MDC-T endorses Chamisa

THE MDC-T national council yesterday put finality to the party’s leadership wrangles, when it endorsed Nelson Chamisa as substantive president and 2018 presidential candidate, but suspended party spokesperson Obert Gutu pending disciplinary action.

BY Everson Mushava/Obey Manayiti/Blessed Mhlanga

The opposition party’s highest decision-making body outside congress also gave vice-president Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe a seven-day ultimatum to end boycott of party meetings and programmes or face expulsion.

Party deputy national spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo was asked to take over as party spokesperson, while all ordinary members were gagged from communicating party business on social media.

Gutu, a week ago, declared that he was going to dissociate himself from the “violent and thuggery acts” in the MDC-T, amid reports that he was showing interest in Harare East constituency, defying an MDC Alliance agreement to reserve the seat for People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti.
Bhebhe refused to comment.

“How can I comment on something that happened when I was not there,’” he said.

Gutu said he had not seen the letter of suspension. Ads

“They should have served me with the letter than use informal sources. I don’t even know the section of the law I was suspended on. This is a joke that is not funny. It vindicates what we have been saying that the party was hijacked by power-hungry people who can violate the constitution for the sake of power. For now, I will wait to receive the suspension letter and deal with it accordingly,” he said.

Mwonzora was not answering his phone, while Khupe was unreachable.

Addressing journalists after the national council meeting yesterday, national deputy chairman Morgen Komichi said 155 national council members unanimously endorsed Chamisa as the substantive party leader and presidential candidate until the elective congress in 2019.

“The national council resolved that in line with article 18 as read together with article 9.21.1 of the party constitution, the party through the national council has resolved that Honourable Advocate Nelson Chamisa is confirmed as the party’s substantive leader and the party’s presidential candidate for 2018,” Komichi said.

He said following the resolution by the national council, there was no need for an extraordinary congress to debate the party’s leadership structure, as demanded by Khupe and secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora.

Tsvangirai’s death two weeks ago created a leadership crisis with his three deputies, Chamisa, Khupe and Elias Mudzuri each claiming they were the rightful heir to the throne.

Khupe, Moyo and Bhebhe started boycotting party meetings last year, citing differences over the MDC Alliance and threats from MDC-T youths believed to be sympathetic to Tsvangirai.

The youths caused a scene at Tsvangirai’s burial in Buhera last Tuesday, where they allegedly charged towards Khupe, Mwonzora and Bhebhe forcing the trio to seek refuge in a hut which they later threatened to set ablaze.

Komichi said the party would investigate the skirmishes and bring culprits to book.

The same youths yesterday reportedly cordoned off party headquarters Harvest House, singing praise on Chamisa, while the national council was in a meeting.

Among the resolutions by the MDC-T national council was to reaffirm the party’s commitment to the MDC Alliance and rename the party headquarters in honour of the late founding leader, Tsvangirai.
This came as MDC Alliance principals announced yesterday that they would meet in Harare today to choose their presidential candidate, ahead of a crucial rally in Chinhoyi over the weekend.

The seven-party alliance was formed last year with Tsvangirai as its leader and presidential candidate. As Tsvangirai’s health deteriorated, he seconded Chamisa as acting MDC Alliance leader.

Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube told NewsDay yesterday that they were likely to settle for Chamisa as their substantive leader and presidential candidate.

“There is general agreement that the candidate that we will be given by the MDC-T will be the presidential candidate for the alliance,” Ncube said.
“But the principals of the alliance will meet tomorrow (today), by midday we will have finalised that debate.”

Ncube said the Chinhoyi rally was meant to drum up support for the alliance, ahead of general elections expected not later than August this year.

“We will be going to Chinhoyi for an alliance rally which will be addressed by principals of the alliance. We are consolidating the position of the alternative government to ensure that we bring the country back to democracy, economic prosperity among other important socio-economic factors,” he said.

