MP’s son, pal claim $822 000 over shooting

ZANU PF Hurungwe West MP Keith Guzah’s son, Kevin, has approached the High Court seeking over $800 000 compensation from Chinese nationals who allegedly shot him together with his girlfriend at Belgravia shopping centre in the capital in a case of mistaken identity.


Guzah and one Kudzai Nduku filed the litigation on March 20, 2018 citing Luo Tingpen, Li Yize, Gamuchirai Nigel Zuze, Jinglong Security Company (Pvt) Ltd and Ming Chang Sino Africa (Pvt) Ltd as co-respondents.

“On or about February 19, 2018 and at Belgravia shopping centre, plaintiffs (Guzah and Nduku) were mercilessly shot and assaulted by first (Tingpen), second (Yize) and third (Zuze) defendants using firearms belonging to fourth defendant (Jinglong Security Company) during the course and scope of their employment to fifth defendant (Ming Chang Sino Africa),” the two said in their declaration.

“Plaintiffs sustained severe injuries, with the possibility of permanent injury and/or disability being highly likely. Medical evidence concluded that these injuries were serious and that plaintiffs may suffer permanent deformity as a result thereof.”

According to court papers following the shooting, Kevin and Nduku were hospitalised at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and were later discharged without having received full medical attention due to lack of money.

“Plaintiffs also experienced untold pain and suffering both physically and mentally as they were kept in confinement and under close monitoring by hospital staff. Plaintiffs suffered shock and trauma as a result of this horrific incident, which continues to affect them. Plaintiffs are in urgent need of medical attention and will require future medical attention as well,” the co-applicants said.

The two further said they were also claiming a substantial amount of cash for repairing their vehicle, which was “badly damaged” during the shooting and needed extensive repairs.

“Consequently, plaintiffs, as a result of the merciless shooting and assault, suffered untold pain and suffering, disfigurement, shock and trauma, loss of amenities to life and therefore claim for damages and payment of current and future medical expenses . . .” they

Guzah said he was claiming $11 570 for special medical expenses, $3 639,75 for repairing the damaged car, $50 000 for disfigurement, $300 000 for shock, trauma, pain and suffering and $70 000 for loss of amenities.

Nduku said she was demanding $266 325 for medical expenses, $80 000 for disfigurement, $250 000 for pain and suffering and $72 000 for loss of amenities.

All the cited respondents are yet to file appearance to defend.

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