Mnangagwa ‘careless, thoughtless’: Mutambara

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara has branded President Emmerson Mnangagwa “careless and thoughtless” for asserting that Zimbabwe is going through a radical economic transformation the Zanu PF leader claimed will catapult the country to a middle-income economy (MIC) by 2030.

BY Njabulo Ncube

Mnangagwa has repeatedly said in the past few weeks Zimbabwe is open for business and could become an economic giant over a short period of time, if all Zimbabweans worked towards economic development.

But in a hard-hitting rebuttal, Mutambara, who attended the CEO Roundtable meeting at the resort town of Victoria Falls on Thursday, told NewsDay the Zanu PF leader’s much-trumpeted Vision 2030 is meaningless.

“In my view, it is neither sensible nor meaningful for Mnangagwa to posit that the shared vision for Zimbabwe is for us to be a middle-income country by 2030. This is careless and thoughtless talk,” charged Mutambara, who was Deputy Premier during the Government of National Unity between 2009 and 2013.

“What does that vision statement mean. What are the specific matrix? The MIC nomenclature is a World Bank analytical tool that refers to economies with the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of between $1 005 to $12 235. This is too broad a grouping.

“In any case our GDP per capita income is $977; hence jumping to $1 005 over 12 years is not sufficiently ambitious. More crucially, this definition of a share vision does not explicitly address the politics and society pillars. Neither does it speak to the issues of values and flagship (mega-impact) projects. Furthermore, where was the buy-in and ownership of that shared vision achieved? It is shared by whom?”

In his submissions to the CEO Roundtable meeting, Mutambara said there should be a collectively desired destination of the country in 2040 – the Share National Vision – and a shared competitive national identity – The National Brand.

“The vision has three pillars: politics, society and economy. Overarching issues are values and mega-impact projects. There is need for buy-in and ownership by all Zimbabweans, all sectors (industrial, business, social, academic) and all political parties,” he said.

“Differences should be on how to achieve the vision but a shared national vision requires new political, social and economic values across the nation which includes inclusiveness, tolerance, democracy, freedom, constitutionalism, integrity, meritocracy, equality, fairness, entrepreneurship, creativity, technology savvy, ubuntu, continuous learning and winning habits.”

Mutambara said a new dispensation is “not declared, but earned”. “We are not there yet.”

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  1. Arthur dont be careless yourself .I thought you are well educated .If a robotics cannot be able to tell that economy cannot be mended in 100 days then I begin doubting your qualifications .This man is trying to put things into order .Iwe wakaiteyi kunze kwekunwa tea .Show your quality and stop uttering nonsense.Enda kumbudzi uko

    1. it sounds you are the dull one here, robotics can only simulate inputs from scientific or in this case econimic sound data not just saying 2030 will be there ,we want data to prove it, and also ED failed Zim dismally for 37 years and now you blame Mugabe as if h was running the country alone, Do you really think 2017 Mugabe was running the nation if so you are such an EDiot

  2. ED just ignore some of these failed politicians ,let them enjoy life in the diaspora isu tichingotonga

    1. ‘Failed’ politicians are the best advisors! Mutambara is correct. Ko kwamunomboti kutonga kuita seiko chaizvo? Kudzvanyirira vanopikisa here kana kt kusateerera zvavanotaura nyangwe zvine musoro. Mutambara served his time in politics and he called it quits, he’s different from vamwe venyu vanoda kungofa ‘vachingotonga’

      1. revisit your facts man. Mutambara never called it quits. the end of a GNU government told him off. The ascendancy of welshman ncube at a party congress relegated mutambara to the political dustbins. he had no choices. he is fighting though for political space but the space is tooo squizzed hey.

        1. so in poltical circles he is not only a failed politician but now nonentity poor robotics professor

      2. we need more people who can reason like you not just supporting a party

  3. ED is illiterate in issues of the economy. He just wafles his desires and that of the junta who put him there as the viso of the nation. Rakapusa kwazvo!

  4. the professor is 100% correct, Mnangagwa should provide an intellectual roadmap to some of his meaningless waffling propaganda daydreams, we heard so many & got tired of them from the Mugabe era & not even 1 came to fruition

  5. Ichokwadi here

    Anamtambara kanhii mafunga gnu zvekare munwe tea

  6. I wouldnt agree more with the Professor, ED has no clue whats needed for Zim to turn around. his first mistake was to suround himself with old re-cycled and failed ministers from the previous regime. The second was to romp-in (payback) millitary personnel then the country became a military junta. The third mistake was the rhetoric that his government is a new dispensation – old wine in old bottles with a new lable the citizenry and world do not buy that. The fourth and final one is his rhetoric on elections and corruption – no action. Mugabe’s regime used the same rhetoric since 1980 even Zimbabwe’s dumbest dunnder head now knows it as just ‘hotair’

  7. ED is a legally illiterate lawyer. He is richly theoretic in all issues. NOTHING CAN COME OUT OF ZANU PF

    1. #Parks isFucked

      #ED if you are serious about tackling corruption head on, solve the quota system of employment at Zimparks where the minister brings in his/her people without qualifications, directors and board members as well, Zim wont go anywhere with this.Its either you are in it or Mtambara is spot on .

      Motherfucker Jones

  8. thumbs up professor mutambara your analysis is educative and productive kwete zvevangongoziva coup and stupid propaganda nekuba maresources enyika chete

  9. LOL . So the Mutambara’s “The National Brand” is the correct vision, owned by Zimbabweans !! The irony is metallic.

  10. Arthur is a clown who thinks robotics is a licence to belittle others ideas!

  11. Mutambara was thinking that he will be imported into the new dispensation like what his sekuru did in the GNU after helping to split MDC votes . you’re a pure failure go write journals and publish your theories wotisiya na ED wedu . wakaitei ne MDC M and where is it. at least ED is trying iwe you failed even to try. Go hang

  12. the professor looking for relevance kkkk

  13. haiwaaa hukura hukura wohura futi wozo hukura isu tingotonga tichitonga Mutambara

    1. Nhai vatongi, mukarwara izvozvi munorapwepiko? Kutonga kugadzirisa nyaya diki dzemadhokotera idzi mozotaura zvemberi mapedza izvi.

