Mnangagwa retires Mariyawanda Nzuwah

CIVIL Service Commission (CSC) chairman, Mariyawanda Nzuwah has reportedly been retired after reaching the pensionable age of 65, NewsDay can reveal.
Nzuwah was served with his retirement letter from the Office of the President last Friday and immediately replaced by his deputy, Mary Margaret Muchada in an acting capacity.


Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba yesterday declined to comment on the issue and referred questions to chief secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, who was not reachable.

“I am not aware, and in any case, I cannot comment about my employer,” Charamba said.

Nzuwah has been CSC chief for the past 26 years after taking over from Malcolm Thompson in 1992.

Sources told NewsDay that Nzuwah reported for work on Monday and Tuesday despite being served with the retirement letter last Friday.

Although Nzuwah could not be reached for comment, a senior government official, who requested anonymity confirmed the development, which he said marked the beginning of a larger effort promised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to clear the civil service of workers above retirement age. Ads

Nzuwah was among a group of top civil servants, who negotiated former President Robert Mugabe’s exit last November following a military intervention.


  1. is Tobaiwa not above 65??

  2. Nzuwah has been CSC chief for the past 16 years after taking over from Malcolm Thompson in 1992.

    1. kkkkkk arithmetic dzaramba kubuda


      HANZI 26 YEARS

      1. they have edited. they initially said 16 years

    3. A case of selective amnesia for you. Please read again.

    4. 26 not 16

    5. Unopenga here verenga zvakanaka

    6. wakagumira grade 1 maths asi shuwa shuwa kutadza simple mathematics hmmmm shewe dzokerai ku xul kkkkk 2018-1992=26 2008-1992=2008

    7. Please read carefully. Don’t read looking for areas to criticise negatively.

  3. What about his cabinet, 80% are over 65 years of age?

  4. zvinhu zvinofadza chaizvo asi ko vatobaiwa mudede vachasvitsa 65yrs rinhi

    1. He is next (Tobaiwa Mudede).

      Cabinet Ministerial Position is not a profession, its just a nomination saka Zera harisviki, ichurh yepanze haizari. KKKKKKKKKKKKK

  5. Mudede is 75 years old

    1. I think Mudede created himself a birth certificate that shows he is 56!

  6. What about him , he is 75 years or he has started to rig his age , don’t forget that says ‘ don’t throw stones to the glass house while you also live in the glass house .

  7. Zimbabweans have lost a whole 20 years of their lives and even now, nothing much has improved. it actually means to be fair, we must take 20 years off present ages to allow people to make up for lost time. so people at 65 are effectively 45 and must be allowed to work for another 20 years in order to make up for lost time. those that opt for early retirement voluntarily are allowed to retire if they so wish but we cannot be that callous and cruel and force people to retire into poverty after having lost a whole 20 years of their productive time due to the economic melt down that happened in those twenty years, a matter out of most people’s in view of this fact, this whole retirement issue must be reviewed very carefully with a view to giving equity to everybody. blanket retirement without recourse to genuine circumstances is cruel.

    1. Probably you are one of those who have reached 65 years and you think you are still 45. What about those who have graduated 10 – 15 years ago who are not employed, where will they get employed. You should consider yourself lucky to have been employed. Now get retired and allow the younger generations to get employed as well. If you don’t want to retire start your own business

    2. That is being selfish my friend. There are a lot of people that need to retire and pave way for young graduates. Anyone that is 65 and above should go home. vechidiki ngavawanewo mabasa. Vamwe vemadhara iwaya vanemapurazi nedzimba all over town. voramba vachingotorera vasina mabasa. UNOPENGA UNOPENGA

  8. Politics led over the gun until the gun realised it was being rigged now the gun leads politics so as to correct lost time.Casino economics the problem is education zimbabweans are too educated but the world’s best fools

  9. Politics led over the gun until the gun realised it was being rigged now the gun leads politics so as to correct lost time.Casino economics the problem is education zimbabweans are too educated but the world’s best fools

  10. Ko Mudede who is 10 years beyond retirement. It should be standard procedure kuti 65 years dzikasvika you retire.



  12. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Nzuwah must be in his 80s, not 65. Mudede must be in his late 70s Don’t look at their birth certificates. Kkkkki.I hope the President will go further and ensure soldiers, police officers retire in their mid-fifties. Tipwewo vadiki basa.Most senior officers have farms or plots to work on. Nzuwah ane farm just after Bindura going to Mt Darwin. But hew will need a young farm manager. Kkkkkkkkkki. I retired from my private sector executive job at 65. By then I had become a successful A1 farmer in Goromonzi district. I well known for growing maize, soya and sugar beans. I will retire from my plot before I reach 94 years. Kkkkkkki.

  13. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Institutions like the Civil Service Commission should not allow an individual to be at the helm for over a decade.A person ends up turning it into his or her personal fiefdom.That’s why corruption ends up being the order of the day.This should also extend to parastatals like Zesa,Telone,NetOne,NRZ or goodness the list is infinite.Reward Kangai had overstayed his welcome and ended up leaving that organisation in an unceremonious fashion.

  14. nice move this man was too old bumped into him other day and even his farm just outside Bindura which used to be a thriving and a marvel before he seized from a certain white guy is now resembling a deserted piece of land

  15. A bunch of VERY idle minds that are obsessed with trivia.

  16. Mariyawanda is above 65 years he 81 years old

  17. I know him very well he must go

  18. This Nzuwa guy presided over our meagre salaries in the name of gazetted pricing in 2006-2008. He has multiple farms considering the fact that his white wife and her family were allowed to keep their farms amidst the chaotic land reform program. He can start from somewhere plus he is set to receive a hefty pension, i’m surprised you are feeling pity for him……….

  19. Comment…mudede iGona re zanu

  20. Tobaiwa and Mpofu must go pliz

  21. He belongs to G40 that’s why he was retired hahahaha

  22. Yah he wrote a letter to RBZ Instructing them to pay kamudhara aka cash horrible isn’t it

  23. editorial team please edit your stories before publishing.

  24. Ko Garwe rine mangani.
    Icho. Pasi nemhanduuuuu

  25. Ngavatisiirewo mabasa weduwe

  26. Dr Mbengeranwa retired from City of Harare some 17 years upon attaining the age of 65 years.
    He is still the Executive Chairman of the Medical Board. He should also be retired.

  27. Bvuma Bvuma Iwe Ndinokumbirakurarama

    Comment…Dzakateya, kuti dzinzwe. Uye, akavhurika kuti agorava. Zviuya zvirimberi.

  28. Comment…tinoda kuona vanofara tigova bvunza chavanosarira.

  29. Comment…let the young people do the work for us.

  30. Nzuwah was among a group of top civil servants, who negotiated former President Robert Mugabe’s exit last November following a military intervention.Its possible that he was at the wrong side of the table. That’s why he is being retired at 65 by someone who is 75

  31. He admits he is 81 years!

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