Mugabe, NPF link jolts Zanu PF

THE ruling Zanu PF party has reportedly been thrown into panic mode following the emergence of a new political party, New Patriotic Front (NPF), which is believed to have strong links to former President Robert Mugabe and the G40 faction, and is aimed at chewing into President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s support base ahead of this year’s general elections.


Zanu PF’s fears were triggered by reports that NPF interim leader, Ambrose Mutinhiri met Mugabe at the former President’s house in Harare and the pair’s discussions were centred on strengthening the new party to challenge Mnangagwa’s “coup government” in the forthcoming polls.

The development jolted Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo to hastily call a Press conference yesterday where he fired potshots at Mutinhiri and Mugabe for attempting to impugn the legitimacy of Mnangagwa’s government.

“Zanu PF has noted with grave concern, attempts by certain elements of the society, including small political parties and the media, to impugn the legitimacy of the presidency of Cde ED Mnangagwa on the false premise that his ascendancy to the highest office is a consequence of a military coup,” he said.

“It could not have been a coup because if it was, then someone would have taken over, but he remained in charge, he only resigned after democratic processes of impeachment against him had been opened in Parliament.

“He was in charge of the military at the time of the intervention.”

Lately, Mugabe has not hidden his bitterness over his forced retirement in a military takeover to pave way for Mnangagwa.

Mugabe recently accused Mnangagwa of hounding him out of power through the barrel of the gun, and labelled his presidency as undemocratic.

Moyo, however, said Mnangagwa and Zanu PF were unaware of the former President’s unhappiness and complaints because he had not raised it when the two held private conversations.

“If he has any complaints, we are not aware of them, he is a seasoned politician, he could have brought it up with the incumbent because they have known each other for a very long time,” he said.

Moyo also warned that Mugabe might lose his multiple farms.

However, NPF spokesman, Jealousy Mawarire insisted that Mnangagwa had grabbed power, and denied claims Mugabe was behind the NPF project.

“[Former] President Robert Mugabe has no role in NPF except that he is free, like any other Zimbabwean, to support the party, or any other political outfit he deems fit,” he said.

“However, as NPF members and leaders, we are cognisant of the immense role he played as the founding father of our republic, therefore, we are proud to regularly drink from his deep wealth of experience in politics and national governance.”

A picture of Mugabe meeting Mutinhiri circulated online, with the former President said to have offered advice to the upstart political formation.

“I hope your NPF party will empower the youths to takeover,” Mugabe is said to have told Mutinhiri.

“Don’t oppress them; make sure they are not harassed.”

Mawarire said the NPF leader met Mugabe at the weekend to apprise “him on the launch of the party”, which is linked to the veteran leader and his wife, Grace as well as exiled former Cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere.

“The purpose of the courtesy call was to apprise President Mugabe of Cde Mutinhiri’s bold and inspiring resignation as well as to thank the President for having afforded Cde Mutinhiri a cherished opportunity to work with and under him in various national capacities,” an NPF statement said.

“Cde Mutinhiri also took the opportunity to inform President Mugabe of the formation of the NPF by a cross section of Zimbabweans including but not limited to Zanu PF members, who are outraged by the unconstitutional and humiliating manner in which President Mugabe was criminally ousted from the leadership of both Zanu PF and the country by really criminals (sic), who have shamelessly damaged Zimbabwe’s fledgling constitutional democracy and dented the professional reputation of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“On the prospects of NPF, Cde Mutinhiri told President Mugabe that following extensive consultations that have been going on since November 19, 2017, he can say with absolute certainty that out of every three Zanu PF members; at least two are solid NPF, while the remainder are still hedging their bets, waiting to see where the wind is blowing.”

At the meeting, Mugabe was reported to have said: “Everyone should fight to ensure that people are free to belong to parties of their choice and that there is no interference by the army or those that would want to resort to violence as a means of getting votes.

“I know they will be harassed and some arrested, but empower them mentally to fight for what is right.”

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  1. brighton Maposa

    Comment…kutanga rinhi Mugabe achiziva kuti vanhu vanemarigts.Hamba kaMugabe!

    1. You are insane Khaya Moyo.. Its a fact that President Mugabe was removed unconstitutionally in that military coup.. Mnangagwa is illegitimate..
      Moreover ED can never win against Chamisa in a free and fair election..

      1. ….Moreover ED can never win against Chamisa in a free and fair election…Then prepare for disappointment coz your candidate will lose fair and square.

      2. ED is going to wallop Chamisa,watch the space.

      3. Get ready for anothet smackdown, free and fair or not

      4. Norman Mhonda


  2. I respect Ambrose Mutinhiri as one of the prominent soldiers of the liberation war. I also respect his decision to resign from Zanu PF and Parliament. However, his reasons for resigning really add up to nothing. He was part of a government where a president’s wife was making executive decisions. He did not protest about Grace announcing changes in government before the then president would make that official. It was evident that Mugabe was now taking instructions from an Grace, and when the president begins to take instructions from an individual, it’s called a coup. At that point, Mutinhiri should have resigned in protest, or should have assisted the people and the army to remove the coup leaders from Mugabe. We did that without Mutinhiri, so the people and the army are the heroes for thwarting the coup that had been engineered by Grace, Moyo, Chombo and Kasukuwere. Mutinhiri was the villain, because being a well trained soldier, he was cheering the G40 coup plotters instead of fighting them.

