Khupe’s aide to quit MDC-T

MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe’s aide, Witness Dube, has threatened to quit the opposition party for security reasons after he sustained a deep cut on his forehead during clashes at the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices on Sunday.


“The violence meted on me by the few pro-Chamisa MDC-T leadership in the Bulawayo province has left me seriously considering resigning from the party. They have put the party into disrepute by abandoning constitutionalism and democracy in preference of their narrow political interests. I am considering that route, not Khupe. This relationship is not working ,” he said yesterday.

Dube was among several MDC-T members from Khupe’s camp, who were injured following clashes with activists from a rival faction believed to be linked to party leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Khupe and Chamisa are reportedly fighting over control of the opposition party following the death of its founder, Morgan Tsvangirai, last month.

MDC-T Bulawayo chairperson and deputy mayor, Gift Banda, councillor, Mlandu Ncube, and a number of youths were on Tuesday arrested by police for allegedly instigating the violence. They appeared in court yesterday.

“There is no commitment to guarantee our security. It now looks like our mere presence in the MDC-T is a provocation. They have taken a stance that we are enemies, and a death threat,” Dube said.

Khupe was unreachable for comment on Dube’s threats to quit, but suspended MDC-T national organiser, Abednico Bhebhe, said he would not leave despite being a victim of the assaults.

“I am not quitting. I believe that dialogue is very essential in any misunderstanding,” he said.

MDC-T deputy spokesperson, Tabitha Khumalo was adamant that Khupe’s faction was to blame for inviting violence by opposing Chamisa’s ascendancy.

“We are sick and tired of that nonsense. We are following the MDC Alliance programmes and anyone who has a problem knows the channels to follow,” she said.

The MDC-T has in the past faced violent intra-party episodes with some top officials such as the former Energy minister Elton Mangoma left nursing injuries following in-house clashes.

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  1. If you quit MDCT just consider moving over to the new on the bloke NPF

  2. MDC, you are in trouble. Zanu has invested in opposition papers and they have turned on you. Your campaign is in deep trouble… Herald, Newsday, Dailynews negative reports daily.
    Keep appealing to the hearts and minds through social media, SMS platforms

  3. Dr Khupe and company are seeking political milage and have nothing to lose in this case they thought they had positioned themselves well now they are tarnishing the party. How come Obert Gutu he said he had quit the party only to conviene a meeting with Dr Khupe a few days later. What was your agenda when the party leadership was in Chinhoyi? We know your tricks dont burn the ship madam and company and dont influence. You took to twitter insteas of the police to report that you were under attack. I smell a rat that you could have stage managed the show.

    1. True, this was stage managed, Khupe escaped unhurt for the second time inside two months after she was accosted by angry youth at Tsvangirai’s burial and had to seek refuge in a hut. They can not beat their boss.

  4. Khuphe go and join up with your fellow party members rather than taking your own risk ways,it will not work for you and your own small band of followers. Majority is the MDC-T AND cHAMISA.

  5. Regai zviende mhani!

  6. Khupe mutengesi even asipo part remains MDC T ngaaende

  7. Comment…Kana mamedzwa neNgwena ndopamuchamuziva mutungadzose

  8. khupe is stage managing events, the way she is rushing thngs and publicising violence against her shows something sinister. she has lost the plot and no longer respected by supporters. I see a sinister motive here. whenever she is attacked she rushes to accuse Chamisa, recently it was tsvangirai who was attacking her. now its chamisa, i wonder. she must be expelled forthwith. time is running out

  9. If khuphe has lost the plot and no one cares about ger just leave her alone mani,why is there so much hive around her.the failed meeting yesterday for mdc spells the failure of regional politics and it will not work.mdc should wake up and smell the coffee or they will wake up to their night mare.

  10. The earlier the better please. Khupe must go now. She is tarnishing the party’s image day in and out.

  11. Hlengiwe, Mpopoma

    Khupe, khupe khupe whats the problem with you?

