Khupe, allies give up on MDC-T offices

EXPELLED MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe (pictured) and her allies have given up the fight for the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices and property, albeit temporarily, to focus on the upcoming elections, Southern Eye has learnt.


Khupe and substantive MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa’s followers recently clashed over control of the party’s offices, leaving many members nursing injuries and several others arrested.

A faction led by Khupe took control of the offices after the clashes, forcing provincial chairperson and Bulawayo deputy mayor, Gift Banda — a Chamisa ally — to approach the High Court for recourse.

The High Court ruled in Chamisa’s favour, and ordered Khupe and her allies to vacate the offices.

Khupe’s personal assistant and spokesperson, Witness Dube, told Southern Eye yesterday that the faction was not going to contest the ruling — for now — but was focusing on the upcoming congress and general elections.

“We won the 2008 elections without an office. The office does not vote, people do,” Dube said.

In 2008, the MDC led by Welshman Ncube seized control of the party offices following a split.

The MDC-T was then forced to rent properties in Bulawayo, before purchasing the current building.

“We will not spend time and resources in court battles when we are faced with an election to win. We have already made alternative arrangements. They can keep the office structures.”

Banda also confirmed to the Southern Eye that Khupe’s faction had vacated the party offices.

“They left after the court ruling,” Banda said, adding they were now conducting their operations without any disruptions.

Khupe, organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe and spokesperson, Obert Gutu were expelled from the MDC-T on Friday for defying a national council resolution endorsing Chamisa as president.

Khupe’s allies have dismissed the expulsions as null and void, and instead are organising an elective congress set for April that will ostensibly elect the former Deputy Prime Minister as substantive MDC-T leader.

Khupe has also notified the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that her faction will be contesting in the harmonised elections as the MDC-T, setting the stage for a bruising fight over the party name.

“We also expect to be allocated what is due to us under the Political Parties Finances Act. We expect that the government will do better by not discriminating against the MDC-T led by acting president Khupe,” Dube said.

He accused Chamisa of sabotaging efforts to reconcile the two warring leaders.

“Dr Khupe went to Chamisa’s chambers on February 13, hours before Tsvangirai died, to advise him on how they could build together. While she was concerned with building, Chamisa was hellbent on taking the party leadership seat regardless of the consequences,” he said.

Khupe said Chamisa refused to go for a congress, but instead sought her help in dealing with vice-president, Elias Mudzuri who was also eyeing the top post.

“He refused congress on the grounds that it will waste resources, his preoccupation was getting Khupe to support him in neutralising Mudzuri, who had also declared himself leader,” he said.

Dube alleged that during the meeting Chamisa treated Khupe with disdain, making her wait for over 35 minutes in the waiting area of his law chambers, while he was holed up in his own office.

Chamisa has, however, dismissed the allegations saying it was Khupe who had refused to work together with party organs to unseat Zanu PF.

Through his spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, Chamisa said he held a five-hour meeting with Khupe on March 10, in an effort to resolve the outstanding conflict in the party.

“President Chamisa met Khupe on March 9 before the Dete rally, they agreed to have a meeting the following day which they had, these meetings lasted into the early hours of the morning and after that meeting Khupe said she needed time to think about it.

“From then on she has not been answering calls from the president, thereby stretching the patience of the party organs which had mandated president Chamisa to seek a resolution with her,” he said.

Insiders said Khupe refused to negotiate with Chamisa as long as he claimed to be party president and recognise resolutions by the national council, saying it was bogus.

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  1. That’s now stale news. Kupe has gone her way and she is after the money from govt which she is likely to get anyway because ED would love to sponsor that confusion. All those lovers of money are likely to be tempted to follow Kupe but money will not last but a vision. Usacheuke Chamisa bhora mberi

  2. Miss Khupe is now history. This time next month (27 April 2018) no-one will even remember who Khupe was. Goodbye Thokozani!

  3. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Shame of Witness Dube , uyinsalelamuva ndoda , laze lasiyangisa MaNdebele , our goal is to remove Zanu lina lenza ubumbulu , Go to hell Khuphe , E matebeleland sifuna u Chamisa hayi wena

  4. “We also expect to be allocated what is due to us under the Political Parties Finances Act. We expect that the government will do better by not discriminating against the MDC-T led by acting president Khupe,” Dube said.
    Your true colors are already showing even before the sun is out SHAME ON YOU KHUPE l wonder if you will even get 10 votes at the elections, and there l thought you had a PHD in what l wonder because someone with commonsense does not act like this,its very clear that the people are behind Chamisa because he has shown the character and wisdom that l good leader has & please ZIMCHER look into her education qualifications cause l think they also did a DR AMAI on her as well

    1. Killion Blagango

      Khupe and her friends are just after money. Chamisa must write to the Speaker of Parliament so that Khupe is expelled from parliament and cease to receive a salary in the name of MDC-T.

  5. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Khupe stop it

  6. sorry to say chamisa put us in this situation. he avoided a congress at all cost now the party is operating in a legally contested situation. unfortunately both parties have a right to the money since we currently don’t have a legally binding mdc

    1. According to the MDC Constituition, decisions made by its NEC its supreme board inbetween Congress are legally binding thus Chamisa is the legal MDC President. Khupe and cabal will not have any entitlement to the monies (as a matter of fact) whats due to MDC has already been given to Chamisa and Co. The next thing (after losing right/access to Byo Provincial offices) that Khupe is going to loose is use of the title MDC T. Without the name MDC T her bargaining power with Joice Mujuru is heavily compromised – something which will work to Mujuru’s favour and before she realises it she (Khupe) will be Mujuru’s 4th vice president – way down and out.

  7. sibanda mdawini

    Comment…thoko khuphe besikuthanda mama kodwa lokhu osukwenza asikuthandi usulandela umthetho ka mgabe woza kwabanye sikhuphe izanu

  8. Chamisa continue with your rallies. I am happy about your e rallies they will increase your outreach. Madam Khupe you lost an opportunity to be a vice president for the nation. Lets adopt the BEST FOOT FORWARD CONCEPT. The best is Chamisa

  9. Khupe go to hell wakatengwa nezanu

  10. Khupe,the Biti,Ncube and Sakala ways,she is a lost prodigal daughter,hamba kahle Maa xodwa uzobuya kahle nxaa

  11. Khupe the sell out. So close to be the leaders of the new Zimbabwe but yu have decided otherwise. Am sure yu are on a remote control. Only time will tell your true identity.

  12. hate her does not deter her position as a rightfull person to take the name mdct as its leader i’ll suport her. not the so called mdcallince biti welsh vanhu ivavo vakatika tsvangirai,havana vanhu.vadzoka kuzotibira

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