  3. Mutinhiri being used, it is unfortunate. Grace, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwawo think Zimbabweans are fools. They still think the youths who were being forced to attend their interface rallies will vote for them. There are better alternatives already.

    1. Thumbs up Cde Mutinhiri !! Our President Mugabe has massive grassroots support especially in rural areas even to this very day !!
      We shall never vote for an unelectable coup leader named Ngwena !!

  4. Vana Ambrose!! First it was Frolizi; now it’s New Patriotic Front which, just like the former, is a Zezuru-fronted outfit! Always taking imprudent decisions Kufurirwa muchinyanya mukoma. By the way, I’m a muZezuru wekwaSeke, kuDema uko to be more specific and guess what? ED has my patriotic vote! You and Bob can go hang!! Out of the 21 farms owned by the Matibilis, 20 must be expropriated without compensation. The family should be allowed to keep only one down-sized farm. Grace must also stop verbally abusing the old man forthwith.

    1. Thumbs up Cde Mutinhiri !! President Mugabe has massive support esp in rural areas even to this very day !!
      We shall never vote for an unelectable illegal coup leader named Croc !!

    2. i guess kwenyu kudema uko, its very developed to a world class and in your home u are eating patriotism. u are so naive that u choose patriotism at the expense of development, thats why we are in such a mess as a nation, because of stupid people like u. seke rd from the Unit O is in a sorry state and u proudly declare that ED has my vote. U are indeed an EDiot. If u have guts to reply this tell me which part of dema are u, u moron.

  5. OOH you are now saying the truth that you have been hiding for years whilst the entire masses are scrambling to have foot on the table. Why are you ZANU PF and supporters very evil?

  6. Mutinhiri has always been a sell-out. He was used by Mugabe to spy on Nkomo while he was in ZIPRA.

  7. Mawarire u are brainless i used to respect you thinking you represent people`s rights, a few months back you were supporting the ouster of Mugabe now you are saying he was removed illegitemately

    1. It is a public secret that ED is illegitimate and unelectable afterall…

  8. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ED must use POSA and AIPA zvakanyanya on this party Mugabe must feel what he was doing to other opposition,,,,,,, chimbovasiyai pavanoita musangano movadira Mvura inovava zvaakaita ma warvets zviya

  9. Shame on Mugabe and his henchmen, where have the degrees in violence gone to Mr Former president? Now you know violence is not good? You made your bed so lye in it, Nxaaa!!

  10. This is a Grace show

  11. Pamberi na President Mugabe !! Some of us in urban areas & the majority in rural areas support you and will always do !!
    Pasi nema coup leaders !!

    1. Pamberi

  12. Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza

    Zvatosvorana gonzo nachin’ai!Hanya nani as long as the Zanu PF vote is going to be split hahaha!


  14. NPF have got NO Chance in the forthcoming elections as long as they side with Mugabe. Mugabe must lose all his farms and assets, we dont want to hear the name Mugabe ever again in our new Zimbabwe. He must face the water cannons and tear gas the minute he walks into the streets with his New Party just like he did when he was in power. Yes Mugabe you ARE a Dictator !! WE fully support ED in what he did to get rid of the rubbish that destroyed Zimbabwe

  15. Chisingapere chinoshura Mugabe wekumborambira pachigaro a opposition!

  16. Mugabe and ED should both rest themselves from politics. ED is abusing state machinery in the issue of being supported by the military. Army is for the people not for any political party. At the end this a struggle within struggle

    1. hamusikuziva kuti magunners haasikuda zvese zvamuri kufunga izvo ED akasahwina masoja haabvume kutungairirwa nemumwe munhu futi nekuti iye simbarake riri pama Gunners ipapo amwe anhu ese kupedza nguva kwavari kuita

  17. Ngwena /Chiwenga ndizvo

  18. chematsenganzungu

    This is grace’s project mutinhiri ipuppet yagrace to hell with them…havalume chunhu dai asina kumbogara aenda kunafake dr grace zvake ndopafira tsoro yake ipapo.

  19. Zvakunakidza. Govanai mavotes kuZANU kwenyu ikoko coz you are old fashioned

  20. i support Mugabe because he wants to destroy the monster he created,Any right minded person will see that mugabe is back to the peoples side

  21. Mnangagwa is an acting president though its not mentioned on his title but he is. he got into office as a privileged as a right, people were desperate thats why they attended the march. Mugabe might have made mistakes as a president but Mnangagwa and his people they need to be aware of today’s youth who are willing to protect Mugabe’s legacy. i could easily forget Mnangagwa but Mugabe it’s impossible.


