MDC-T MP stirs heated debate over ED media coverage

THERE was heated debate on the Electoral Amendment Bill in Parliament on Tuesday, with Binga North MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda (MDC-T) saying the upcoming elections would not be fair as long as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife, Auxillia, continued to monopolise the State media.


Sibanda said before Mnangagwa assumed office in November last year, only former President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, were given prominent coverage by State media.
“Whenever former First Lady Grace held rallies, the ZBC-TV crew was sent to beam them live at the expense of taxpayers’ money,” Sibanda said.

“After the removal of Mugabe, we thought things would change and that State media would not give prominence to certain individuals. However, State media is covering Mnangagwa and his wife more than they have been covering any institution in this country.”

The MP said events addressed by National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru and MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa should also get live radio and television coverage.
“Zimbabweans want to see President Mnangagwa equally as they want to see President Chamisa,” Sibanda said.

But the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda chided Sibanda against referring to Chamisa as “President”.

“MPs must not confuse the title President. You must qualify it by saying the president of the MDC-T,” Mudenda said.

Sibanda also said the elections would not be free and fair as long as the military was being deployed within communities like Binga to instil fear.

Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross (MDC-T) said if the elections were to be credible, the electoral amendments must be comprehensive to deal with various issues including electoral violence.

“More than 5 000 people from the MDC-T have been abducted in 17 years and I can provide the names and identity numbers of those people. I predict elections will be on August 17 and we need to ensure the people of Zimbabwe choose who they want to lead them,” he said.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) claimed that private media like Studio 7 were selectively giving coverage to Chamisa.

He claimed that the MDC-T was more violent, citing the incident when the opposition party’s deputy president Thokozani Khupe and other officials were roughed up during the burial of the late MDC-T Morgan Tsvangirai.

“When Khupe was being beaten up, the media was harassed and ordered not to film the incident. Chamisa must first sort (sic) his house in order instead of crying out loud that State media is not covering him. Sibanda said soldiers must remain in the barracks, but I say they must be out there to protect people. In Binga, there are many thugs and that is where the army must be,” Chinotimba said.

Mudenda ordered him to withdraw the statement that people from Binga were thuggish.

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  1. And you call ED’s era the ‘new dispensation’?

  2. I think we need to get a bit mature and understand the diferrence between Head od state (Country president) and Party President. As much as i support the equal media space for all our leadeers, please lets qualify this. When ED is performing state (National Presidential issues), he will obviuosly get the coverage. It is the parrty political coverage which we should then measure agaist other paryt leaders which in my view (taking the past 2 weeks as a yardstick), we are going in the right direction. I saw MDC-T rallies and commentators on TV receiving good coverage (this did not happen in the previous regime). I urge ZBV TV to consider covering all party political events equally.

    I have said my own, i rest my case

    1. Comment…MDC will cry no matter the cirmstances. They are poison to Zimbabwe politics. They are crying so that we listen to jargon about bullet trains and divisive tribal talk about shonas not being allowed to work in matebeleland and sanctioning a Ndebele king who is not provided for in the constitution. What if Rozvi also want to do the same where will the Ndebele monarch be domiciled. Chamisa is the kind who will be a puppet to all and sandry in a bid to achieve his impossible missions. It will be a complete disaster to have Chamisa win.

      1. How about the promises of the first 100 days in office, if MDC is poison to Zim’s politics do you know which party is poison to Zim’s economy?

      2. Dhodha reMumabuya

        Democracy is about what people want.
        The Rozvi Empire, if it were to be there, wouldn’t include Matabeleland because it was defeated by the Ndebele. The Rozvi Empire would exclude Matabeleland and the Gaza State (Chipinge and Chimanimani and part of Duma).

        The reason why people want a King is because chiefs have failed us. They are an extension of Zanu pf who cannot stand up for their people, who cannot raise up their voices against human rights abuses. Right now there are mabhinya, indiscriminately killing people, and the chiefs are quiet. They know where they are coming from but are afraid to say it out.

  3. The new EDspensation

  4. ku complainer kweMDC kwanyanya hey zvinopedzisira zvonzwisa usimbe nda ndichimbo suporter chamisa but hey hey guys its too much kumwe kutaurisa hakudi veduwee apa akutonzi president tatove nema president maviri already thank you mr speaker for correcting the madness

  5. its only a fool whoi does not see clearly that the media space particulary zbc is tilted in favor of zanu pf and worse more the party of octogenarian has nothing to offer

  6. Nelson is too young for the top job guys. He is not mature yet. I saw him doing mock presidential guard of honour inspection drills on his bogus army called the Vanguard. Zvataiita zviya kumahumbwe kudzidzira kuita baba naamai. Taiti, vana chivharai maziso nekuti baba naamai vavakumborara! exactly zvirikuitwa nemfana uyu, Chamisa, mwana ane mukaka pamhuno. He has the potential to be a good leader, but not now please!