  12. mike somusa moyo

    chamisa you think you are clever not now we see your tricks becouse3 khuphe is a ndebele you know that she will be a president where ever they is shona and ndebele they will never work together what you did now chamisa you are stupid mnangagwa will win

    1. if you think zimbabweans will vote for her with that behaviour she has displayed then you’re daydreaming. I highly respected this woman, yet I’m Shona many of us saw great potential in her but with her current drama aagh nonsense woman…another Grace in the making. If she cant accept Chamisa then she can just leave, if she cares for the people of Zim then she joins her cdes and leave to fight to fight another year for the big seat

  13. Comment… Chitima chinoenda Mtare hachsat chambodzokerera muMarondera nemhaka yekut chahukurirwa nembwa , chero imbwa dzikapenga sei ,chitima hachimire .Go Chamisa go .Khupe ngaaende ,ngaasiye ko pane paaizo vota ka 500 here? I 1 vote chete ……

  14. Pakut mnangagwa will win i think you are wrong

  15. Khupe must go…

    1. Khupe has proved nothing only bt a selfish delila.go go go.let me remind you that the future is on the alliance nt her

  16. Comment…she must go ,she have been boycotting mdc meetings Tsvangirai ichiri kurarama nhasi owuya kuda kutungamiri

  17. i hate this news paper they are now controlled by ZANU PF. They are so biased these guys i used to buy NEWSDAY NEWSPAPER every day but not anymore and i urge you all guys to better buy chronicle. the newsday now a zanu paper. shame on you newsday. i will never buy your paper till you return to your old reporting system.
    GUYS FROM TOMORROW PLEASE LETS NOT BUY NEWS DAY COPY and demonstrate buy not buying this SHIT and BIASED newspaper

  18. i hate this news paper they are now controlled by ZANU PF. They are so biased these guys i used to buy NEWSDAY NEWSPAPER every day but not anymore and i urge you all guys to better buy CHRONICLE OR DAILYNEWSPAPER. the newsday now a zanu paper. shame on you newsday. i will never buy your paper till you return to your old reporting system.
    GUYS FROM TOMORROW PLEASE LETS NOT BUY NEWS DAY COPY and demonstrate buy not buying this SHIT and BIASED newspaper

  19. Why should khuphe accept chamisa not chamisa accepting khuphe kkkkk because of where she comes from,she should not get close to president,people please remember,mdc is not about indivisualism but the party its self and hence who ever is elected properly will represent people not him or herself,so stop this nonsense of saying if she is elected she wont win,can you leave her alone we will meet at the ballot box when mdc will be crying foul when they wiuld have lost

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      @Kwanele ;Dream on blinkered dreamer ,politics is about numbers not emotions,politics is not limited to party politics (internal)but reaching out to the external world,sometimes you have to let go for the good of the masses,Khupe whilst she is good for party consumption which I dont dispute ,she is not suitable for consumption to the electorate.
      For now its Chamisa “hapana achamumisa” ,the rest we talk after elections ,whether he is a Child,thief ,witch,dictator we dont care tozozviona akutonga .
      But for now its him only who can stand against Ngwena the rest you will make a good meal for the Croc

  20. Mai Khupe,we dont need you in MDC T

  21. Chamisa is wrong yindaba engalindanga kwahlalwa phansi kwakhethwa kahle so umakhuphe uryt we a tired of shona people even if u vote fo then nothing mama makhuphe ungavumi ukufakwa ngekhanda lapho ubona ukut konke akuhambi kahle ngangcono i matabeland yonke singavoti.

  22. Khupe please leave our party. Follow the majority.people generally want Chamisa and politics being a game of numbers, we can not have a leader who will only get votes from her family members. We want to win and so the only way to achieve this is by having Chamisa leading who is massively supported. Go Chamisa Go. Khupe please NPF is looking for a deputy president. Wish you luck.

  23. Im from Skyz, and would to see Khupe coming back to the Chamisa Bullet Train. This train is unstoppable, she cant afford to drop the stick when we are a few months from Canaan. Viva MDC

  24. bheveni sibanda

    MDC yavekutaridza kuti zve violence zvatopinda muropa chaimo. Yangove hondo daily manje toivhotera sei party isina kubatana pachayo. regai zvedu tiende kumusangano kwatakakurira timboona kuti chikomana ED chakatigadzirira chii after elections panouya ma investors

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