Mhere fires warning shots

GOSPEL musician, Mathias Mhere has promised his fans a number of surprises ahead of the launch of his album, Panogara Nyasha, set for April 20 at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare.
Mhere told NewsDay Life & Style he will also be unveiling the video for one of the nine tracks on the new album.


With the tracks Munhu Kuvanhu, Porofita, Panogara Nyasha, Sarafina, Matables, Mhepo dzeGehena, Mweya Mutsvene Isimba, Wadya Muchero and Emmanuel, Mhere said his choice of titles was often associated with the need to be unique.

“The titles are often influenced by the market I’m targeting as well as the meaning of the song,” he said.

While Sarafina is likely to invoke memories of the epic South African anti-apartheid musical of 1992, Mhere said the similarities began and ended just on the title.

“Sarafina is a story about a father giving her daughter counsel about the need to seek God and avoid being double-minded like Lot’s wife,” he said.

In the biblical narrative about Abraham, his nephew Lot’s wife turned back to look at Sodom at the height of its destruction against God’s advice and was reduced into a block of salt.

The track, Matables, the singer said was a reference to the “turning of tables” or positive changing of life circumstances that often happen with God’s grace.

“This is just about what happens when grace locates you,” he said. “Things change for the better.”

Mhere said on the new album he also incorporated a Naija beat, which is trending in music circles.

Among the surprises that fans should look forward to, Mhere said, were two guests artistes that would only be disclosed when the album is officially launched.

He said the decision to remain tight-lipped on these was in recognition of the possibility of last-minute changes that could happen before an album release.

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