Masvingo ‘serial rapist’ nabbed

POLICE in Masvingo have arrested a suspected serial rapist linked to more than 25 cases in Chivi district and other crimes that include murder, assault and theft.

Masvingo Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Crispen Makedenge confirmed the arrest of Charles Matanga (31) on Monday after the police had launched a manhunt for the suspect following a reign of terror in the province.

“We have accounted for that one; he is now in police custody. He has so many counts of rape which he is facing,” Makedenge said.

The arrest brought relief to women, who were now living in fear of being violated by the suspect.

According to the police, the accused attacked his victims, and raped them while they were bleeding from wounds he would have inflicted on them.

Police said, after committing the crimes, the suspect would then take off with the victim’s undergarments.

“The way he operated was scary and violent and the community was now living in fear. Upon arresting him, we recovered a slasher, catapult, wig, which we suspect he used for disguise and two woolen hats. We are hoping that rape crimes will now go down after this,” Makedenge said.

Police said his youngest victim was a 13-year-old.


  1. If he is positively identified by suspects, then put him in 5000 litre tank of acid. He Killed Raped, Tortured and degraded women.

  2. These thugs deserve the noose. They have made life very difficult for people in Masvingo.

  3. An incredibly sick and perverted person this guy is. Should be locked up like an animal he is.

  4. tendai chaminuka

    CASTRATE the bugger

  5. he needs help serious help

  6. He should be butchered.ngaadimurwe maparts one by one

  7. dzimbabwe you are selfish. why should he be dissolved in acid because he is one of you but when someone talks about rapists and murderers like mugabe and his gukurahundi including your president you jump to to give selfish defenses you are stupid

    1. dubula the dimwit i wish it was your daughter,sister or mother raped you would sing a different song go hang stuta ndina Cant you see we are talking of a rapist here and not politics,national security for u and Nxaaa mani i’m sho you are one rapist yourself.

    2. Comment…You are stupid ,why you defend satan in presence of God .That Charles Magombedze should be killed …he practised and showed horrific and dramatic actions.Let him be assassinated. Here in Chivi areas uuuuuummmmm guys this rapist ,if you were one of his victims you could never be on his side ,Nxaaaaaa

  8. Father of One

    Tell me, all those innocent who were raped, where was the police? The guy should be subjected to something similar to Sharia Law.

  9. captain jack sparrow

    father of one, are trying to say this guy was committing all these crimes in the eyes of the police? sorry, maybe l might have missed your point here

    1. ya i think the police could have done better way back. i know the place personally. recently he was “operating ” in Ngundu area and leaved in those big mountains. having failed to apprehend him, the villagers tried to advise the police to come with dogs and hunt him down but the advise fell on dead ears. a whats-app group was created by one villager and that helped a lot as tip offs where communicated on the platform. He raped and after he would assault the victim leaving her for dead. big up to the villagers and the Dispo although his saints were a bit arrogant.

      he was caught trying shave his head, as u can see on pic

  10. Comment…bomba , this guy is a devil himself. We fear he may miraculously vacate prison becoz he is a satanist

  11. Munhu uyu anombonzi ani chaizvo? Pamwe ndiCharles Gora, pamwe Charles Matanga pamwe Charles Magombedze?

  12. I think the cops in rural areas should not relax when it comes to issues of serial criminals. Thus why other communities end up doing mob justice cos they will have lost confidence in them. Thanks to the wise person who created a group to nab this culprit. We are tired of these inhumane cases. Once a case is reported there should be a serious manhunt before it gets out of hand. Sometimes one gets ashamed of being a man when you hear of what some men do.To fellow men lets man up and be good citizens and social leaders cos very soon women will be in power and they will pass very serious laws. Castration will be a common thing soon.

    Lets respect women, they are very important in society and in our lives.

  13. Comment…This man is a true reflection of the devil let him rot in jail mercy for such vipers

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