Mugabe’s Gukurahundi denial a national disgrace

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s denial and blame game regarding the dark Gukurahundi episode is a clear manifestation not only of his senility, but his self-centeredness that was the hallmark of his brutal 37-year-rule.

For Mugabe of all people to turn around and blame the victims of his brutal massacre of more than 20 000 civilians in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces under the guise of hunting down a handful of dissidents is the height of impertinence.

Mugabe’s latest rant shows that his 1999 description of Gukurahundi as a “moment of madness” was never sincere and that is why he was always reluctant to push through with the establishment of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC).

No doubt that Mugabe’s successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has within months of taking power operationalised the NPRC should be applauded. Mugabe was and indeed remains an albatross on Zimbabwe’s prospects of moving forward.

Is it not, therefore, ironic that the former Zanu PF leader has been wailing hoarse demanding a meeting with Mnangagwa, claiming he wants to help “return the country to legitimacy”?

Mugabe needs to be reminded that the legitimacy of a government begins with building trust in a respectful social contract with its citizens. It is obvious that Mugabe does not care about the feelings of ordinary Zimbabweans.

It is also clear that what Mugabe wants from Mnangagwa is personal protection of his ill-gotten wealth including the many farms that have been reported on.

Mugabe and his wife, Grace, should be reminded that Zimbabweans have moved forward. How the Mnangagwa government came into being is immaterial at this juncture for the majority poor Zimbabweans, who immensely suffered under his hands.

In fact, the majority of Zimbabweans are thankful that Mugabe is no longer a factor in their future. Mugabe should, therefore, be thankful that he was confined to his house without loss of life. Coups the world over are characterised by blood-letting and what happened in Zimbabwe should be commendable.

In that case, Mnangagwa would be better advised to tread carefully when it comes to the emotive Gukurahundi issue. It has to be handled with the utmost care and consideration of the feelings of the millions of victims of this black spot on our country’s history. It would be folly for Mnangagwa to listen to Mugabe.

The issue of numbers that Mugabe also disputes and that to some extent Mnangagwa seems to also have disputed is an unnecessary distraction. Even if one person had been killed, it would have been one too many, especially, given Mugabe undertook Gukurahundi to annihilate the opposition and establish a loathed one party State.

After driving our country for 37 years into ruin, Mugabe at 94 wants to take the only place all 15 million of us call home to his grave. He must never be allowed.

Gukurahundi was a genocide of unmitigated proportions and Mugabe was its architect.

In Germany, denial of the World War II Holocaust is a criminal offence.

In honour of those who lost their lives, and those whose lives are still affected by this heinous act at the hands of a power monger, Zimbabwe could do better and follow this example.

Forget Mugabe, Zimbabweans must be allowed to live lives without this war monger and dictator.

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  1. Sabc Sophie Mokokena was weak and lacked the journalistic instinct to push on the subject of Gukurahundi she allowed Mugabe to wiggle his way out of giving an honest account. Sophie like her counterparts at the ZBC are partisan. Anyway Zimbabweans know the truth, Mugabe together with the military junta have blood on their hands. From the murder of Herbert Chitepo, the years leading up to independence and the 37 year misrule of Zanu pf, is littered with thousands of tortured and murdered Zimbabweans.

    1. You sound like a person who was expecting for well established perception of what really took place when former president RG Mugabe answer the gukurahundi subject. Even if the truth was reveal as it was, you just won’t buy into it because you have well established hatred for the poor former president. That’s just wrong.

      1. Questions can be posed from different angles to prove whether Mugabe is telling the truth. Sophie did not do that. She could have asked why Mugabe signed an agreement for Gukurahundi training with North Korea a few months after assuming power in 1980, long before there were dissidents. She could have asked how the arms caches were discovered? She could have asked about the coincidence of dissidents and his then call for a ZANU one party state? She could have asked about his demand of Lord Solmes that Nkomo be restricted to his country menaing Matebeleland and he Mugabe be restricted to “my country” meaning Mashonaland in their campaigning – was that not calling for the splitting of the country on tribal lines? There are lots of questions on Gukurahundi she could have asked to prove or dispprove Mugabe’s claims. Why didn’t he arrest Nkomo? Same tactic of accusations with no arrests which he later used on Mujuru? Why did they fail to prove their cases on dissidents against Dabengwa and Masuku – the High Court acquitted them twice’ yet ZANU had ransacked ZAPU offices all over the country looking for evidence against them!

