MDC-T violence: Gift Banda, 15 others arrested

BULAWAYO police yesterday arrested 16 MDC-T activists, among them party provincial chairperson and deputy mayor, Gift Banda in connection with the violence that broke out at the party’s offices, leaving a trail of destruction in the city on Sunday.


The violence broke out when youth from a rival camp reportedly led by party leader Nelson Chamisa allegedly stormed and disrupted a consultative meeting organised by deputy president Thokozani Khupe, labelling her a rebel.

Several party members, believed to be Khupe’s followers, including her personal assistant, Witness Dube, were injured in the skirmishes.

The activists’ lawyer, Dumisani Dube, yesterday said his clients, who also included ward 1 councillor Mlandu Ncube, were still detained at Bulawayo Central Police Station, without charge.

“Banda and 15 others have been arrested for public violence and I am representing all of them. Police are refusing to release them and they are sleeping in police cells. All of them are denying the charge,” he said.

According to a police warned and cautioned statement signed by Ncube, the MDC-T activists are accused of contravening section 36 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23, which prohibits public violence.

Ncube is alleged to have connived with members of his camp and pelted the party offices with stones to disturb a meeting addressed by Khupe, a charge he denied.
He confirmed that he was at the venue following an invite by provincial organiser Kwanele Phiri, but was denied entry into the party offices by youths from the rival camp.
He identified one of the youths as Mthokozisi Ncube.

Ncube said after being denied entry, he left the place, as he saw bricks flying from inside the premises and hitting Khupe’s car.

Banda made similar claims in his statement to the police.

Others, who were arrested, include Kunashe Muchemwa, Michael Mabusa, Raymond Dudzayi Gombedza, Felix Mhaka, Donaldson Mabuto, Sibongubuhle Sibanda and Takunda Madzana.

MDC-T provincial spokesperson, Felix Magalela Sibanda called on the police to avoid taking sides, but arrest and charge all party members involved in the clashes.

“It would appear the police have decided to charge and prosecute them. We, the MDC, are calling for fair litigation and there should be no fear or favour regardless of one’s political affiliation. We are calling for an impartial police to deal with violent individuals imported from outside Bulawayo and Zimbabwe,” he said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Precious Simango said she did not have full details of the matter.

“I just heard that about 20 MDC-T members were arrested, but I am yet to verify I will get back to you.”


  1. Khuphe trouble causer

    I think Khuphe is the cause of all these problems.Why does she hold a private meeting at a provincial office when she has been refusing to attend meetings in Harare.And all this time she claims to be the acting president.She should be expelled from Mdct so that she joins those who of her friends fighting to see the demise of Mdc t.

  2. By failing to conden violence and accusing Khupe of holding a meeting at the party offices you demonstrate lack of reasoning. Where else was she supposed to hold the meeting as an Mdc President? Are you saying because of that she has to be beaten. Uncivilized fellow

  3. No, those who attacked her are the trouble causers…let them rot in jail.

  4. Khupe is a problem to the MDC. You cannot organize meetings that have nothing to do with the party in MDC Offices.
    A rebel is free to use any other place not this one.
    How do you want people to follow your instructions when you yourself do not listen to party instructions.
    It means you were undermining the leadership far back.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      Bla Levi Khupe is the rightful Leader of MDC not the other death bed coup leaders.Actually she should go to court and confiscate all the MDC T properties as they rightfully belong to her and those who follow him not the rebel Bullet Train entourage.If someone could do it in church circles why not in African politics which is defined as a dirty game


        you incite violence

  5. Lets be serious and be fare.khuphe is still the member and deputy president of mdc and hence has a right to have meetings at mdc offices.people always acuse me of being tribalistic,just look at the names of people arrested kkkkk its 90% import from bulawayo this is foreign

    1. You are tribalistic. Who told you a shona name is an import from Harare. Grow up Kwanele. Ukwane njengomuntu obizwa Kwanele mani. any inch of Zim belongs to all Zimboz be it Tonga Kalanga or whatever hlobo.

      1. That word tribalism was imported by some people to divide Zimbabwean people, including some African nations. Its not used in western countries. Why use it in Zimbabwe, Ukuba liShona or Ndebele akutsho lutho Vukani bantu bakithi. Kwezinye indawo bakhuluma ngengqubekela phambili thina sikhuluma ngemihlobo.