MDC-T youth chairperson, Happymore Chidziva, said the youth will be in full force to mobilise supporters to attend the Chinhoyi rally.

“We are aware that the need to liberate our generation is in our hands, we cannot fold our hands while our nation is being destroyed. It is with this in mind that we are mobilising ahead of the rally to ensure everyone attends and hears a message of hope. Tsvangirai left us with a vision and dream, we will achieve it through a peaceful and democratic ballot,” Chidziva said.


  1. Khupe wanga usipo futi? OMG! Unoda kugerwa sei usipo? Hapana anogerwa asipo!

  2. Welcome to Big Time politics Mr Youngest in Charge and no more lies to the electorate this is now serious business played for serious stakes and maybe one day you may land in the Big Office given 5 years or so.

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    1. thats a lie

  4. Contrary to what some people here are suggesting that Chamisa might turn out to be another dictator like Mugabe and have went on to portray madam Kupe as a more democratic leader than Chamisa, I would want to refute that and the following are my reason:

    1. When the MDC party resolved to join the alliance Kupe was not for the idea herself. She then forgot that organisational decisions are made by resolutions which are passed in most cases by vote. If the majority of MDC leadership and the general membership through consultations contacted endorsed the direction to join the alliance, then Kupe if she is not a dictator should have put her wishes to rest and supported the party’s decision. The fact that she insisted and is still insisting on wanting to impose her wishes and views which are not in sink with the party’s decision shows her intolerance to divergent views and a dictator she is. If allowed to get close to the reins of power no one will be allowed to oppose her.
    2. When Chamisa lost the secretary general polls to Mwonzvora under unclear circumstances where it was suggested that MT might have been involved in the plan to oust Chamisa leading to Mwonzvora’s victory. The young man humbled himself as a mere card carrying member until MT himself realized this young man was indeed a real leader.
    3. Chamisa’s contact in parliament shows he is indeed a committed leader who is very much involved in the governance issues of our nation. He has always been consistent in making sure that ZANU Pf adhere to constitutionalism.
    4. All of us are also guilty of violation of the constitution. We all marched and forced Mugabe out of power using the state institutions army in particular. Mugabe had the mandate to rule until the next election but we lost confidence in him hence we violated the constitution and forced him out. Why do the same people whose hands are so dirty like Mwonzvora, Kupe want to act as though they are angels as far as constitutionalism is concerned. When ouster of Mugabe, Mangoma and Biti favored them, they supported it. Please allow allow this young man to save us from the shackles of poverty and misrule from the current regime. Please do not hide behind the constitution which you neither read nor understand. The reason why there are always two lawyers arguing their case in the courts of law is that interpretations can differ such that either one of the two lawyers would be wanting to deliberately arm-twist the provision of matter at hand or it may be purely misunderstanding of the facts at hand.

    Kupe, Gutu and Mwonzora stop being paveyers of hatrade toward this youthful leader Chamisa. You and me know that he is the man to serve this nation from the shame we are in now.


    so MDC from now onwards must stop calling ED an illegitimate president because theirs too is not a legitimate president but was imposed on people. this is the first time a leading opposition has imposed a president, it simply means going forward MDC supporters will not have a choice to elect their leader. if chamisa also dies the council will also impose a candidate of their choice. SAKA MDC T HAISISINA BASA NE CONSTITUTION BECOZ THE COUNCIL CAN RESOLVE ALL THE ISSUES IN THE CONSTITUTION.


    1. Usarwadziwe, ukarwadziwa haupori. Do you even know the MDC constitution? Go and read it. Kwete kungowukura muchingowukura.

      KHUPE: Section 9.21.1 states that in the event of the death or resignation of the president, the deputy president assumes the role of acting president, pending the holding of an extraordinary congress that shall be held to elect a new president. The congress should be held no later than a year from the death or resignation of the former president.