  2. Am afraid on Gukurahundi he is right. And don’t abuse the term genocide.those who started the rebellion are the main culprits..And they still have the mentality

    1. i like the way its put that the mentality is still there and again Bob did set the record straight am not sure why people continue to debate about this more so most of them youngsters when the kingpins are still around it boggles my mind, most zapu guys are also around and there know the truth and there discussed about it not over a cup of coffee this time around and common ground was reached.

  3. If dissidents are exterminated as they are cockroaches is that genocide???????On the issue of gukurahundi we should b thankful for what mugabe and his north korean trained brigade did to return the country to normalcy

    1. What is your definition of dissident? Imagine all MDC members being described as dissidents. Think with your brain not posterior. Unarmed pregnant women and children…..these are what you describe as dissidents?

      1. do not generalize this thing and the people who lost their lives during this unfortunate period, for the record most of the people and villagers who perished during this exercise were sympathisers of the dissidents and quite a number were hiding either arms or vital information of the bandits so this was not as simple as we would want to imagine.

  4. Rihhana whatever you smoking better stop it, genocide is genocide and especially on this one Mugabe and the current military junta proclaiming to be democrats are all the accused for they committed a crime against humanity, period.

  5. put Mugabe in prison to rot there with his mistress.

  6. How does anyone justify murdering 20 000 innocent civilians all in the name of hunting down a few hundred dissidents (if they were even that many)? I actually remember that there were very few notorious ones such as Gwesela & Gayigusu etc. That surely looks like genocide to me

    1. That is a total lie and those in the know how would dispute it and in any case those figures have been disputed by those who were in charge and the number 20k was an estimate by the catholic commission of justice but other day ed disputed that figure. there is no way a government would send a whole grigade to go and hunt a few rogue elements and in the process eliminate that frighful number of civilians ,this was full blown uprising by the zipra elements backed by their leaders and that is not in dispute and one wonders why there is no noise being raised against these gweselas and gaigusus for taking up arms against a democratically elected gvt and causing the death of many civilians.

  7. Comment…If one starts a fight but end up on the receiving side, can he go and report to the police? NO! Madviti had vowed not accept a svina as their ruler and started the rebillion which they lost. Lookout Masuku led the revolt which resulted in the loss of lives.

  8. Rihhana & Truthhurts are talking sense;Mugabe defended the country fr falling into complete anarchy,which would have bn dangerous & destructive for the whole nation.Plz note this not being unsympathetic to those who lost lives & relatives in the mishap.Mugabe himself admitted in his recent press statements that & I quote “Sometimes people with guns behave reckless”- a clear admittance that it was actually also out of his controll.We also agree he can take some blame but the pf zapu leaders who sent dissidents are the main culprits

    1. Very idiotic “reasoning”. Do you now what anarchy is? If I come to your house and slit your pregnant wife’s belly – thats anarchy, twat.

    2. correct

    3. I think whether Mugabe was “defending” the interests of the country or not is debatable. Bearing in mind kuti most recently had Zuma and SADC heed his call for assistance, under his usual claim of “defending” the country’s interests; then the November intervention would have not succeeded. History will show kuti the wily old fox has committed so many transgressions against individual citizens and the nation as a whole under his “defending the country’s interests” banner. And he is so arrogant and apologetic about it.