  23. tendai chaminuka

    Vamwe vanhu so, nhai vaKhaya Moyo imbwa ikahukura munohukurawo here or you pay attention to what has caused it to vuuuukura.Bob said “I hope your NPF party will empower the youths to takeover,“Don’t oppress them; make sure they are not harassed.”Listen to the youths and nurture them.Ask yourself why everyone who is in your Provincial structures wants to be a Member of Parliament.It reflects power hungry personnel who are not there to build the party but to abuse their positions.ED should just bar these people from contesting parliamentary seats


    1. we are tired of Zanu PF

  25. He is actually not a real crocodile, he is a 75 year old nice guy.

  26. Mr Mugabe you are aged 94 and what advice can you give which you failed to give in the 37 years you were in power. It is well known in Zimbabwe and the world over that the 37 years you were in power were the most violent subjected to Zimbabweans through mass murders like Gukurahundi, Murder and torture of political activists, destroying properties for opposition leaders and supporters, denying property rights to minority groups and opposition supporters denying people freedom of expression and affiliation, stealing elections in broad daylight, dis-empowering minority groups while empowering your hangers-on, denying your citizens access to their hard earned cash, leading the country to unprecedented inflation in the history of mankind, mass exodus of Zimbabweans to other countries to undertake menial jobs in order for families to survive, record unemployment, record poverty, record food shortages, dilapidated health and infrastructure services in fact Mr Mugabe you dilapidated everything in Zimbabwe. The Mutinhiries, Jonathan Moyos, Patrick Zhuwawos, Saviour Kasukuweres, Ignatious Chombos, Kudzanayi Chipangas, and the rest of the G40s are nothing but bitter because they no longer enjoy the packs which came as a result of your being president of the Republic. Mr ex-president keep your advice Zimbabweans have opened a new chapter which unfortunately you are out of the equation. Your reign brought more damage than good. ASANTE SANA.

  27. A rebels’ party in the pipeline? Its everyone’s democratic right to form and /or join a party of their choice but some of them need thorough scrutiny as they may take a rebellious angle. Following Mugabe’s expulsion from power and the ‘remorseful’ events that hit his cronies, it’s a high time to scrutinize retaliatory politics disguised an exercise of democratic rights.

  28. I stand to be guided guys,is this the same Jealousy who was once ZPF spokesperson then NPP spokesperson and now NPF spokesperson????Uuuuum if he is the same then we have a political prostitute of the century hahahahaha

  29. I don’t understand this Jealousy Mawarire guy…yesterday he was the same guy who disrupted the electoral process by suing the GNU to call for elections. The next thing we hear he is Mai Mujuru’s spokesperson; just after a few months he is ousted from the party through a physical confrontation. Now we hear he is spokesperson for the NPF, and at the same time he is an ‘elder’ at Makandiwa’s church. Not only that…the guy has been a disgrace wherever he worked, purportedly as a journalist. My only word to the guy is…please stick to one thing, we know who is behind you! Watching from the sidelines!

  30. zacks mudzimirema

    Mutinhiri failled us as an MP kwaChihota how is he able to lead the country useless fool

  31. Mugabe will split the Zanu PF vote, and ED will be third in the first round of Presidential Elections 2018. As a result he will not contest in the run-off.

    ED will be out by August 2018!

  32. I truly admire Mugabe as a human being, I cant believe that at the ripe old age of 94 the guy is still able to attempt a political come back of some sort, at least enough to cause zanupf to pee in their pants with fear

  33. fikile malema

    “He was in charge of the military at the time of the intervention.” Khaya Moyo

    Surely it will take a whole old man like SK to lie and try to spin this, a coup is a coup and l do understand you, shame are you not the same SK who read the letter to fire ED, shame on you. Anyway, Pamberimberi na Mutinhiri, even if you will be paid to spin it the way you like, Mutinhiri igamba chairo even masoja, anaValerio, Chiwenga, Solomon Mujuru, they know he was their master and chief of staff in the Liberation struggle, spin it the way it will suit your coup, takutomanya nays isu pamperi neNPF MUCHIDA MUSINGADI, ED is unelectable…….achava president were 7 months……

  34. Were is the call to shun corruption mr Moyo and ED if you are protection Mugabe’s multiple farms knowingly. Did he acquire them legitimately, if so why threatening him that he may lose them.
    I still don’t understand.

  35. NPF kupedza nguva, it’s now ED or Chamisa…i advise ma chancers ese kuti join this party kuti muwane mari after that moisa vote pana Chamisa na ED, kutaura chokwadi Mugabe anomakisa ku supporter. He had his tym and now he is very irrelevant ,thank you soldiers ,Lacoste and the Mdc for removing Mugabe….Anyone who support Robert is devoid of a progressive mind.

  36. how many farms is this EDiot the coup leader is also owning.

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