    2. ingulube enonileyo

      How do you tell that this name is for somebody who comes from Harare or Bulawayo ? your comment shows crass naivety , it borders on tribalistic tendencies like those ones of Ms Khuphe. How can one be a foreigner in his own country?

    3. foreign? imports? We are one country, you!

    4. Gift Banda, Mlandu Ncube, Kunashe Muchemwa, Michael Mabusa, Raymond Dudzayi Gombedza, Felix Mhaka, Donaldson Mabuto, Sibongubuhle Sibanda and Takunda Madzana. How many are Shona and how many are Ndebele wake up and smell the coffee

  6. Vukani Zithutha

    MDC leaders are too naive to see that they have been hit with “divide and rule”. If anyone wore a red t-shirt and became violent it would be credited to them. they are all to blame for this

  7. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Mapurisa ngaaite ongoro yakakwana panyaya dzemhirizhonga. Vanopomerwa kuva hozheri vomiskwa pamberi peMuchuchisi. Vakawanikwa vaine mhosva vovharirwa zvinoenderana
    nemhosva yavo. Mhirizhonga imhirizhonga, humhondi humhondi. Hungava hwemumba, hwekunze vanhu ngatidzidze nekuziva izvozvo. Asi vanhu hatione here vamwe vedu vane matambudziko engozi? RUNYARARO rwunotanga neni. RUNYARARO rwunotanga newe. RUNYARARO rwunotanga nesu tose. Jehovah, Samasimba pindirayi.

  8. khupe is causing confusion why does she wants to hold meeting now when she was refusing to attend these meetings with tsvangirai. she must be expelled from the party not today but yesterday

  9. Maa khuphe be a good reasoning person. If you go out of MDC, you will be a demised politician,so co-operate with your fellow MDC-T party or else it will be history to read of you. All you people out there,do not be used by other people as political tools to leap frog their through you and gained personally. Mugabe is now history but he had killed so many people and destroyed zimbabwe,but where is he now? Those people who has been used by Mugabe and his Zanu pf party,where are they and what are they up to now?

  10. Love destroy hate

    Comment…Makhupe should never be expelled from mdc. let her expel herself. and i am sure she will be doing that soon.
    As for those arrested, be assured they are victims not the perpetrators. When it comes to mdc, police will always side with anything that weakens the mdc. And makhupe’s actions are weakening mdc, thus she is a darling of zanu pf. look at the favourable commentaries she is getting from state media and you will know.

  11. Comment…zvakuda nyasha zvamai Khupe.abaiwa ngabude.ndovasiri kukwana mune vamwe saka ngavangotanga zvavo kwete kukonzeresa.zvitswa here zvavari kuita.pana Tsvakirai vaingokonzeresa.iyo Congress yavari kuda yacho vane mari yacho here yekuti iitwe.zvavakasarudzwa kucongress kwacho vakadii kusiwa vanzi ndoActing President naSAVE,vachienda kuSouth.zvoda kufunga

  12. khupe is not wise enough she talks of constitutionalism now but she abandons two meetings by tsvangirai which means she was against the owner of the party and after all she is junior to chamisa in party foundation so why is she talk of nonsens out side the party not going to head quater may she stay away from party business because she has no direction she went to attend the meeting in cape town of G40 and she want to form alliance with them but here she was dismissing mdc alliance she is being used by ZANU PF manje akakurumidzwa kuonera its the same nemukadzi arimumba ukaona waroorerwa mumwe pane error sezvaakaitwa kuisirwa 2 vps angaatoonekwa kuti party inofa is incompetend constitution haina basas kanatakuda progrees we by pass look parliament sits to empeach mugabe who was removed by coup wani asiiriyo yaifanira kuramba sezvo ndovanochengeta constitutionm

  13. shilling chinheya

    Mabasa eZANU PF ayo havasi vanhu vaKhupe or Chamisa vari kukonzeresa mhirizhonga muMDC but it’s ZANU PF vari kuda kutitemesa musoro chete kuMDC hakuna violence asi mapinda vasori vari kubva kuzanu and khupe semunhukadzi asina muono obva ati chamisa adai thats politics vhurai maziso

  14. Thabani thaba njengegama lakho and wake up.ingulube enonileyo i can see the brains are fat and can not see logic wake up mani guys and open your eyes

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