  14. Armchair critics seeking relevance in the new political era, it was expected. Many thought ED would dismally fail as president of Zimbabwe but in the contrary he is making great strides that has already changed the image of Zimbabwe both locally and internationally. There is now renewed confidence and hope for a prosperous future and all progressive Zimbabweans should join hands and constructively contribute towards the economic recovery of our great nation.
    Had ED been office earlier we could be talking of middle class economy by now. I know ZANU PF has made some big mistakes in the past but the author of that bleak script has been exposed……Bob is the main reason why Zimbabwe is suffering today. We need to continue praying for our leaders and the whole nation as whole.
    God Bless Zimbabwe

  15. ED shared his vision with business executives, we must remember these are highly competent, individuals. The Professor was in attendance – out of the love for his country to say otherwise is speculation.

    He is correct to give us an insight, on the shortcomings of ED’s vision. If the vision as presented has no buy in from the relevant stakeholders, it will be a stillbirth. Robotics my foot he has the relevant qualifications and business experience / and his comments are fair.

    We want to hear a rebuttal of what he has said grounded on facts and not toxic politics.

  16. K (Ken) R Sharpe

    This is Ken Sharpe. Chairman of Augur and West Properties in Harare.
    My companies have concluded a number of important national projects under the guidance and leadership of minister Chombo including the airport road in Harare officially commissioned by the President Mugabe. We are currently working on the construction of our flagship project- the Mall of Zimababwe.

    The attacks on the democratically elected president Mugabe by an illicit Mnangawa cabal is a malicious and well calculated attack on our democracy. We should NEVER accept this attempt to steal our hardwon independence.
    Mnangagwa and his regime came to power as a result of a military coup, which is illegal and should be rejected by all Zimbabweans.
    Mnangawa personally has the blood of the Matabele people on his hands.
    Have you forgotten this? These crimes can never be forgotten or forgiven.

    We need to repent for our sinful ways and pray to restore president Mugabe to his rightful place as a president of Zimbabwe and hold a free and fair elections!!!

    My companies and I strongly support cde Mugabe who came forward critisising the illigality of Mnagagwa’s “government “ and the way our leader and elder has been treated.

    Ken Sharpe
    Augur Investments

    1. So are you fighting for the benefit of Zimbabwe or just your projects which me may want to know how the tenders were awarded. You are singing for your super, unfortunately things have moved on. You gotta start looking for new sources of income

      1. EDiot must never ever be forgiven for Gukurahundi

  17. I think intellectuals need to learn diplomacy for them to be incorporated in nation building. Arthur has a point that we need to craft a national vision with smart goals but the way he said it might be dismissed just because he worded it with no diplomatic language.

  18. This guy is full of himself. Why can’t he express his opinion without using vulgar lunguage? He has got zero people skills & he is waffling. I do not see anything wrong with a leader stating where he thinks the country should be going & achieving a middle income status will mean almost full employment & this is something every Zimbabwean should aspire to

  19. Comment…ED does not have sufficient time to impress all his myopic critics, before the national elections.His greatest challenge is ensuring free and fair elections, and he will be greatest .Otherwise ED is both wiser and more intelligent than Mutambara.

  20. …hoo but you believe in bullet train mantra.

  21. mnangagwa is a complete failure. His ignorance to cases of Chombo,Mpofu and etc tells us much of his character and such type of person is not capable of bringing change for the good.if we are not careful things might go really bad right now people are dying like no mans buziness.The well-being of people is very crucial.If you say buziness are coming ndiani achamashanda Ibo vanguard vachingofa muzvipatara.

  22. ndanga ndakanganwa vanhu vemuZim chinjai hinging Lin’s rinhi vanhu vachiparadza kuipa kwaMugabe yet imi muchiti icremora tichenjere kuzokunzwai motuka ED mangwana Mutamnbara is better freind to ED cause he tells Him e truth.

  23. Comment…God is great, he knows each & very step

  24. mtambara u ar useless

  25. ED panyanga Mutambara na Chamisa ngavambomira vambodzidza vangatikanganisira nyika, havasati vo ziva.Chamisa & Mutambara must to remain in the sise lines

    1. Many EDiots here are just being political. Mutambara for once is right, Nurses, doctors teachers, hospitals….. all fascets of economy are down, yet you announce open for business imi muchitadza kugadzirisa a mere industrial legal strike. So if these investors come in zim, vakarwara vanorapwa nei!!! Chupeti

  26. aizobva rinhi, zvaita sei….Ko ipo papresidency hapanawo retirement semamwe mabasa


    This points to the fact that our so called leaders in Zimbabwe are myopic and irrational.They must our grievances and come up with a panacea but not to hullabaloo.

  28. Munhu wese ari muGovernment yeZimbabwe havazivi Zvanoita chavanoda kugara mumaoffice pasina chavanoita.kana muchiti munhu anoshanda kumotor dzemabin anofanira kuva ne5olevels. Munhu wese ari wemuzimbabwe anofanira kuwana basa nechitupa chake nekuti lzimbabwean citizen.kwete zvekuti vanhu vakadzidza ndivo vanhu kwete saka musingagoni kutonga. Munhu wese ari muzimbabwe asina kudzidza anofanirwa kupiwa basa rinoenderana naye muchimubhadhara mari inotenga.

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