MDC-T fires Khupe, seeks divine guidance

MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe (pictured) has been officially fired from the party for partaking in unconstitutional activities, putting the party into disrepute and undermining the constitutional organs of the party.

by Everson Mushava

Khupe was fired together with organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe and suspended MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu as the party also introduced prayer sessions at Harvest House every Monday and Friday until the elections.
In a statement after the party’s national council meeting yesterday, deputy national chairman, Morgan Komichi said Khupe spurned negotiation efforts by party leader, Nelson Chamisa and opted to remain stubborn, obdurate and intransigent.

“On VP Khupe, the national council noted the efforts for engagement made by the party president and the fact that VP Khupe remained stubborn, obdurate, and intransigent and spurned all party efforts to address her grievances, as she continued to hold illegal meetings and partake in unconstitutional activities, putting the party into disrepute and undermining the constitutional organs of the party,” he said.

“The national council, therefore, resolved, by more than the mandatory two thirds of the vote, that VP Khupe be removed from the party in terms of the party’s constitution.”

Komichi added: “The national council, by the more than the mandatory two thirds of the vote, resolved to remove him (Bhebhe) from the party on allegations of his unconstitutional behaviour and for continuously putting the party into disrepute.

“The national council resolved, by a unanimous vote, to expel suspended party spokesperson Obert Chaurura Gutu.”
The national council further resolved to recall Khupe and Bhebhe from Parliament with immediate effect. ads Ads

The party also resolved to communicate the latest developments to Parliament, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the diplomatic community and civic organisations.

“The national council formally accepted the resignation from the party by the national chairman, Mr Lovemore Ndodana Moyo, which he has tendered to the leadership.

“The council wished him well in all his future endeavours,” Komichi said.

Khupe and Chamisa have been haggling over the leadership of the party following the death of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, last month.

Khupe refused to recognise Chamisa after he was endorsed by the national council, arguing she was next in line, as the only deputy elected at congress.

The succession battles turned violent, while Chamisa and Khupe addressed parallel rallies.

The national council also received all applications and CVs from the provinces and districts from candidates intending to represent the party in council and parliamentary elections due this year.

“The national council resolved that intercession prayers for the party, the party leadership and all the people of Zimbabwe be held at the party’s headquarters, at Morgan Tsvangirai House (Harvest House) and at every party provincial office every Monday and Friday until after the elections.”

However, Khupe has reportedly already written to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission informing the electoral body that she was the leader of the party and would participate in the forthcoming elections.

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  1. MDC rest in peace,hope u know u have alienated a num of ndebele voters.

    is this a deliberate ploy to destroyed the party or wat?

  2. Good move. The party is stronger now


  3. ndazvishaya wo ini

    However, Khupe has reportedly already written to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission informing the electoral body that she was the leader of the party and would participate in the forthcoming elections….. SHE JUMPED THE SHIP. I THOT AKABATANA NA JOICE MUJURU INI. AKUDA KUKWIKWIDZANA FUTI NA MAI MUJURU. WAS SH GOING TO STAND MU PRESIIDENCE MU SET UP YAVO NA MAI MUJURU. IVO MAI MUJURU VACHO VACHITOZVIBVUMA KKKKKK SHE IS MISS INFORMED. WISH HER THE BEST N HER FOLLOWERS. I DOUBT IF SHE CAN EVEN SPLIT THE VOTE AS SHE THINKS SHE CAN

  4. Chamisa mukwasha kuMatebeleland so its a done deal, hapana mukwasha paacharasiswa nana tezvara.

  5. khupe is power hungry…hahaha lol… whether mdc wins or lose in the coming election it doesnt really matter to me coz the future of zim is bright even under ED. i am a die hard mdc member and i know what the mdc structures want= CHAMISA… u dnt need a witchdoctor to tell you the people of zim want only chamisa.. shame on you khupe shame on you indeed!!


  7. Two cannot walk together unless they agree. For the second time, personal interests have denied the opposition an outright win. For high-headed Khupe and overambitious Chamisa who have locked horns, its better for the whole opposition to lose than either of them to be the subordinate of the other. Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Unless the looming split is reversed, Mnangagwa is home and dry. It would be a grave mistake for personality conflicts to ditch the aspirations of millions and the posterity in the abyss. Let us retrace the genesis of this wrangles. There can never be power counterbalance whatsoever.

    1. Yes I am not an MDC member though I loved Tsvangison in his time to bring Zimbabwe to a lime light.Wose wari kuresigner awa they don’t Zimbabwe at heart but personal egos, makanganwa zvazuro apo makazvita mudyiwa nyika ikapinda into this messy we are now.
      Tibvireyipo hedu Zimbabwe is greater than you ALL think about it and leave your silly cheap politics to divide the country. Learn to submit one to another its powerful.


  8. Its being naive and foolish on the part of the so called elders in the national council to appoint Chamisa given the fact that Mudzuri and Khupe were also interested. It was better to let congress decide like what Mwonzora was saying. There are a lot of landmines in Chamisa’s camp waiting to explode. Khupe has a lot af advisors in the main camp. She is the heir apparent and has the right to fire Chamisa and is also the likely beneficiary of the one million two hundred which mdc will get from goverment. Its better for Chamisa and elders to form own party before Khupe shows them the exit door.

    1. i dare you n her to approach the courts, you will lose the case, that i can assure you

  9. hope its khuphe who gets the campaign money.we are behind her.

    what the MDC has done to her is not fair, and unconstitutional. why doesn’t chamisa want a congress to elect a leader constitutionally.

    MaKhuphe siyakusupporter magresser wethu,mama wakiti.

  10. zimbabwe will never change ,as long tine type dzana khupe dzinoda kufullfiler mapersonal interest avo .hapana kwatiri kuenda opposition will never rule this country nemaitiro akadaiyi.

  11. At last there emergies a genuine Matebele worrior who stand her ground, and say “my goals and integrity is better than money’. She was called dissident and tribal insulted. By exposing all this she has opened eyes of many people inMatland who now can see that they’re being used for votes but deep down they are regarded as fools. We now also know that those remaining in the MDC do so for money. They can stand for all insults there.

  12. Comment..khupe forget about president that’s day dreaming

  13. @ george,remember Khupe openly said she is into politics for money.

  14. Khupes the chameleon… she was agnst the alliance,bt is now planing on joining the PRC led by Joice Mujuru….nw she is at it agn. She said she is arranging a congress to select the Partys presidential candidate. but without the said ‘CONGRESS’ she has declared herself the President. So who elected her then to represent the Party in e fothcoming election.

  15. what we want as mdc family is winning the election,, if the constitution can compromise the win then itmust be put aside. khupe cant be a national leader. what kind of a leader anoita mameetings in one province!!!!!!

  16. you fogot that there is no time for congress,but to remain focused to win election

  17. Divine guidance? THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY

  18. what type of a leader who remain focused in one province saying I have support yet there coaxing the supporter is the food of the day I advise you Khupe to ask Welshman Ncube about the course you have taken

  19. Chandagwinyira

    Hey pakatooma apa… Chamisa, Khupe… This isnt the ryt tym for power breakups. Its tym for building up the party to gun hard… Tjo ndezvemeso

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