      1. *unapologetic

  9. Now all those who were taking the blame to ED for this Gukurahundi issue, can you direct your insults and cries to the boss himself Robert Gabriel. Too much blame was being put on ED in the recent past times because he has a soft approach. Now u can bark to the right tree ,he has given you his thoughts.Where is Mthwakaziand their Gukurahundi barks? You cant face RG Mugabe even in his retirement, and go for the poor ED who was under command.

  10. I think Sharia is biggest idiot ever existed to our planet earth;the scenario you mentioned has nothing to do with Mugabe.Can you ever imagine n commander-in-chief can a trooper to cut open the stomach of a pregnant woman?This is actually a war crime,the individual soldier must face in court;the soldier is only exempted fr is to shoot at a pregnant woman when he wants to shoot at dissident-it called collateral damage in a war sitution

  11. I think Sharia is biggest idiot ever existed to our planet earth;the scenario you mentioned had nothing to do with Mugabe.Can you ever imagine n commander-in-chief can send a trooper to cut open the stomach of a pregnant woman?This is actually a war crime,the individual soldier must face in court;what the soldier is only exempted fr; is to shoot at a pregnant woman when he wants to shoot at dissident-it is called collateral damage in a war situation

  12. May I take this opportunity again to advise ED not to meet with Mugabe. The goblin is not to be trusted. Even the chair he will ask you to sit in will be poisoned. Leave him alone as he has nothing to offer to the new Zimbabwe. The man is full of bitterness and the words “forgive and forget” are not in his vocabulary. Remember the death of his brother.

  13. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    There is no sense in what you guys are saying .I wonder who gave Mugabe immunity from prosecution when the constitution does not recognise such. Mnangagwa is always offside with his Mugabe thing.

  14. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Ini handiyemure zvakaiitika panguva iyi. Asi pane varume vainzi Richard Gwesela naNgwenya vanhu ava vaive divi revapanduki. Mibvunzo wangu usirikupindurwa nguvadzose pandinobvunza ndeyekti:
    1. Vapanduki ava vakaurayawo vanhu vangani?
    2. Vaive vebato ripi, uye bato iri raitungamirirwa navanaani?
    3. Ndiyani akabhomba Kombahari, imba kuAshdown Park neflat kuAvenues. Izvi zvakaitika nguva iyoyi.
    4. Zvanzi handful disidents, inumber ipi inonzi handful.
    Pakaramba pachitariskwa divi rimwe hapamire zvakanaka veduwe. Ngapatariskwe mativi ose. Chiyi chakakonzera, zvakange zvaitaseyi? 5.Munoreva here kuti disidents ahana kuuraya kana nemumwe zvake?
    6. Kana kuti vakaurawa nedisidents vaive
    nekodzero iyoyo?

  15. it was a good thing to defend the nation but killing 20000 thousand innocent souls could never be regarded as fighting against dissidents. it is because of that misguided use of security forces that one starts the doubt the existence of the dissident in the first place.

    however it is a good thing that we have the truth and reconciliation committee. it is important that we get closure as to what, why, how, when and where the happenings happened during that time especially some of us who were born after gukurahundi.

  16. It is clear from such comments that ethnic divisions still run strong in this country. Everyone perceives things from their own ivory tower. I would advise all of you to type “Bhalagwe” in your browser and read for yourself what transpired. Download also the CCJP report “Breaking the Silence”
    Only then can you make informed comments.

  17. Its important to realize that the empire dies a slow death. SA was at its peak with apartheid and the Boers did not want Mugabe allowing SA nationalist bases in Zim. So they set on disturbing the relative peace that was prevailing as a way of forestalling the chance. Primarily the Boers penetrated the Zapu lower ranks and convinced them that they hadbeen sold out by Nkomo and that they could do better by fighting Zanu so they took up arms. Mugabe armed as well and the stand off started. Because the guerilla war tactics entailed killing a whole village to flash out one sellout the method was utilized with fiendish precision by the 5th Brigade (this was not part of the regular army as it fell outside the ordinance) to flash out a couple of guerillas. No leader will enjoy running a country with a band of armed bandits in the backyard. The sponsors of armed insurrection are all now scattered to the four winds but their song is not lost as Mthwakazi has picked up the hymn book. Itsnot in doubt that the responds was not proportional to the threat Mugabe overreacted period.

