Local, youthful solutions way to go in 2018: Maphosa

ZAPU spokesperson and the party’s Bulawayo Central parliamentary candidate, Iphithule Maphosa, has called on the electorate to vote for youthful candidates in the forthcoming election to plug the leadership vacuum that has plagued the country’s second largest city for years.


Maphosa, who is eyeing the Bulawayo Central seat, currently held by Dorcas Sibanda of MDC-T, accused absentee MPs of letting down their constituencies.

The youthful Zapu spokesperson said he would provide local solutions to problems faced by the constituency.

“I believe all the solutions to our challenges are within us as people of the constituency, hence my confidence that I will get support of every citizen of the constituency as we coalesce around our everyday lives,” he said.

“We have critical areas within the constituency that need a legislative solution. These include the informal settlements dotted around the length and breadth of Bulawayo Central, which I believe can be turned into formal settlements with proper legislative processes supporting that.”

Maphosa said he would also assist undocumented residents, particularly Gukurahundi victims to obtain national identification documents.

“I am also banking on the support of our councillors that our efforts will deliver on the important matter of service delivery and infrastructure rehabilitation and expansion in the constituency. These include healthcare accessibility, especially around maternal and paediatric areas,” he said.

“Northern suburbs clinic is a bit inaccessible to residents from places such as Trenance Mvutshwa and close to the airport areas. This, and the usual service delivery aspects will be covered by my team of able councillors from wards 1, 2 and 5.

“Mine and Zapu’s is a promise, in the audacity of hope, of an assured and effective service premised on a future that is more attractive than the past loaded with betrayal. Here is a promise to serve as a clean screen and blank book, in which the people of Bulawayo Central and Zimbabwe, in their vastly different stripes of diversity, can project and write their own views and aspirations. Youthful leadership has no baggage and is a platform ideal for accountable and responsible leadership for any community.”

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