Moyo, Kasukuwere escape details out

In this file picture, former President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, converse at a rally last year. Mugabe on Thursday alleged that Grace had helped Kasukuwere and Moyo escape during the military intervention in November last year

FORMER President Robert Mugabe has for the first time narrated in intricate detail the events of last November, when the soldiers rolled out tanks into the streets eventually leading to his ouster, revealing how his former ministers, Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere escaped from their homes after being cornered by a military personnel.

By Aaron Ufumeli

In his first interview, Mugabe yesterday said the two sent an SOS to his wife, Grace claiming that they were under siege.

“Volleys of bullets were being fired at their houses and the cry came ‘please, please’ and it was my wife ‘please mama, save us’, I wasn’t there,” he said animatedly.

Mugabe said Grace then organised some of her security details and told them to go and save Kasukuwere and Moyo.

“She said go, go and save them. Whatever happens to you I don’t know, you may die on the way, but go,” he said.

“And she put together the cars and the persons that she had. I wasn’t here and so they were brought to our house, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere and their families.”

Mugabe claimed that more than 50 soldiers besieged Kasukuwere’s house, where Moyo and his family had also sought refuge after the soldiers rolled out the tanks, a development that eventually led to Mugabe’s ouster.

He, however, said the bullets did not go through the “shatter glass” at Kasukuwere’s house.

Kasukuwere then called Grace, telling her that they were under siege and that was when the former First Lady sent her security detail to rescue them.

When the soldiers saw the two vehicles approaching, they left the place and that was how they were rescued.

The two families were then taken to Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion, with the former President saying his ministers’ children were literally naked when they were brought to his house.
Mugabe added that Grace risked her security officials to rescue Kasukuwere and Moyo’s families on “humanitarian grounds” because their children were defenceless.
When they arrived, Grace told the two ministers to flee immediately and she facilitated their escape.

Adding to what her husband was saying, Grace alleged that one or two of her security officials were killed as the soldiers tried to prevent the two former ministers from escaping.

In an interview earlier this year, Moyo said he had been saved by “angels”, but declined to go into detail.

Mugabe said the two ministers then managed to escape, but he did not go into detail about how they left and where they went to.

Earlier, Mugabe said former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo called him informing him about the tanks on the streets.

He said when they enquired with the army they were told that the vehicles were on their way to Mutare.

Later, he said he was shocked that the same tanks, which he described as “I am told ancient ones”, were the ones that were all over Harare.

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  1. Comment…Dai wange wakangwara as u want to potray waizobatwa kunge huku here


      Commander in Chief who does not know that we had brand new Tanks in the Military that’s why they forced you to resign because you were a security threat our country was at other countries mercey

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      Thank you

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  3. One or two security details died????? You’re not sure of the number yet they were your security details????

    1. Weston Mugocha

      Sounds like alie from the Ex-President. So how can we believe the whole story. Oooh, so it’s true that they hid in Blueroof ceiling before they were negotiated out. Real soldiers on a mission running away from security guards send by Gucci? Sure? This story is glaringly lacking merit.

    2. Weston Mugocha

      Sounds like a lie from the Ex-President. So how can we believe the whole story. Oooh, so it’s true that they hid in Blueroof ceiling before they were negotiated out. Real soldiers on a mission running away from security guards send by Gucci? Sure? This story is glaringly lacking merit.

  4. Typical. You send other people to be killed. Why didn’t Grace accompany her security details to save those two.

  5. kamdhara kakadyaidzwa

  6. Matebele Warrior

    Oooh thats a coup

  7. What a sad & tragic end for Tyson the fake thug, always used to brag he was untouchable yet in the end had to hide inside Grace’s skirt for dear life

  8. Call it whatever coup or not, I marched in November to have this clown off our presidential seat! They should be thanking the army who blocked us on our way to blue roof to tear it apart. Now the gloves are off, bring it on and we will show you how bitter we are of our 37 years wasted. Why SABC now. stupid stuupid!

  9. marumbeni katawara

    the writting is on the wall1

  10. KKKK Tyson under Grace’s dress yet he once claimed to be a political animal…shame Typhoid Katsukukuviri

  11. So now that Mugabe has spoken will it change anything? I think this is the opportune time that the UN comes in and supervise this year’s plebcite so that for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans are given the opportunity to choose a leader of their choice. And whoever wins will carry the day. Zvekunyepera kuti as Zimbabweans without the help of the international world we will be able to manage our economy ndozviroto chaizvo.

  12. This old man should just shut up, because for 37 years Zimbabwe had no progress.
    Kutaura kwemunhu arikurwadziwa, no one wants him because many people suffered and some had their families broken up when some went into dispora.

  13. Please former oppresser respect us please. You abused us for a long time what ever happened to you its non of our business becuase its politices.Jonso and Tyson we very stupid

  14. Mugabage you are lucky the Army saved you and Disgrace. We were coming to that stupid Blue Roof to give you the same treatment Kadafi got. You are a stupid Dictator. You say members of the CIO were beaten and torchered during our Freedom Day, what did they do to us all these years you stupid fool !!.
    ED take EVERYTHING from Mugarbage and make the Blue Roof the Presidential residence the same as the White House in USA. ED DO NOT entertain any talks with the old Dictator it will ruin your chance of winning the elections. We do not want to see or hear from Mugarbage again !

  15. EDiot Mnangangwa

    Comment…@uncle real u marched in November what has changed in yo life ,u say sabc is stupid bt they don’t gave cash crisis like yo junta gvt

    1. Cant you see how the mighty have fallen? Wicknell in parliament? Chihuri out and no more thieving police on the roads. We dont have transport shortages anymore.

      Thieves have fled and the ones remaining are being tried.

      You really arent that blind, are you?

      1. you can say that again, shocked to see that the cement price have dropped to below $10. I am very optimistic the new admin will bring about the desired changes to our economy

    2. Iwe uri musuri wemunhu asi waisvirwa kumhata neg40

  16. they need compensation . Grace should know kuti upenyu hwe those security man is just as important as Jonathan’s or Kasukuvere. All this was not called for how can sacrifice so many lives for one

  17. Avo vaviri avo imbahva (Saviuos and Jonathan), they are accountable for every loss in Zim

  18. kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  19. Our children are all over this world because of his stupid leadership.
    The geriatric should just zip up his stupid mouth and concentrate to his stupid little wife. He has messed up this once beautiful country, we are poor in every respect, close to 40 years of suffering, he can go hang bratifuru.

  20. I personally marched in November with other Zimbabweans and we got rid of the dictator. Zvimwe zvotevera totangira ipapo

  21. That was the first step towards a dream Zimbabwe.Come election time, we shall finish off this animal called ZANU PF.

  22. they should have been killed those 2 idiots

  23. Its sour grapes now for Bob but let him continue saying some soon he will reveal how he used to rig the election and all the corruption that is zanupf wouldnt that be nice…the world is watching. Remember his $15b tweet…that MCDT won 2008 elections by 74%

  24. mafirakureva Cheme special Ganda Gobvu

    kana uchitamba ne banga uchafa nebanga.

    hondo inopera nehondo

  25. ibvapa fokoro…wakatozvipa pension ye$15 Billion kudhara chaurichiri kuda ipapa chii….Iwe Mugabe ka…

  26. Gushungo, taura zvaunoda hako. Kana undunya ita. Tukirira sitereki. Asi DisGrace achasara achibhadhara manje-manje. She will pay big time. Mark my words. Kamudhara kekupi kanoita kunge chikwambo chisigadi kuenda kana kunyarara!!!!

  27. Vote Neeo

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