Local Government to decide Mutare mayor’s fate

THE Ministry of Local Government is set to decide the fate of Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare after the majority councillors on Monday passed a vote of confidence against him.


During a special full council meeting, the bulk of councillors both from ruling Zanu and opposition MDC-T, passed a vote of no confidence against the mayor claiming that he arm-twisted council management to get a residential stand allegedly earmarked for a church building.

According to sources, the councillors said Nhemarare should be demoted to an ordinary councillor.

When the matter was tabled for debate, Nhamarare was asked to leave council chambers. Town clerk Joshua Maligwa reportedly told the councillors that he would write to the Ministry of Local Government informing them of the decision by the city fathers.

“He was asked to leave the council chambers so that the matter could be deliberated in his absence. Most of us gave a vote of no confidence against the mayor,” said one of the councillors.

“The town clerk Maligwa refused to accept the vote of no confidence. Maligwa claimed that he was writing a letter to Minister July Moyo.”

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“We want the issue of the stand to be resolved,” said another councillor.

“He was head of the delegation when they went to choose the stand, so we believe that he arm-twisted management.’’

Nhamarare told NewsDay that he would not lose sleep over the allegations, insisting he acquired the stand above board.

He castigated fellow councillors for getting stands before selling them without paying a single cent to the local authority.

Maligwa was not reachable for comment yesterday.

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