Mutinhiri formally approaches Zec

Newly-formed National Patriotic Front (NPF) led by former Marondera West Member of Parliament, Ambrose Mutinhiri has officially approached the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), notifying it of the party’s existence.


In a letter addressed to Zec acting chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana yesterday, the party, reportedly backed by President Robert Mugabe, notified the electoral body of its formation, while seeking consideration for the commission’s conventions that involve political parties.

“This is to notify you that we, the National Patriotic Front are a political party duly established by a constitution adopted by the founders of the party on the December 7, 2017, in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe.

“In this connection, we avail ourselves and we would be pleased to be invited to participate in meetings for political parties, which the commission periodically convenes,” the letter read.

NPF also acquainted Zec of its plan to contest in the looming general elections guided by the constitutional provisions which necessitate such.

The move consolidates the party, whose formation has apparently sent shivers in the ruling party Zanu PF with its spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo earlier this week, dismissing its emergence as mere political profiling.


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  2. Nyatsimba Mutota


    1. Adv. Nelson Chamisa

      Iwe fake Mutota, hezvoko chii chacho, saskamu..

    1. Ngavti garire pasi bvubvira idzo mbavha dzevanhu havanyari SEKURU avooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Regai vasotane ndedzemudanga

  4. Anything that splits the Zanu vote is good in my eyes. Lets see where it goes.

  5. Who will forget that character, Utloile Silaigwana, in 2008 dithering on election results. We encourage NPF to monitor this guy closely…


  7. this Mugabe man will always be a thorn in the flesh of zimbabweans. why cant he rest at his blueroof or rest in peace. npf is a failed fishing expedition.

  8. Pamberi neNPF, ndokuti keduChamisa kapinde like hot knife cutting through butter

  9. Dementia has kicked in. How can anyone wants to keep on going at 94.Well it’s a free country anyone can form a party at any age.Good luck.You need it.

  10. even Chatunga will not vote for such shit!

  11. its not over until its over.The fall and rise of mwana waBona now as a technical advisor with strong support in rural areas ummmm ichi chakanyanya ngatitaurirei pasi vamwe vangaite manyoka.l tell you they share the votes


    munamate mwari apa kwete kunyaudza

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