MP’s son shooters trial date set

HARARE magistrate, Tilda Mazhande has set April 9, as the trial date for two Chinese nationals, Luo Tin Gpen, Li Yize and their alleged local accomplice, Gamuchirai Nigel Zuze, who allegedly shot Hurungwe West legislator, Keith Guzah’s son, Kevin and his friend, after they mistook them for armed robbers.


Tin Gpen, Yize (27) and Zuze (23), who are facing an attempted murder charge were advised of their trial date yesterday.

Allegations are that on February 19 this year, the complainant, Guzah, was driving along Lincoln Road, Belgravia, with the second complainant, Kudzai Nduku.

The State alleges as Guzah and Nduku approached number 17 Lincoln Road, they heard a gunshot and immediately made a U-turn and drove towards a nearby service station with the suspects in hot pursuit.

Guzah allegedly lost control of his vehicle and rammed into a pump before one of the suspects shot Nduku, who was in the passenger’s seat and assaulted her with a gun butt on the head.

Guzah allegedly jumped out of the vehicle and fell into a trench, as he tried to flee the scene.

The accused allegedly rushed to the trench, where they shot Guzah in the pelvis and right leg, before bundling him into the boot of their vehicle and taking him to a police station, as Nduku remained behind writhing in agony.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.

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