Mnangagwa lampoons Mugabe

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has lampooned his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, saying old age was taking a toll on him, causing him to make conflicting and incoherent utterances.


Mnangagwa made the remarks in Rwanda early this week responding to delegates attending the extra-ordinary African Union summit, who wanted to know if he was not worried about Mugabe’s recent outbursts and claims by opposition MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa that the former President would back the opposition in this year’s general elections.

“He (Mugabe) is now 94 and he may not remember that he did not cast his vote for me if you ask him today,” Mnangagwa told his audience.

“He is our founding father and we will not bother about those things because we know if you ask him again, he will tell you ‘No, no, no! I will always vote ED (Mnangagwa).”

Mnangagwa said he was unfazed by reports that his former boss had promised to support an opposition party formed by remnants of the Zanu PF faction, known as G40.

Mugabe recently broke his silence since he was forced out of power in dramatic events in November last year, describing Mnangagwa as an illegal leader who needed his help to return the country to constitutionalism.

Mnangagwa swept to power last November on the back of a military intervention that forced Mugabe into resigning after a series of events that included an impeachment that was stopped mid-way.

In January this year, Mnangagwa claimed Mugabe had professed ignorance of his [Mnangagwa] sacking from government as the internal power struggle in Zanu PF threatened to tear the country apart.

Following his sacking, Mnangagwa slipped out of the country into South Africa “fearing for his life” and after taking over, he recounted a conversation with Mugabe on the phone while on a visit to Mozambique.

“So while I was in South Africa, the President (Mugabe) called me and said: ‘Emmerson. Where are you?’ ‘In South Africa’. What are you doing there? ‘You fired me . . . you fired me last week’. He said he was not aware he had fired me and I needed to come back home so we could resolve issues,” Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa last week hit back, telling Mugabe, “Zimbabwe has moved on” and the new government was focused on resuscitating the economy than politicking.


  1. Unfortunately Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s tea boy for far too long & is failing to realise fast enough that the tables have turned around & he’s now the boss. His respect of Bob & softaz approach seems more out of real fear of the old man than anything else. Mugabe is just the stubborn kind of guy you must give a ‘Roman Reigns’ style sucker punch & leave for dead otherwise will keep haunting you till you die first

  2. When did President Ed make this startling discovery because members of the opposition have been saying this for the past 10 years or so,that Mugabe was now old and deserved to retire yet most zanu pf members had already endorsed him as their candidate for 2018.Even he Mnangagwa sang this same song before he was fired.

  3. These guys are very selfish. All they want is power not to advance the cause of the majority. I will not vote for ED because their sense of judgement is very poor. Busy implementing what the position saw 18 years ago. This nation could have moved on a long time ago.

    1. good one

    2. True even about indignesation polcy, ease of doing business and so forth,, these are not new things to hear. Yet Zanu takes decades to realise something, I still remember last year in February a court declared RG fit to run the country, and a few months down the line they are crying that he is old.

  4. And why is the editor wasting words saying a “military intervention” that was coup, is that so difficult to see or let alone write.

  5. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Vote ED at your own risk

    1. Richmond Mbada



    AT THE END OFF THE DAY YOU NEED SALARY vana vembwa hava svunuri musi umwe

  7. Coup,coup, COUP it was a COUP , period.

    1. Coup or no coup, my vote is on ED


  9. Chamisa ari kungovukura,ED achingotonga

  10. isusu we realised that mugabe was old long back wen he was still kuma70 uko the same age yamnangagwa. so mukuda futi tivhotere sekuru kuti vapinde pachigaro, his five year term ypera avene80 years. come on guys, lets be realistic to our zimbabwe.

    1. Age comes with wisdom that is why ED never answered back at the then mother of the nation. Self control and wisdom are key to leadership. Wenyu Chamisa could not even respect the mourning family kuti munhu achiri mu mortuary already you take over the leadership of the partyu to the extent of causing confuson at a funeral. Its unheard off and can only be done by a child asina kurairwa, akaukra may be in a jungle with animals. At forty one is old enough to exercise self control. Ko kana akanga amira Mudzuru akaita precide over the funeral then wozoita chisa chisa yake after munhu avigwa. Munhu wepi anoda kuunza dzimwe tsika munyika. Chii chaakaita Chamisa even in his small environment angashaya wo zvaunonzi akaita wongomirira big post ya head of state. Ivo vanomuteverawo vanodziya musoro

  11. It was a smooth transition, that’s what the whole world saw. Those who don’t think outside the box think it was a coup.

  12. It was a smooth transition, that’s what the majority of Zimbabweans and the whole world saw. We will give ED a chance.

  13. Richmond Mbada


    1. urikukopa #EDhasmyvote, itavo zvako

  14. Hatidi munhu anoita wisdom nhasi nokuti adzingwa naRG. Dai ari Zvobgo akashinga kutaura in 1995 kuti Mugabe ngaambope mumwe chimuti zvaive nani! Gwendo guno haalumi, akatisvayira dova – NO SANE PPLE WILL VOTE FOR ZANU PF in a free & fair environment. You wer together with this old chap RG until he gave u poison, & u are also old! Go rest hatikurashii, will keep you like way you are keeping Sekuru vaSimba.

  15. Mnangagwa is also too old and forgets easily that is why he forgot he was in a meeting in Kigali and went in a deep slumber when other leaders were busy talking business . Of course he has few la coste votes here and there but the truth of the matter is he is not popular and is staring shocking defeat

  16. isu veG40 patinotaura hanzi haiite pamakukwevewa hanzi mavara angu azarevhu

  17. Washaya zvekutaura Naomi can see u are a Zanoid,Politic is a dirty game and a gamble,any gun can shoot,Politics hadzisi dzevakarairwa hazvishande izvozvo…its abt doing what needs to be done full stop,dai Bob anga akarairwa aizotonga 37 years here asingape vamwe mukana kkk.What Chamisa did was correct to TAKE CHARGE,ED akafa nhasi,u mean no one will take charge of his position kusvikra avigwa,get real kwete kungo gwauta!#VOTE for Chamisa the Charmer,young generation ndizvo kwete zvenyu zvemu Stone Age

  18. The pot calls the kettle black. Mnangagwa and Mugabe are cut from the same cloth and both would have retired by the turn of the millennium. That is when they lost touch with the reality and started fighting their perceived enemies, the upcoming opposition and the West. No wonder democracy and the economy started taking a down spiral. As a trustworthy lieutenant for decades Mnangagwa ‘s unilateral attack on Mugabe is offensive , an understatement to say the least

  19. Kuwiriranakwanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…KUKANDA NEKUVHIKA. Tongayi Dhehwa wekwaMoyo akasiya adetemba. Dayi dzimbo dzakarambidzwa dzachibvumidzwawo kuridzwa paNhepfenyuro. Dzine zvidzidzo asi. Chokwadi, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

  20. Smooth transition? I say blood on their hands, I am not voting 4leaders who chose a messy coup as route 2power, when they could have used constitutional provisions 2achieve same.

    I speak 4the majority when I say we have wised up and will vote the coup conspirators from power.
    We refuse 2be sold a dummy, yesterday we were promised 2million jobs. Where are the jobs?

    Instead of 2million jobs our streets have become an eyesore – they have been invaded by vendors.

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