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MDC-T to seal Khupe’s fate tomorrow


THE MDC-T’s national council is tomorrow expected to seal the fate of the party’s defiant deputy president Thokozani Khupe (pictured) who has refused to recognise the appointment of Nelson Chamisa as party president.


Indications are that the party might suspend or expel Khupe for continuously defying party resolutions, including conducting parallel campaign programmes after declaring herself bona fide MDC-T leader.

In an interview yesterday, party deputy chairman Morgen Komichi said a decision must be taken now following the expiry of an ultimatum for her return more than a week ago.

“Yes, the council will take a decision. It will consider the work that she has done between the time when the seven days (ultimatum) was given and now,” Komichi said.

“We will receive reports on what she has done and the declarations that she has made and I am sure the council will then make a decision.”

Senior MDC-T officials are vowing to push for Khupe’s expulsion for declaring herself acting president, contrary to the national council decision that endorsed Chamisa.
They told NewsDay that after Khupe, their next target would be the party’s secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who stands accused of failing to communicate the decision to suspend the party’s spokesperson Obert Gutu.

Gutu has been a key figure on Khupe’s side.

There are also reports that negotiations between the warring MDC-T factions have collapsed.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, said there were no talks between his boss and Chamisa.

“Negotiations have irretrievably broken down because of the rigidity of proposals tabled by the Chamisa camp,” Dube said.

“Their insistence on forcing Dr Khupe to accept all their unconstitutional positions have affirmed that they are negotiating in bad faith, and as a political gimmick for reasons we are yet to establish.”

Dube said Khupe and Chamisa last communicated two weeks ago when the youthful MDC-T leader addressed an MDC Alliance campaign rally in Dete.

“There have been no emissaries and those claims are simply made to mischievously given an impression that Chamisa has tried his best and failed. It is simply a public relations exercise,” he said.

Political analyst, Phillan Moyo said there were fears that Khupe might field her candidates in certain constituencies, posing a threat for fielding multiple MDC-T candidates per particular area.

“The disunity and imminent split will obviously cost the MDC Alliance thousands of votes, especially in Bulawayo, Matabeleland South and North,” Moyo said.

“This is because Khupe has a significant following and sympathisers in these three provinces. The relatively good crowd that attended her rally at the Amphitheatre on Sunday is testimony of her level of popularity.”

He said the way forward for the MDC Alliance was to continue mobilising without Khupe as they had done with relative success thus far.

“But ultimately, if the alliance is to stand any chance of winning State power, or at the very least drastically reduce Zanu-PF’s parliamentary majority, then they must form a grand coalition with the People’s Rainbow Coalition,” Moyo said.

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    • Achitengwa nani iye ane zamo rimwe? Things fall apart now for MuDhoSvo. What is the meaning of T on that part?

  1. Mama Kuphe has turned out to be a power-hungry spoiler. Remember her rebellion started when Tsvangirai was still alive. She rejected Alliance politics out of fear of losing hef position. So her fight is in no way about Chamisa’s Presidency. only fools can be fooled. Sorry mama I used to adore you bt ulahlekele

  2. Khupe must be put in her rightful position for she is trying to burn the house for want of power…She proved she is not a good leader long before the late RMT.Take for example the very first time,(before the appointments of Adv Chamisa and Eng Mudzuri), the late was hospitalized in SA, there was a noticeable leadership gap…She must face the music and be expelled.Heap of rubbish naBhebhe wake-tribalists.

  3. In the spirit of reconciliation, the MDC-T must not place the cart before the horse. It has to be cautious of the surging sycophancy and blind fanaticism that characterized the late Tsvangirai’s leadership and have now overshadowed the voice of reason, unfortunately. This ‘hear no evil and speak no evil ‘ approach is the brainchild of the current succession tussle that has come to haunt us. I know that Chamisa is the outright winner in the Presidential primaries and thus should not be misled to dump others for the sake of unity. Let us avoid these serial setbacks that affect the opposition every election year. Trivial intra-party wrangles will bar the opposition from meeting the election timeline. Its the time for us to stay put.

  4. Khupe has to be fired, I think MDC T will save itself in doing this she has to be fired now, before she has bigger sympathisers, just check first when he started she had few people and now the size is growing though she lost all her MPs but she needs to be fired

  5. What came of the investigation into the violence that occurred during Tsvangirai’s funeral? Has that been swept under the carpet or what?

  6. ladies and gentleman thokozan is now a nuisance maybe some of you dont know that the idea of uniting has not started last year so that we claim the top post it started in 2007 she refused completely the unification of the 2 mdcs the tsvangirai and ncube factions.she was adamant that we dont need ncube and his company against tsvangirai who said lets unite so that we win the 2008 presidential elections she refused and did we win the elections now she is saying we dont need any alliance why that woman is selfish let her go and kana tichidyiwa ngatidyiwei tiine vanoda nyika yavonot her she wants to enrich herself by having her seat as an mp yet we need to liberate the whole country.i personally have been patient with her bt let her go for the good of the country.ngaaende ngaaende.the day before yesterday lwazi sibanda ditched her sshe is only left with bhebhe and gutu.she is hiding along tribal lines bt we want a national leader not a regional leader.she said that go and form your allainces in mashonaland not in matebeleland what was she saying with that statement and now she wants to make noise to hell with her.

  7. The best strategy is to ignore her,continue with campaign and let the structures conduct their primaries and elect their parliamentary candidates.Let her pull out on her own.Do not give her the ammunition of expulsion.

  8. Why should Khupe be forced to be under Nelson Chamisa? Let her lead her own faction. If she was not important why try and force her faction to be under Nelson?
    Let Nelson lead his own faction and Khupe lead her own faction. Chamisa should talk to other political parties like Mugabe’s new party – they can for an alliance.

    • you are sick in the head my friend. Its in the party,s interest to expel the rebel now so that we can noit be distracted from the campaign. Akagara ari a rebel, only that MRT aimupa a soft spot. Nyaya yekuti ndiye ane Matebeleland vote is just a myth. Vana Welshman vanozviziva izvozvo and I am happy that they eventually came to their senses. Hatidi maspoilers ari selfish for the sole purposes of retaining personal power at all costs

  9. Khupe must be disposed and has to learn a lesson also do by job sakala, and currently Ncube,Biti and some of their dissidents.MDC-T is really home to many visionary people not zanu pf witches.

  10. Whoever want to fire Khupe should,but she remains right &the correct person in as much as what was supposed to b correct is;but lets meet Chamisa on the election day & see how wise he is!

  11. I lost faith in chamisa,immature kids don’t have courage and wisdom of unification.

    MDC should go for an emergency congress and resolve the dark cloud,however chamisa has shown lack of leadership skills

  12. The real Battle was between Khupe and Morgan – she started boycotting meetings and rallies involving Tsvangirai because she did not like him. so she is simply continuing because she thinks Chamisa was recommended by him before his death. Ndo zvazviri there is no hope. The Chamisa team should move on. Khupe is free to move on as she wishes also.

  13. Kupi zvaKhupe; She needs to go and start her own party with Mugabe and all the losers . This woman can smell victory and wants to bvonyonga things. Mugabe will testify on this- DONT LISTEN TO THESE WOMEN kikikiki

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