  18. whatever the cases maybe, if crimes have been perpetrated against the people they must be investigated and dealt with accordingly, calling others idiots etc wont change the fact that the man who signed the execution documents of the operation was Robert Mugabe. While we may respect him but his history of brutality actually goes back to the 70s, my fellow citizens lets not set the wrong precedence in what we think should be the right approach to National healing.
    Mugabe during his many years in office has committed many crimes, notoriously the abduction of citizens who exercised their right to speak, until today many are missing. rather than him going to the press and talking lies, he must tell us what he did to those who were abducted. People of this country lets unit against leaders who abuse us in office or out of office. I don’t expect Mugabe to be arrested for his role in the destruction of our civilisation but I expect him to be brought before a tribunal which will let him take ownership of the many crimes he did such that we can move forward. As for those who think Mugabe will return as President, pls be realistic enough to admit that we are on another level now. God Bless Zimbabwe..

  19. Bill Fairbairn

    I can’t see a byline on this article. Was the writer in Zimbabwe or the former Rhodesia to know of what he writes? Bill Fairbairn, who was there.

  20. Mugabe was just after achieving personal power, very selfish and used this moment to ensure he instill against ZAPU. It is a result of this episode that Mugabe managed to achieve his personal glory for 37 years and through his selfish thinking he even further unleashed violence to opposition, Tekere and lately Save. What boggles the mind is he even wanted to establish a dynasty where he deliberately advanced his stupid who has no morals at all into presidium. The military intervention was the only way let him pack his bags. What a shame from Jonso, Patrick and Grace to advance an obvious futile game plan, NPF will die before elections, Mutinhiri is just a spend force who will regret being used by Jonso, Patrick and Grace because he has just gone into political dustbin.

  21. Comment…it takes 2 to tango.we also want to know those who where bank rolling the dissidents .what were their motives and how many pple did they kill ? l personally witnessed a prominent ZANU pf activist being killed by dissidents at mkwasha t/ship in 1984 by dissidents .

  22. Wena shona lothivi elisha shut you f..k back side you such a should burn in hell idiot

    1. what is this all about why burn in hell when those who harbored and authored this dissident menace some are already burning in hell and those shouting and propagating this subject without full facts will also suffer the same fate of getting burnt slowly, painfully and alive for supporting something which there do not have a clue about.

  23. If there is one thing ED and his grvnmt should prioritize after assuming office it was the Gukurahundi genocide. Inquiries and court cases should be opened and investigations should ensue. Gukurahundi should never be taken lightly if we realy want our country to be united.
    I assure you if this issue remains evaded you should expect a second Rwanda holocaust in our own country.
    Why is ED ignoring the issue? Was he involved? Do he realy expect to run the country smoothly whilst he is got such gruesome skeletons in clossets?
    I doubt it. Gukurahundi claimed more lives than first and second chimurenga combined and now and people are urged to go to sleep and forget about it.

  24. First l want to ask u mr mugabhaji and ED where is Itayi dzamara. If you answer me then how cn u deny that u was ivolvng in kukuraghudi nonsens


  26. Sabelo p khumalo

    Mr writer you don’t make any sense.What healing commission.where is Dumbutshena and Chihambakwe reports.did Mugabe take them to Singapore.Ed must bring those reports first

  27. Sabelo p khumalo

    Wena Elisha you just have an empty never read the Catholic commission doesn’t even say 20k people were killed.that only makes you irrelevant and whatever you say is from an uninformed idiot who is a real tribalist like Mugabe and Ed.ed must not play gud boy role.actually he was mastermind of Gukurahondi.there was never a was straight mascre. After unity accord only 122 dissidents handed themselves where were other dissidents?they were killed 20000 of them by Mugabe,Ed,Shiri and company

  28. Your articles are for when it abstluoely, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

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