      However, the constitution was drafted at a time when there was only one vice president of the MDC, which has been the case for the past years. However, this was not rectified in the constitution to accomodate what would happen if there are more than 1 vice presidents. Technically, that is where Article 18 of the same constitution kicks in:

      CHAMISA: Article 18 states that: “In any place where the requirements of this constitution cannot be satisfied because of an omission or oversight in draughtsmanship, or because a body provided for has not been established, or an officer provided for in this constitution has not been elected or appointed, or because of a procedural problem; the national council shall have the power to make such arrangements which, in their opinion, satisfy the spirit of this constitution and shall seek approval for such arrangements at the next congress.

      So chidzokorora zvawanga uchitaura tinyatsonzwa kuti wakamira papi.

    2. tseke zanu pf sympathizer, u dont have any legal mind and u parrot rubbish. ukwane, do u have copy of the mdc constitution, inotii in reference to decisions being sought any time outside congress, ukwane iwe. unopenga, ndati unopengaaaa. mugabe was elected by congress and when u dismissed him did u call for congress to to so? kubva nhasi ziva kuti there are legal bodies which can make decisions outside congresses like the national council in MDC and Politiburo in Zanu PF. their decisions are binding coz panenge pasina nguva and resources to call for congress. unoti elections are less than 5months away woda kuti vapedzere nguva vachiunganidza vanhu kwenyu kutsvina ku zanu muchiita ma campaigns? manje zvaramba and MDC will form the next govt whether u like it or not. benzi remunhu

  6. Chamisa you have my vote

  7. Mr Chamisa we are fully behind you

  8. Comment…Zvemtongerwo enyika. Zvoreva kuti nguva ikabvumira, Nerisoni okunda musarudzo dzirikuuya idzi, 2019 moenda kucogress, Nerison okundwa. Nekuti ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBRI. Zvozodiyi, poitwa dzimwe sarudzozve dzekutsvaka Mutungamiri wenyika? Kupika nevedzinza vose vakafa, vpenyu nevasati vaberekwa,
    zvichadhurira nyika zvikuru.

    1. saskam, ma national elections haaneyi with party elections, if chamisa wins the presidential election he is mandated by the constitution to run the govt for 5 years. ukwane iwe,

  9. How can Khupe attend the Harvest house meetings when she has been illegally declared persona non grata- with possible benediction from the top brass- as evidenced by the bellicose attitude of unrepentant Movement for the Descent of Chaos (MDC ) youths? Is her security guaranteed because it is akin to inviting a chicken to a leopard’s lair. Some of Khupe’s grievances seem genuine and must be addressed. Otherwise, the party might also be giving an ultimatum to Matebeleland voters!


  11. How can Khupe attend the Harvest house meetings when she has been illegally declared persona non grata- with possible benediction from the top brass- as evidenced by the bellicose attitude of unrepentant Movement for the Descent of Chaos (MDC) youths? Is her security guaranteed because it is akin to inviting a chicken to a leopard’s lair. Some of Khupe’s grievances seem genuine and must be addressed. Otherwise, the party might also be giving an ultimatum to Matebeleland voters!

  12. Comment…the coming elections will features two lawyers who chose not respect the constitutions of their parties. Rule of law

  13. Go Chamisa Go!

  14. How can Khupe attend the meetings when she has been illegally declared persona non grata by marauding and bellicose youths, who probably have got the top brass’s benediction? Will her safety be guaranteed? Is it not akin to inviting a chicken to a leopard’s lair? By giving Khupe an ultimatum, at the same time creating an intimidating atmosphere should she venture near the Harvest House, the party will not be guaranteed of the traditional Matebeleland vote Harvest. MDC….ndiyo Movement for the Degeneration of Chaos kaiyi? Chimboitai!

  15. How can Khupe attend the meetings when she has been illegally declared persona non grata by marauding and bellicose youths, who probably have got the top brass’s benediction? Will her safety be guaranteed? Is it not akin to inviting a chicken to a leopard’s lair? By giving Khupe an ultimatum, at the same time creating an intimidating atmosphere should she venture near the Harvest House, the party will not be guaranteed of the traditional Matebeleland vote Harvest. MDC….ndiyo Movement for the Degeneration of Chaos kaiyi? Chimboitai!

