Minister fires NSSA boss Vela

Labour and Social Services minister Petronella Kagonye yesterday wielded the axe on National Social Security Authority (NSSA) board chairman, Robin Vela, citing a clause that forbids the appointment of a non-resident Zimbabwean on the board of the pay as you go pension scheme.


Vela was appointed NSSA board chairman in 2015 when Prisca Mupfumira was in charge of the then ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

In a letter dated March 27 Kagonye said, “Acting in terms of the National Social Security Authority Act Chapter 17:04 section 8(a), I wish to advise that you have been withdrawn as member and chairman of the NSSA board with immediate effect.”

Section 8(a) of the National Social Security Authority Act states a person cannot be appointed to the board of the authority if he or she is not ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe.

Vela was appointed as board chairman in July 2015 to clean up the mess at NSSA.

In a statement yesterday, Vela said he is resident in Zimbabwe, holds a Zimbabwean passport, “my kids attend school here, my wife resides in this country and I have businesses that I run from here”.

He said when Norton legislator Temba Mliswa accused him of holding a foreign passport; he dismissed it as social media banter and never envisaged “this being taken seriously by anyone, as the status of my residence, let alone citizenship, can be easily verified”.

Vela said he looked back with pride at what the NSSA board achieved during his tenure, which saw a restructuring at the authority and adherence to strict corporate governance practices.

“During my tenure as NSSA board chairman, the authority made significant achievements as reflected by the financial growth in surplus of 638% from $19,5 million in 2015 to $144,2 million in 2017. The growth in surplus was achieved through a tight management of operating costs,” he said.

“Over the same period, the authority saw a reduction in operating costs of 18% from $87,8 million to $72,4 million and experienced a growth in investment income of 137% from $22,8 million to just over $54 million in 2017. Over the same period the Fund’s total assets grew by 50% from $917 million to $1,4 billion.”


  1. Innocent Matandamavi

    Please let’s maintain sanity at NSSA. Surely how can someone remove a competent man without confirming facts.Check with former Minister Mupfumira (she is vey competent). It looks like this Temba and Kagonye have found this Chairman so tough that they cannot steal from NSSA hence they want to remove him. May the authorities above intervene and stop pending financial hemorrhage at NSSA. This is similar to what happened to Mushore at City of Harare. May someone halt these shenanigans.

    1. What has Muofumira done to be called competent? A look at how competent people were fired by this Vela only to be replaced by incompetent people leaves a lot to be desired. The external recruitment of less qualified people while better qualified people were available internally is a signal that the sacking was delayed. This guy was over-meddling in NSSA affairs. Our contributions were not safe with Mupfumira’s crooks.

    2. Iwe Innocent, how dare you refer to Prisca Mupfumira as competent, of all persons? If you do not have anything sensible to day you should shut up. Prisca was suspected of shoddy practices which culminated in a relegation in Bob’s last reshuffle. She is not as clean as you are trying to portray her to be. That Vela guy made too much noises in many places and was playing what I can describe as corporate prime minister in the country. He overstepped his authority and went beyond his mandate in some cases. It is all coming back to haunt him.

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He was very corrupt. He operated from SA and would fly daily at NSSA expense. We know he was related to Mupfumira and they were sharing the spoils. They conspired to fire the ZCTU President Peter Mutasa from the board after he raised the red flag. His company was the recruiting agency for NSSA employees.

  3. Now that Vela is out of NSSA and Mupfumira out of Ministry of Labour etc, can someone look into possible financing by NSSA of the weddings of Mupfumira’s children, one held in Victoria Falls and the other in Cape Town.
    Also check into nbs house building contracts in Chinhoyi.

    1. Tindo, give that information to the anti-corruption commission. Simple.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. Yah Vela made too many enemies in the corporate world he deserves it and its a fact that he owns recruitment companies dat got his pple into Nssa I hope Lizzy is the next in line to go

  6. I find it so funny that our journalist are nothing but reporters who cannot dig deeper than the surface. For instance, its common knowledge that Prisca Mupfumira was the MD of the now defunct Midlands Milling Company and where is it now? If she could not manage a company, how can we expect any better in managing the national purses.

  7. Good riddance of bad rubbish.This guy claims that he did a lot of good for NSSA,but we all know that the retirees are still getting a paltry $80 per month,whilst these guys had the guts to increase their allowances.We also know that the NSSA General Manager and her team are handsomely rewarded to the tune of $18k per month but they have done nothing tangible to deserve such handsome payments.We also know that the management fired very competent people in the guise of restructuring and replaced them with their relatives who are so incompetent.We also know that Mupfumira was removed by Mugabe for abusing NSSA funds,and naturally the board chair was supposed to follow suite.If Mupfumira was removed for stealing NSSA funds,she was not doing it alone,but through the management hence it follows naurally that the management must be relieved of its duties period.Honestly how can an organisation incur expenses to fly a board chair from South Africa as if Zimbabwe has run short of qualified people who are resident in Zimbabwe.

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