Lomagundi College @ 35



  1. Reason Kachambwa

    Well done Lomagundi,we are proud of you for moulding all round students. students from your institution can fit in any situation and adapt easily and as well depend on themselves after leaving school.Keep it up.

  2. I still remember planting all that lush green lawn as a Form one (sprog) in 1985.Wonderful school it was then and still is.

  3. Makorokoto to the Lomagundi family. This is an all round school producing fine future leaders.

  4. tendai chaminuka

    A project worth emulating.From durawall structures to modern day buildings mentoring regional students who have greatly excelled in business and sport the world over.We can not mention the name Gandi without naming probably the best Rugby XV comprising vana Philip Synader,Kucherera,Whittaker,Le Roux aaaaa yanga iri Tabatana chaiyo

  5. I sercahed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

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