Mawarire eyes Harare council seat

PROMINENT cleric-cum-activist, Evan Mawarire, who led the social movement #ThisFlag, that rallied Zimbabweans against former President Robert Mugabe’s rule and appeared to be eyeing the presidency has set his sights on a Harare council seat.


Making the announcement on his official Twitter page, Mawarire said just sitting around and waiting for change was not sufficient.

“I am running for council in the upcoming 2018 elections. We cannot change anything by standing on the sidelines and hoping change will happen on its own. Change starts on the ground,” he said.

Mawarire, who is running under a coalition of individuals calling themselves People’s Own Voice (Povo) is vying for Harare’s ward 17 council seat.

“It is possible for us to get back to the old days where we used to drink clean water,” he said in a pre-recorded video.

Duduzile Nyirongo, a chartered accountant and pastor also joins Mawarire under the Povo banner as the independent candidates seek to take over the running of the local authority.

“I have decided to contest as an independent councillor for Harare ward 7 (Avondale) in the upcoming 2018 elections. I will be running under the Povo banner, a coalition of independent councillors,” she also announced.

According to a Povo notice, the other new candidates running for local government in the 2018 elections for Harare include Henry Munangatire (ward 8) and Marshal Shonhai (ward 25).

Povo reportedly intends to field candidates in all 46 wards in Harare.

The Povo launch will be held at the Harare Gardens tomorrow.

Fadzai Mahere is the only notable member of #ThisFlag, who is aiming to land in Parliament as the legislator for Mount Pleasant constituency.

Mahere is likely to face off with Zanu PF’s Jason Pasade and MDC-T’s Jameson Timba in the elections.

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  1. i think its a good idea by the pastor as most office bearers in council are fast asleep and there is need for someone to jerk them up

  2. Well done Ps Evan. We are desperately looking for Godly people to vote for. If I was in your constituency you would have my vote pastor. Kana paPresident apo ndinokuvhoterai.

  3. Ndizvo zvatinoda – less talk, more action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Soon after being voted into council he will be given a khaki envelope and he will be quite only to resurrect on the next elections. Good at talking with no action. He should first understand the roles of councillors, the roles of administrators, workers. After being denied access to council books of accounts, he will go like saying “we are doing all we can to bring the sunshine status

    1. So who told you he doesn’t understand roles of councillors? a little thinking will be benefitial for the society.

      1. beneficial

  5. Wangobva muMDC-T watorasika. Chisaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  6. Independent from who ?????? SELFISH CANDIDATES.

  7. Mawarire u are too big to run for council, why not Parliament. Are u after a mayoral job at Harare?

  8. kabius kekedu

    Chikoro chakamira sei cha Pastor??? Sheer bravery without a BIT of books is useless.

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