  16. Chamisa akaloser ku Congress next year iye ahwina ma elections this year hakutangidzwe kuitwa sarudzo dzenyika, MDC inoudza Speaker of Parliament kuti vave kuchinja mutngamiri, vomupa zita, sezvakaitwa pana vaMnangagwa. Zvoreva kuti anenege ahwina ku congress ndiye anozongogadzwa huPresident….so hapana expense yedzimwe Sarudzo zvakare. Tangoti tibatsirane.

  17. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    This is harakiri, Chamisa, you a harbinger of a dictator, tribalist and power hungry young man I shudder to think how you would be when you reach 50 years. You will shift goalposts just as Kabila is doing in DRC when you win Presidency.So Matebele people are second class,Chamisa

  18. some talked about constitution yet they don’t know what is constitution and who wrote it and its purpose. the governing body of any organizing is above the constitution so that if there is an emergency it will take some decisions before congress don’t be fooled by Khupe and co- they knew this.

  19. Mudhara Mudah

    CDE CHOKWADI wakadhakwa nekirango iwe. Wakutorota Chamisa aitwa impeachment. Ko kutanga wafunga kuti Garwe rinenge rakushandepi. Kabanga kumuka akasunga rutayi riri pamba risina plan kunge Mugabe, nyika ichiguta. kkkkkkk regai ndiseke zvangu ini

  20. Nomatter how we reason ….the constitution of an institution is supreme …we make a constitution with full intelligence n concience ….if we find ourselves having to overide the constition several times then know we r a joke …one thing is certain …Chamisa is popular ….true . …that doesnt however jstify the adultaration of the ground rules …. check how the ertswhile ED n Chinamasa n crew did that in zpf n creared a fuhrer in RG ….engagement is civilised …aggression is a bad sign ..our political ideology is really skewed ….this euphorism/hypy /psychophant approach kills our judgement ….we already creating a one centre of power thing again …kkkk Either you support Nelson or check out ..kkkk munhu wese kunaChamisa !!!! We going nowhere .. if pple cnt engage n find common ground n resort to violence thn we r doomed …

    1. Nonsense, stop complaining about Chamisa without criticizing the current armed thugs who used tanks and guns to usurp power.

    2. unopenga, ndati unopengaaaa why do u see a spec in someone’s eye when you have a log in your eye? makaita coup which you want now to clean so that it appears as not a coup, tanga wataura izvozvo kumhondi dzeku zanu then we start talking, by the way why is Ediot not ordering a full investigation into dzamara’s disappearance if he doesn’t have a hand in it?

  21. Chamisa has the people,,,,Khupe has the constitution,,,,ED has a scarf

    1. kkkkk.Wasiirira.ED have Zimbabwe

  22. we tired pf being told ” youths are future leaders of this country” when is the future’# chamisa we are ready to lead the time is now

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      on point ,on spot madhara vajaira kutirova ne constitution ,manje gore rino havalume constitution is just a paper

  23. Muda …the constittution guidesthe governing body otherwise vanongoita zvavanoda ….tisaita madofo …37years tiri muclass asi tiri kuda kungoita same mistake …ayiwa kani ngatidzidzei ..Dai tagara pasi …chokwadi hapana asingachioni kuti Chamisa is popular …talk behind the scenes then logadzirwa constitution zvakanaka ….asi apa panevadererwa n taken for granted .. it goz without saying kuthi nyaya ye ethnocity works against khuphe n favours Chamisa ….so zvinongogadzika …Matebeleland has stood with Tsvangirai thru n thru while othr regions were indefrent ..nw that its cake time you wana ignore that ….thz actions may literally destroy the intention …

  24. Career politicians are not what Zimbabwe needs now. ED, Chamisa, Mujuru and others have no real, if any, experience in handling the complex relations of investment, banking, trade and economic integration on a continental and global scale; and long-term Pan African ideologies. A whole new focus on politics is needed

    Chamisa may be very smart and capable in many respects. But he doesn’t appeal to have the mantle to make Zimbabwe shine as the Jewel that it is. As it stands he has an uncomfortable with his elders, the same he will need advice and counsel from. He seems to be behaving like Rehoboam of the bible.

