Mnangagwa’s tie fetches R177,768 at auction

A businessman on Thursday snapped up Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s red neck tie for US$15‚000 (R177,768) at an auction in Victoria Falls.


Tafadzwa Musarara‚ the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairman‚ beat other bids with the closest being US$10‚000 by Bernard Chiondegwa‚ a construction company executive‚ during the ongoing Chief Executive Officers Africa Roundtable at Zimbabwe’s leading resort destination.

“The money will be donated to Victoria Falls Hospital‚” said the master of ceremonies.

Bids started at US$1‚000.

Mnangagwa opened the roundtable meeting that brings together close to 200 international and local business leaders from public and private sectors.

Since coming into power through military assistance‚ Mnangagwa has been preaching “Zimbabwe is open for business” as he tries to restore investor confidence in the country.

Earlier this week‚ South Africa’s NKC African Economics – an investment analyst firm – said the end of president Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule in Zimbabwe has improved the country’s creditworthiness.

But there have been mixed views about Mnangagwa’s first 100 days in office.

His rival‚ Nelson Chamisa of the MDC T‚ said it has been a “100 days of sorts”.

“In as far as we are concerned‚ the 100 days so far have been 100 days of disappointment‚ a 100 days of misses‚ 100 days of under performance and 100 days of failure to deliver‚” he told journalists.

One of Mnangagwa’s key rallying points has been re engagement with the West.

“He has granted interviews with leading international news media and rubbed shoulders with the who’s who in global economics at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January.

Appearing before parliament‚ foreign affairs minister‚ retired lieutenant-general Sibusiso Moyo‚ on Wednesday revealed that Harare was engaged in negotiations regarding Zimbabwe’s readmission to the Commonwealth.

“The process at the moment is that there are necessary processes and consultations taking place‚ which should inform the Executive‚ so that the process of rejoining the Commonwealth can be undertaken‚” he said.

However‚ buy-in from the West will be determined by how the general elections due later this year go in terms of being free and fair.


  1. Chamisa should be ashamed of himself to be saying that ED’s 100 days were fruitless. If he starts lying now what more if he takes up the Head of State position? Some things are very clear and they do not need politicking.

  2. Comment…what exactly did people expect in 100 days? unless they hate ED, he has done his best.


  3. Chamisa should no just say Mnangangwa has done nothing. He should commend the little that he has done but demand more.If he keeps on saying nothing has changed that’s playing bad politics.People aren’t daft. It’s not about people being in power. It’s about a country moving on.Chamisa .Do you tell me everything is the same as when Mugabe was there?

  4. His ascendancy to power was is no doubt a welcome development given the fact that his predecessor had run down the economy with the criminal elements that were surrounding him. Obviously from the euphoria of removing the detector expectations were high and building an economy that was was on a downward spiral for over 2 decades requires not only time and patients but most importantly patriotic citizens not opposing elements like that ill advised Chamisa.

    We need to rally behind the policies that are being churned by the new dispensation for a better Zimbabwe……together we restore Zimbabwe to its divine destiny

    God bless the leadership of Zimbabwe and its citizenry at large

  5. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…I can see change I can drive my car without fear of g40 oriented police SA is 24years into democracy with the 5th or 4th if u like but people still leave in it or not change won’t come in 100 days guys. wake-up and smell the coffee.

  6. Comment..duzvi.

  7. josphat mugadzaweta


  8. Handisi kuziva hangu anonymous kuti duzvi nderipi apa .Ndatarisa ndikaona kuti ndiChamisa chete.iwe what were u expecting in a country after 100 days.

  9. Comment…ED is better than Bob bt can still improve

  10. ini hangu i dont hve support on chamisa because anonyepa too much, haangati pa100 days hapana chaitwa iwo maroads akutopera kugadzirwa, ma industries arikutovhura, Chamisa is not a leader material, he is a power hungry, and he will never rule this country, ane dzungu imbavha, ndiwo vanhu vangu vanozorambira pachigaro ivavo, lets give ED chance and see kuti anogumira papi, but ED haana dzungu i like him akadzima, he is not someone who rush actions like Mugabe or Chamisa

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