MDC-T spokeswoman Tabitha Khumalo hospitalised

BULAWAYO East legislator and acting MDC-T spokesperson, Thabitha Khumalo, has been admitted to Mater Dei Hospital following a recurrent asthma attack linked to the tear smoke she inhaled in July 2016, as police ruthlessly crushed anti-government demonstrations in Harare.


“I have always managed to control my allergies, but ever since I inhaled tear smoke in 2016, I am now failing to control my allergies, hence, I have been in out of hospital prior to my being admitted here,” she said, adding she was hospitalised on Sunday.

“There is no antidote for tear-smoke and the problem is that there is not enough research on the after-effects of teargas on people. The question that begs answers is how many were affected by tear smoke.”

The July 6, 2016 anti-government protests left a trail of destruction, with scores of protesters arrested and injured in the skirmishes.

The protests had been organised by various social movements such a #Tajamuka/Sesijikile and #ThisFlag led by cleric, Evan Mawarire, to force then President Robert Mugabe to step down over alleged maladministration and failing to reform the political playing field.

A Bulawayo family claimed that they lost their baby after being choked by tear smoke, which was allegedly indiscriminately thrown into Burombo flats in Nguboyenja, but anti-riot police have disputed the claims.

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  1. is there a doctors report to corroborate this scandalous allegation or its what the legislator suspects

  2. tendai chaminuka

    An asthmatic patient is likely to fall into an attack if there is something greatly disturbing the mind that you become emotionally occupied.Just like what this Honourable member is suffering from at the present moment.Her mind knows well that she is selling the people’s cause for the sake of money by agreeing to be used by the Bullet Train President.Shame on you

    1. Its you that has no shame. Stop soiling the name of a renowned prophet of ZIM Chaminuka the great. U certainly not in his lineage!

      1. tendai chaminuka

        @Manje so,its not about lineage here but about this sale out (Selous Scout).What is certain here is that there is nothing democratic about the Movement for Democratic Change led by the Bullet Train President.May your party also reveal to the masses that they also intend to build a rocket launching station within 40 days of its taking power.Zvamuri vema 40 40.

    2. Yes. I me things the lady is on a boat whose purpose and destiny she does no know. A totally unreliable leader. No principles. Floats aimlessly like a butter fly looking for easy money a drink or two. I really feel sorry for my lost sister.

  3. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Mamwe mabasa ahadi kushandwa nevanhu vane BP neasima. Zvematongerwo enyika, pfungwa dzinongogara dzichipiringishana nguva zhinji.

  4. These people never cease to amuse me.Next time we will hear that Christ was crucified by ED

    1. ko ED apinda papi ipapa? even varikuti Chamisa chamisa. Zimbabweans please stop politics of hatred. just go for a political party of your choice and stop judging or abusive words at each other. uyo mugwere arikupa pfungwa dzake maererano neugwere hwake. asi vamwe vanhu they divert the matter to ED or Chamisa. nxaaa be politically mature please.


  5. Thokozani Kupe has restarted to roya her enemies. She has the history so believe that!

  6. Get well soon Madam Khumalo. May God heal you.

  7. IN politics otokwinya.I believe she only ashmatic but zigwere zvakamuwandira.Ngaanwe mapiritsi and resign from the stresses of politics.Politics is like viagra tablet,rinonwiwa nevaka simba.

  8. Isn’t this same woman infamous for demonstrating asina kupfeka? Ndaiti igamba rinenge simbi kusimba

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