    But as the mixed multitude would have it the people will have a king of their choice to their own hurt.

    1. saka iwewe ndiwe unoziva here. chii chaunoziva kunze kwekutaurisa chete. Nyika hamhanyiswe nemunhu mumwe. you employ vanhu vanogona basa racho iroro rausingagoni. you cant be a minister of all ministries. kueconomy unoisa finance minister vanoziva, rbz governor vanoziva, ministry of economics unoisa anoziva

  25. munhu wese kuna chamisa…Khupe naMudzuri nguva yenyu inosvika

  26. I support you Chamisa 10000%. You have my vote together with everyone who is tired of the Zanu pf regime and its systems.

  27. if elections are held free and fair ,Chamisa will take the prize.its obvious the junta is afraid of chamisas popularity, and Age

  28. @KD…ha mdara icho chakanyanya.I believe the young man has what it takes though.Imagine Morgan had so much faith in him, he made him his representative in the Alliance

  29. Chamisa is the way to go asingadi ngaarege ongafuniyo kayekele ED is past the retirement age in Zim he must rest

  30. Morgan took MDC-T to his grave. It is not only in MDC-T where the people interpret their Constitution differently even countries’ Constitutions the world over are interpreted differently by the so-called constitutional law experts. Chamisa is an advocate, Obert is a lawyer yet they interpret their party Constitution differently let alone those who are not lawyers. Law is in inexact science. Which means he who is backed by more thugs than the other wins the Constitution battle here. Those who have been sidelined like Khupe, Obert Gutu et al should hold their own meeting/Congress and expel Nelson and Morgan Komichi.

    1. You are absolutely right, Mr Musona. This Chamisa fellow has always been an admirer of Chatunga’s father-he could turn out to be a reincarnation of the Bobster. A party leader who has no respect for the party constitution should NOT be allowed within a 61-metre radius of State House-imagine how he could unshamedly tweak the national constitution with the violent support of the Order of the Vanguard militia. Mr Musona, Sir, don’t you think we should rather stick with the devil(ED) we know for the being and see how our situation pans out over the next 5 years?

  31. On sentence should read, “Law is an inexact science”.

  32. chamisa ndizvo

  33. If you want jobs or meaningful development Chamisa is the man and if you want more 37 years of misery ED is the way.

  34. Munhu wese kuna Chamisa.GO CHAMISA GO

  35. Selfish personal power not MDC T interest prevailed.Why avoid elective congress to buttress democracy when you claim to be the most popular candidate?Why mobilize youths to instill fear into opponents evidenced by Mudzuri being barred from entering Harvest House and unleashing violence to Khupe, Mwonzora, Bhebhe in Buhera at Save’s funeral. Vindictive strategies, typical addiction to power, dictatorship traits and anyone with a different view is victimized,Gutu suspension and 7 day ultimatum to Khupe, Moyo and Bhebhe- clearly setting a wrong signal about future democracy of this country. Morgan Komichi and Luke will be rewarded in the process. History will repeat itself, Chamisa loves to hear sound of his own word and never wants to hear any other ideas, if you cross his path you are in serious trouble, he will unleash his rogue violent youths. Out of fear Mwonzora and Mudzuri have decided to join the bandwagon under duress. Chamisa, like any other dictator thinks he is the fountain of everything which will drive MDC T and Alliance partners to form the next Government. He has to win Presidential elections at all costs, failure of which its goodbye to parliament and chances are he will lose the 2019 congress, he will be booted out. Myopic short gun approach is primitive and will never be a passport to state house.

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