Mnangagwa pledges to remove traffic blockade at State House

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has pledged to remove the 6pm to 6am traffic blockade that had become a permanent feature along the main road that passes through State House in Harare since Independence in 1980.


Addressing journalists in Victoria Falls yesterday, Mnangagwa, however, said soldiers guarding State House and its environs would remain on site for security reasons.

“The arrangement to put soldiers to block that road started in the 80s. There were some people who due to their proximity to the road fired some rockets into one of the residences so that informed the decision to beef up security there. Soldiers will remain there and cars will start passing through that road any time of the day, so there is no longer any need to put those spikes considering there would be soldiers at State House. So, the 6pm to 6am blockade will be removed.”

The curfew was introduced during the era of former President Robert Mugabe, who stepped down last November following a military intervention.


  1. Progressive Zimbabwean

    But Kombi drivers must respect road rules when the approach state house at least. The way the break road rules right in front of state house is a clear sign of disrespect and must be stopped. At least start with state house and follow them up throughout Harare and the rest of the country. Their driving is so bad and must be condemned.

  2. Chemical Solution

    Koodos to ED for that insight

  3. Rather a piecemeal offering. No one really cares about that. Would really appreciate it if queues at banks were removed first.

    1. I cannot agree with you more!! This doesnt affect my life. Repair the roads. how about that.

  4. A benefit mainly to those who do business in Borrowdale.But we expect much more to be done on the issue of cash problems.

  5. This affects all residents from Hatcliff, Domboshawa, Borrowdale right up to Alex Park.
    This has long been a big unnecessary inconvenience. Give credit where it is due.
    Well done ED. But much more needed to get my vote.

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