Misa-Zim raises red flag over media reforms

THE Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) – Zimbabwe chapter has raised a red flag over government’s reluctance to implement media reforms, in line with the African Union’s recommendation at the conclusion of the 2013 general elections.


In a letter to Sadc executive secretary, Stergomena Lawrence Tax, Misa-Zimbabwe said it was concerned that five years after the 2013 elections, the government was yet to reform the media sector.

“Five years later, the Zimbabwean government is still to implement the envisaged media reforms. This indeed is cause for great concern, especially in light of the fact that Zimbabwe is expected to hold general elections sometime this year.

“Misa-Zimbabwe respectfully submits that Zimbabwe’s government has the obligation and responsibility to implement the reforms in question without any further delays,” Misa-Zimbabwe chairperson, Golden Maunganidze said.

Misa-Zimbabwe said of major concern were issues around the need for alignment of media laws with the Constitution.

Despite this clear position, the government has been reluctant to institute meaningful changes to deal with inconsistencies, which currently exist in laws, which affect the media environment in Zimbabwe.

The media rights lobby group also expressed concern over State media’s partisan coverage of political events ahead of this year’s general elections.

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  1. Indeed its amazing to hear that ZANU of government had not come clear on media reforms. If ED is sincere let him reform it, this does not require fired.

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