MDC Alliance will lose polls: Moyo

FORMER MDC-T chairperson, Lovemore Moyo has warned that the MDC Alliance’s chances of grabbing a poll victory against Zanu PF in the upcoming elections were slim citing discord in the rank and file of the MDC-T.


Moyo quit the MDC-T on Thursday, protesting what he described as an unconstitutional power grab by acting president Nelson Chamisa, violence, the “illegal appointment” of two VPs by the late president, Morgan Tsvangirai and the structure and composition of the MDC Alliance.

Chamisa was endorsed substantive president by the MDC-T national council, but the former Speaker of the National Assembly said his appointment was not only unprocedural, but unconstitutional arguing only an elective extraordinary congress had the mandate to do so.

In an interview on Thursday evening, Moyo said Chamisa, who was in Bulawayo recently to address MDC Alliance rallies in Matabeleland North (Dete) and Matabeleland South (Plumtree), begged him for two hours not to resign, but he refused.

“He visited me and tried to talk me out of resigning. I met him for nearly two hours and I stood my ground and raised those issues that have forced me to quit the MDC-T. I told him the way he assumed leadership was very undemocratic, unconstitutional and unprocedural. I told him this was allowed to happen because the party has been captured by some forces.

“I still stand by that and this has got nothing to do with personalities, but it’s about following the MDC-T’s founding democratic processes, a constitutional process that would have seen us elect an acting president,” Moyo said.

MDC-T Bulawayo spokesperson, Felix Magalela Sibanda yesterday said Moyo has not been fully committed to working for the party since 2012 when he was Speaker of Parliament.

“The Bulawayo executive and its subordinate structures are not surprised by Lovemore Moyo’s preemptive resignation statement. It’s a preemptive resignation because, the former national chair was aware of his fate and that of Khupe’s other followers. It is not a secret that Lovemore Moyo has not been with the party since 2012 when he was still the Speaker of Parliament,” he said.

“His attitude and operations left a lot to be desired. More about his dubious leadership is yet to be exposed. Only time will tell, and the nation shall be fully apprised of his underhand dealings. Why is he not grateful to the late Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-T for upgrading him to the position of the Speaker of Parliament? He is enjoying a fat pension cheque every month because of the party, but today he is abusing the hand that feeds him.”

Sibanda urged party members to remain resolute and steadfast to the end and disregard “these renegades”.

On the MDC Alliance, the former Matobo North legislator said the MDC-T had literally helped some “fringe’ parties to build structures, which they did not have. He said the discord in the MDC-T that has also seen deputy president, Thokozani Khupe and Chamisa pulling in different directions, will cost the Alliance dearly in the elections.

“It is very unfortunate that at this juncture that instead of us focusing on the enemy, Zanu PF, we find ourselves disintegrating to pieces, which becomes a minus in building an electoral force to dethrone the junta. It is difficult to gauge if we still have a chance to dethrone the junta. It is a very unfortunate, but unavoidable fact,” he said.

“The MDC-T is actually building parties from scratch with this MDC Alliance thing. Some of these parties in the Alliance had no structures whatsoever, but they now have structures courtesy of the MDC-T.

“They have formed structures using the momentum that we have built over the years as the MDC-T. In reality and if truth be told, it is MDC-T running the show, it is the MDC-T with the people, it is the MDC-T with policies, while other so called parties are about personalities, the leaders who front them and nothing else.”


  1. Bitterness

  2. I tend to agree with him Welshman and Biti have benefited from the chaos time will tell.The two parties don’t have support, instead of just rejoining the party, Morgan allowed them to dictate and pull the strings.

  3. Comment…So what Mr Moyo if MDC-T loose?

    1. Its a comment….all are his opinion not bitterness…..there is a flood of News people following him…he can’t just ignore them…he has to respond to their question..

  4. Tsvangirai akasiya auraya party chii alliance chakadhakwa chiya..kungopa vanhu ma Parliamentary biti cannot mobilise 5 people kuita rally

  5. good riddance to bad rubbish.we were rigged in 2013 where were you Mr Moyo.What is different now?
    Meanwhile i also think it is you Mr Moyo who has been captured because your mother in law is a well known zanu pf minister who has continuously denigrated our late president.

