of Zimbabwe, so we were observing events, which were taking place here and I can confirm that we were very happy that everything ended amicably well and there is peace and stability prevailing in Zimbabwe, what more can I say other than we are delighted,” he said.

Katjavivi said “there are lessons to be learnt by Africa”, following events that unfolded in Zimbabwe, expressing gratitude for the priceless opportunity he had been accorded to share and exchange notes with Mudenda on the business of Parliament.

He commended plans by Zimbabwe to construct a new Parliament building, drawing parallels with his country, which is also in the process of acquiring new infrastructure for its parliamentarians.

“We are Speakers, so we were talking about parliamentary issues, sharing ideas and comparing notes, and that forms the basis of strengthening the two sister parliaments to work together more closely.

“We have an old (national assembly) building that goes back to the days when Namibia was still under the colonial system, so we are looking at building a new national parliament and my colleague is also exploring similar ideas because Parliament is a very important institution,” he said.


  1. This is Ken Sharpe here personally. I am the executive chairman of West property Company and Augur Investments in Harare.
    These ignorant boot licking war veterans and regional leaders need to shut up themselves and pay respect to the elder statesman and an outstanding party leader instead of hailing the ugly regime, which came about as a result of a military coup. Mnangawa has people’s blood on his greedy hands.

    1. Fake Ken Sharpe piss off u twit go suck robert’s stinking ass

  2. Ken Sharpe it sounds like you are the Boot Licker for Mugabe. What did he give you ??. Elderly Statesman that Stole from his people, tear gassed and water cannoned anyone that went against his Dictatorship. How many farms does Mugabe have ? whist he always said One farm per family, and whi is managing those farms ???? Whites….. who he said should not be on any farms. Look around you Ken Sharpe can you see the state of the economy and the mess that Mugabe left us in. This is not the Ugly regime we all took to the streets to get rid of the Dictator Mugabe and we DO NOT want to see him back here.We fully support what happened to oust Mugabe !

  3. Diplomacy requires you say some positive about the transtion Namibian Speaker but your comment on new parliament building is regretable…its not the building thats imporatant but what comes out of that building parliamentarians can meet under a tree but craft legislature, guide governancy business with tremendous success.In the case of Zimbabwe Smith’s regime with 10 cabinet minister did wonders for Rhodesian economy most infrastructure which Zim enjoys today.

  4. When pple were butchered by Mugabe where were you sir ? Only Khama and Odinga tried their best to have Mugabe isolated .We do not want pretenders please .All went well during the coup bcoz it was an internal party coup .You can build world class parly buildings but it becomes useless bcoz we know you guys you go there to talk nothing .

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