    1. I don’t think age plays a part here at 40 he is mature enough remember Emmanuel Macron of France is of the same age.

  7. It’ called “Zanu Broadcasting Corporation”.

  8. Ah you may try to down play the media issue but look at Tsvangirai’s funeral. It is embarrassing that while the whole world covered it during the few days, ZBC chose to ignore it to the extent of filming some petty soups on National TV. Even on their 8PM news they would put Tsvangirai’s funeral in between to give an impression that it was not important news . I even laughed when they had to put mai Munangagwas ‘Angel of hope’ as head lines yet all Zimbabweans including Zanu PF Supporters wanted to know what was happening at Tsvangirai’s funeral good or bad. You should also have followed the state papers they did the same hiding the MDC leaders funeral inside the paper (Herald) yet pvt media new what was trending at that time. Please may you take not that, its also up to ZBC to film what people want to see on their TV sets in Zimbabwe if they decide not to chokwadi vanhu vavaoni marara. Vanenews ndivo vanoteverwa. Shame to ZBC. The only news that was followed by Rueben Barwe in Buhera was to report that Khupe and others were harassed, which is true but ndizvo zvega here?

  9. kkkk not matured i bet to differ, what has those over matured goblins done for us for the past 37 years.. lets give this young fella a chance he deserves.

  10. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Hey hey hey please hatidi kuita mahumbwe neNyika. Nyika ine Magamba pasi iyi including Save and unsung Heroes. N Chamisa has a lot to learn. ngaatange agona kuumba MDC-T / MDC-C then he can talk of Dzimbahwe.

  11. Shame to the politics of Zimbabwe its high time power should be given to other political parties for the good of Zimbabwe.

  12. This is the best tym for chamisa to come into power or let’s just continue with the same old story of old zim.ntng ain’t gonna change wt ZANU in power and that’s an undisputable truth lyk it or not.

  13. This is Ken Sharpe. Chairman of Augur and West Properties in Harare. My companies have concluded a number of important national projects under the guidance and leadership of minister Chombo including the airport road in Harare officially commissioned by the President Mugabe.
    The attacks on the democratically elected president Mugabe by an illicit Mnangawa cabal is a malicious and well calculated attack on our democracy!!
    Mnangagwa and his regime came to power as a result of a military coup, which is illegal and should be rejected by all Zimbabweans.
    Mnangawa personally has the blood of matabele people on his hands. Have you forgotten this?
    We need to repent for our sinful ways and pray to restore president Mugabe to his rightful place as a president of Zimbabwe and hold a free and fair elections!!!

    Ken Sharpe
    Augur Investments

  14. As far as I know all these Karanga people and Ndebele people are not leaders. The best of all are the Zezurus.

  15. Chinoz zvamanga mumbori munhu kwaye wani……..tidzikamirei apo……who is more violent Zanu neMDC…..kuburial kwaukutaura handiti takanga taenda kunoviga wamakova kafira mberi…… if u are Zanu are not violent then tell us where Itai Dzamara is?

  16. Iwe Mafirakureva weDiaspora. Ko Mugabe akatadza wani kutonga Zanu kusvika yabvaruka. Tibvire kumhepo.

  17. Ken Sharpe. You must shut up. What is Airport road to the long suffering of the people. You are foreign better be quiet

  18. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepimazivazvanguhatirarame Mhakayakora

    ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI. Jehovah ipayi nyika ino yeZimbabwe vatungamiriri vane zvishuwo zvekuti nyika iyerere uchi nemukaka. Kwete kuti irambe ichiyerera nhamo nematambudziko. Ndizvo itayi kuti zviitike pasarudzo dzatakatarisana nadzo. Samasimba, ndimi chete munoziva matungamiriri vane rudo nenyika ino. Isu venyama dzinongova fungidziro chete. Asi imi Mwari ndimi muzivi wazvose chete, sezvo muriimi chete muridzi wevanhu. Uye ndimi chete
    munekudzero yekuti vanhu vangu, sezvo
    muriimi chete makatiumba nemufananidzo wenyu. Jehovah pindirayi ndimi munogara kudenga, denga repasi rose.

  19. Those who elect things like Chinoz must be ashamed now , The guy was just hallucinating talking nothing . Zimbos pay tax which fund zbc not studio 7 . Hey next time please lets not elect mazanga to represent us in parly .Next THING SUMMON those who are in charge of zbc and zim papers to parly ask them if they know who do they work for ,

  20. Nonsense! Tuntrums from losers! Media comerage haitadzise vanhu kuhwina or maelectuons kuva free and fair! Hilary Clinton had all major media outlets on her side ant Donald was villified left, right and centre and yet Trumo still Trumped Hilary. Ngavatikwanire!

  21. Free and fair yeyi. VanaChamisadza America kuti chimboregayi masanctions aripo pavana veZimbabwe, saka panoitwa free and fair seyi.
    Isusu we just have to have our elections without interference.

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