  6. true dat. MDC has really been captured,tendai biti,Welshman ncube and chamisa were all given millions to cause chaos in the party.

    watch the space the chaos has just begun,and more is to come,we still have 4 months to election,and by then MDC will be in real and worser shambles than it is now.

    then they walk out millionaires while the people are robbed of a chance in change

  7. ndazvishaya wo ini

    with time all those will be known as mdc t. kungodzosera mdc kuti ibatane like before chete. dai makawana common ground makabatana wo. zvenyu zvekufunga kuti you can go it alone zvanga zvisingaite. chamisa akagadzwa ne council. its better kubatanaidza vanhu vakamborambana kare pane kunoroora kumba kwemuvengi wako wobatanidzwa naye. zvorevei izvozvo

  8. it is better to have CHAMISA AS PRESIDENT not these Moyo,s,Khupes,who think they own the PARTY.WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE PARTY .WE ARE saying to loose election with CHAMISA or to WIN ELECTION WITH HIM AGAIN is better than to have these guys around us .they only need zvigaro pasina action.manje muchamama. CHAMISA IS OUR PRESIDENT WATCH THIS SPACE .TARAMBA TUVANHU TUNOZOPFUGAMIRA PRESIDENT TWAONA KUTI AVEPANYANGA SA KIDNEY SEKERAMAI…….

  9. taura hako,tuma ndebele uto twadakukondzeresa zwekuti,NC yagona.

    1. Shona is not your language just write with your own we will understand.

    2. No to tribalism

      Ugly and tribalist commment. We dont want this kind of language mkoma/sister!!

    3. @ Ndini wacho. Clearly you are not a shona person judging by the grammar you used. You are just commenting to sow divisions among the shona and ndebele people.

  10. Comment…We are zimbabweans.Not shonas or ndebeles. yu ar bcoming too tribalistic. kuZanu toda munhu wese hameno kwenyu kumdc kwamosarudza on tribal grounds.

  11. Pasinmhanduuu

  12. Muri kurota baba. You think MDC will lose because you are not there. Has it worn before in your presence.

  13. the people of zim have always wanted Chamisa even well before he was appointed vp. that khupe madam in a fair elective congress has no chance even against councillor chikombo. she knows that $ thats y she is now falsely accusing the mdc of tribalism( anti-ndebeles) bulawayo dont be fooled by this evil khupe. she is the one who is power hungry!

    1. Yeah, that is why he lost the MDC Secretary general post to Mwonzora???

  14. Well said Moyo! With the current electoral euphoria in the atmosphere, its very hard for anyone in the opposition to accept to be corrected. Nonetheless, the truth of the matter will soon surface. Speaking from a neutral point, the prospect of the MDC-T and the entire Alliance is in jeopardy although its not too late to rectify. The current tussle is an election gift to Mnangagwa and his party. I have no interest with personalities but the top leadership must operate coherently or be ready own up once they suffer a humiliating defeat from their competitors. Make hay while the sun shines!


  16. ini ndiri kwa Chamisa vanoda Khupe go hapana chakaipa

    1. Ko, wekwaED toitasei?

  17. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Zvematongerwo enyika!!!! Vakadzingwa kuZanu PF vanoti, Zanu PF
    hakunde musarudzo dza2018. Vadzingwawo kuMDC varikuimbawo rwiyo rwumwecheterwo. Nekudaro, zvorevaka kuti mangange chete. Kana mapena acho achangoita mangange. Saka pochitongoitwa hapoka mubatanidzwa pasina kutambisa mari nesarudzo dzichangoita mangange. Ge-ge-ge-ge-!!!! Sarudzo dzemangange muna 2018. Asi ndiyani anoziva? Jehovah, vanoziva zvirimberi mberi kukunda uyeuka kwatinoita zvataita patamuka kana zvatarota. Nekudaro, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

  18. What chaos have they caused? Its just an alliance to strengthen the MDC chances of winning particularly the presidential elections.Together we stand divided we fall.

  19. Kwakutaura kwemunhu akagumbuka anaga aine maintentions ake. MDC is bigger than you Mr Moyo. Wait and see this elections, muchadzoka ahenyu sevamwe vakamboenda. INI ZII HANGU

  20. Lovemore Moyo is a principled man. He is the kind of man that Zimbabwe needs at this juncture. Facts are stubborn things and may not always side with one’s views and the honest truth is that Chamisa’s rise was indeed “unprocedural and unconstitutional”. I may not agree with Lovemore Moyo on many issues but I respect his commitment to true democracy.

  21. As if someone led a party that ever won against Zanu PF. You chaired a party that lost all the time-cheated, violenced, nikuved etc. You had no winning/victory claiming/power grabbing strategy

    1. this guys zunu pf you never win they are no free and fair that they are talk abt it be free bt not fair they are already win that z y u see Mr ED`s PRESSURE `0`

    2. lets wait and see ed not elected but appointed by junta and nc not elected by the congress but appointed by the national council both men are not legitimate but will be contesting for their respective parties

  22. To be honest peopleshould leave the ship without trying to rock it mfanawekhaya. Itz good principle yu followed. but hamba ngokuthula. Sibanda? I am very disappointed by yur response. Yu are silly behaving like. your mentor party Zanu PF. why want to paint Moyo black becoz he now leaving yu? If he wants to.leave simply wish him well in his future political efforts. Sibanda your response is negative to the interests of your party MDC- what now?

