Municipal cop dies in high-speed chase

A MUTARE municipal police officer died when a council vehicle he was travelling in rammed into the back of a commuter omnibus during a high-speed chase yesterday.

Council confirmed the accident, which occurred at 22 Miles along the Chimanimani-Birchenough Bridge Road, leaving five other municipal police officers injured.

“A city of Mutare employee died in a tragic road accident this morning while five others were injured,” council said in a statement.

“The accident occurred at the 22 Miles today (yesterday) along the Chimanimani-Birchenough Road when a council tow vehicle was involved in a hit and run with a commuter omnibus which was evading police arrest.

“After committing the first offence at Sakubva Swimming Pool, the driver of the commuter omnibus sped off along Chimanimani Road, and upon arriving at 22 Miles, he tactfully hit the council vehicle with the bumper resulting in the accident.”

The kombi driver immediately sped off after the incident.

“The name of the deceased has not been released until the next of kin are informed.”

The local authority has pledged to provide funeral assistance to the bereaved family, and assist the injured in paying their medical bills.

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  1. very very sad development and the loss of life but the question which begs answers is why chase a kombi which you see everyday on the road and more so most of the owners of these vehicles are known by these municipal guys, lets behave like adults.

  2. Sorry kune akatisiya, but what were they doing chasing a kombi that far out of town? And in any case, if the tow truck driver hit the back of the kombi, why are they saying the kombi driver akaita hot and run??? Also, if the kombi driver “tactfully” caused the tow truck to hit his kombi in the back…then the tow truck driver lacked experience and should not have been driving that vehicle in the first place.

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