Mutinhiri committed no crime: Maridadi

MABVUKU-Tafara MP, James Maridadi (MDC-T) has chided Zanu PF legislators for being intolerant to divergent political views and rushing to criminalise the newly-formed New Patriotic Front (NPF) led by Ambrose Mutinhiri.


Maridadi was contributing to debate on the second reading stage of the Electoral Amendment Bill on Friday, where he criticised Zanu PF for perennially being in electoral mode, instead of taking a break to fix the economy.

“Zanu PF are declaring war on Mutinhiri for forming a new political party and have been bashing Mutinhiri in the State-controlled media, as if he has committed a crime,” he said.

“They have gone to the extent of saying that he is beholden to former President Robert Mugabe, as if it is a crime. I would have preferred for Mutinhiri to join the main opposition MDC-T, but it is his constitutional right to join any political party of his choice,” he said.

The MP said if the electoral playing field was not even, then MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa would refrain from contesting, which would make the election illegitimate.
“If electoral reforms are not implemented, Chamisa said he might not contest the elections. The Zanu PF government needs more participation in this election than the MDC-T and if Chamisa does not participate, then the elections will be a farce and Zanu PF will suffer problems of legitimacy. Right now, President Emmerson Mnangagwa suffers the problem of legitimacy and the 2018 elections are important for legitimacy,” he said.

Maridadi called on State media to give equal coverage to all political players in the country. ads Ads

“When we go for elections, ZBC must be accessible to all political parties. They should not take out of context rallies of opposition political parties. Chamisa had a rally in Chinhoyi for two hours, but he has not even been given one minute of coverage by ZBC,” he said.

Maridadi said the ruling party must also desist from using rice, which is donated to the government social services department for vote buying.

The MP said archaic laws like the Public Order and Security Act (Posa) and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) must be repealed.

“We cannot continue to use legislation, which was adopted 37 years ago. Why should we continue to hold on to relics of colonialism? Posa and Aippa must go,” he said.

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  1. All state companies are under Western sanctions, and that includes ZBC. Maridadi should remember that the recent trip by his boss Chamisa to the United States was for the purpose of extending sanctions to state enterprises, ZBC included. Now, it means that ZBC, with scarce resources, cannot go and give mileage to the same Chamisa who is killing their company. To a limited extent I love Chamisa, but I also sympathize with the ZBC. Chamisa should make peace, for him to enjoy ZBC coverage. He cannot declare war on ZBC and expect to benefit from them at the same time. After Chamisa slapped the ZBC on one cheek, we do not expect the ZBC to offer him the other cheek. I don’t think the ZBC are as holy as that, and Maridadi should understand this simple and free lecture I have offered.


    2. iwe machakachaka kwana iwe uite mushe. sanctions kuita sei. 15 billion yakatorwa nema sanction?kwanzi benzi pavangwaru iti zii kuti newe ugonzi uri mungwaru. kwete kungoshama gaba rako uchichakatika

  2. And do not force us to pay licenses for a ZANU PF ZBC.

    1. Whether the coup leaders and Zanu like it or not, they must remember that President Mugabe has massive grassroots support even to this very day !!

  3. and on that one Maridadi you are spot on ,the dafty exBrig was correct in choosing a different political path under the tutelage of Grace using Bob as a front.

  4. Whether the Coup leaders and Zanu like it or not, they should remember that President Mugabe has massive grassroots support even to this very day.

  5. BUt Whats in it for you to do Bidding for members of other parties?? I am not hearing your strategies or taking advantage of those moments of weakness by your opponents. Chamisa also bids and sympathises with those ex ZANUPF expelled from parliament. You guys have no strategy.

  6. Mr Machakacha you speak as if you havent paid your ZBC licence in a very long time, or do you think licence fees are only paid by ZANU PF members.

  7. Matebele Warrior - Chamisa & Khupe our leaders

    Shame on pointless,little minded , blinkered and bootlicking Machakachaka, you will see what governace is when we get into governmanet in July 2018.
    MDC is what makes sense , lets taste it you will see it.
    Chinja , Guqula izenzo

  8. Come rain come sunshine, the coup leaders should remember that President Mugabe has massive grassroots support esp in rural areas even to this very day.

  9. Well spoken, Honorable Maridadi

  10. Actually we must have those running zbc and zim papers called to parliament to explain exactly why they are partisan . If they do not give senseble reasons as to why the they are doing that all must be fired and be replaced by many young pple looking for jobs . ZBC does not belong to any political party as some fools think and believe .Mutinhiri must start organizing rallies for his new party he has done nothing wrong .


  12. ED vanhu kumaruzeva havato zive face yake. Ma vote e zanu acharasika aiswa pana mutinhiri nekusa ziva. Vamwe havato goni kusheedza zita rake nekuti mubwidi, vanhu vachangostvaka pane zita risinga netsi pana chamisa voisa vote ipapo. apa baba vanogara vari zambia kumusha vachirega kudzidzisa vanhu vachavhota

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