  23. Hayi mani wena Moyo suka zanu is already gone your mother in law Sthembiso Nyoni is zanu so you try to please her . But tell you what La coste will never win this time around .People are more determined to get rid of la coste Just follow MDC Alliance rallies even in former zanu strong holds pple are turning in thousands to these rallies what does that mean to you ? Hamba kahle mfowethu .

  24. Moyo seems reasonable and logical but unfortunately Zim politics is not very logical or reasonable. Very unpredictable. And most importantly it is a game of numbers. If the MDC loses, as he prays I doubt if Zanu PF will reward him or Khuphe anyway.
    Hamba kahle deserter. Zokubona pambili

  25. Mdc Alliance… cracks showing already… watch the space…

  26. Comment…thina asifuni kutshelwa sikholwa ngokubona,asijiki sithi phambili ngo chamisa kuphela

  27. Comment…Chamisa president of ndebeles and shonas halaaaaaa our presdent in waiting,everyone must stand up on end of july and vote for son of soil Chamisa,Chamisa,Chamisa your name is like a national anthem

  28. Comment…kkkkkkkkk chamisa our new leader,byo,plumtree,mutare,harare,masvingo,tsholotsho,nkayi,lupane,chegutu,gweru,kezi,beitbridge,gwanda,bhuhera,zvimba,chiredzi,mbembesi,esigodini lets vote for Chamisa,go Chamisa go! Kkkkkkk

  29. Comment…awu nxese sizwe sakithi nina bendlonvu enamandla,asiyehliseni imimoya siboneni ngaso linye sakheni i qembu lethu makhuphe,chamisa hlanganani nkokheli zethu nibe munye nibe yimbumba sambeni ekhethweni sindawonye ukuze sinqobeni izitha zethu,okohlanga asikwekeni ngeke kwasisa ndawo sonkeni sine sibongo sinye sithi zimbabwe,mandebele amahle,mashona amahle nginithanda okwedluleyo ngiyaziqhenya ngani, Go chamisa Go ake niwuhlabe niwulawule lumkhosi,ukhethiwe u Chamisa isindebele sakithi sithi inkuzi ikhethwa ematholeni, go chamisa go chamisa

  30. kkkkkkk that fly which ignores advice will end up in the grave kkkkkkkk.You MDC people you chuck out everyone who advises you thinking you will make it.kkkkkkkk Am sorry we the ZANU PF will always rule you imi muchivukura isu tichingotonga tichingotonga kkkkkkkkkkkkk ayas.Fools!

  31. Which zanu are you talking about is it la coste on NPF? .We are left with 90 days to elect a president for the Tonga , Venda Shona Kalanga Ndebele etc . Chamisa is pple ” s President across the nation its Chimi Chami Chamisa complete change is looming .

  32. only we want is democracy in zimbabwe fighting doesnt bring change in zimbabwe let us forcusing about a better zimbabwe because everyone want a better zimbabwe with jobs and better economy ndosaka mu bible makanzi vakadzi vanofanira kuzviisa pasi pevarume tarirai zvavanozoita kana vakapihwa nyembe vanodzitora zvisirizvo tarirai semuenzaniso wa grace makaona mhedzisiro yake kuti akapedzisira ave kungotuka tuka vanhu kunyangwe kuphe tikamupa nyembe can she able to lead the party

  33. Comment…The MDC SAGA is exactly the flip side of the benefits of African political freedom, the dangers or suicidal tendencies of African political freedom, hence Bob’s studious parroting of Smith’s formular, that he perfected with resounding political success for himself and his party, to ensure their minimum of 4 decades on the driving seat. Politics is about political longivity and hence Bob proved the very reverse of political dim-wit in that regard. Until it is ultimately legislated serious/capital crime, to mislead the AFRICAN electorate en masse, or selfishly exploit mass confusion, then Africa will for sure remain in eternal political quagmire.

  34. Comment… Rule of law vs majority rule; sums up MDC saga and maybe our POPULAR military intervention saga also. Its all todate Zimbabwe fashionable. Except maybe for the looming potentially unfashionable, genuinely free and fair, next national general elections, with the global community untypically indiscriminately invited to observe the elections.

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